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IHOP’s ‘Lorax’ Meals: Devastation on a Plate

Written by Michelle Kretzer | March 2, 2012

What a rooty-tooty bunch of hooey. IHOP is using the eco-friendly message of The Lorax to lure families in for Dr. Seuss–themed meals that are chock-full of factory-farmed meat, eggs, and dairy products. The restaurant couldn’t serve anything less environmentally friendly than if it put centuries-old Amazon trees on a plate.

How IHOP Is Hurting the Planet

While the tree seed–encrusted bookmarks the restaurant is handing out to kids are a nice touch, IHOP would be doing a lot more good for the planet if it offered dishes that weren’t concocted out of meat and dairy products that obliterate natural resources and are a major cause of climate change.

What You Can Do

I’m pretty sure the Lorax would rather take a boot to the back than chomp down on Truffula-Killing Surprise.

For Green ‘Eggs’ and ‘Ham’ that are truly green, check out our recipe.

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  • Meatloafs Kitchen says:

    They wonder what is wrong with kids today. This is what is wrong with them why can’t they have a healthy option for them that is still fun to eat like a colorful fruit salad and purple oatmeal. What a shame that the kids today don’t really know what it is like to play with trees they never go outside they sit and play their video games inside.

  • Rev. Meg says:

    How about this? Take your kids to I-Hop to chow down on Green Eggs and Ham, and then take them to the new Epcot exhibit where they can find out meals like that is why they are so fat!!!

  • phil says:

    Well, some people will never be happy, or in other words it is impossible to make every one happy or there is no one size fits all. So lets all cointnue to do whatever we can towards the good of the world.