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Iams Update: Cruelty Charges, Lawsuit, What to Do

Written by PETA | March 21, 2007

We’re getting tons of calls from people who are concerned about the Iams recall, and PETA’s been a flurry of Iams-related activity this morning, so I figured I’d fill you in on all the new information. Just on the offchance that you haven’t heard this story yet, here’s a quick recap: After an unknown number of cats and dogs died of kidney failure from eating tainted pet food, Menu Foods, a contract manufacturer for Proctor & Gamble’s Iams and Eukanuba brands, has recalled 60 million cans of pet food from stores nationwide. If you’re worried about your own animals, click here for the full information about the recall on Menu Foods’ site, or you can call them at 1-866-463-6738 and 1-866-895-2708. Not to cause too much alarm and despondency here, but if you do suspect that your animal has become seriously ill, the best thing to do (as always in such cases) is gently carry them to the car and rush to the nearest veterinarian.

There have been some murmurings about class action suits being filed against the company, and CBS has reported on someone in Chicago who is suing. We’ve also written a letter to Proctor & Gamble about this issue, which you can read here, and we’re calling on prosecutors to investigate whether cruelty charges should be filed against Menu Canada, Menu Foods, and Iams for alleged failure to warn consumers about the tainted food as soon as they had the information and—just as disturbingly—apparently feeding the tainted food to cats and dogs in order to test it.

As our letter to Iams points out, this isn’t the first time Proctor & Gamble have been responsible for dog deaths: Our investigation into the company a few years ago caught them cutting out huge chunks of muscle from their test subjects’ legs and leaving them to suffer for days. I’ve posted footage of that investigation below, and you can find a list of pet-food companies that don’t test on animals here.

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This incident should serve as a wake-up call to Iams that it’s time to abandon all laboratory testing on animals. Click here to let Iams know that you won’t buy while animals die, and click here to contact Menu Foods to demand answers and an end to all their laboratory tests on animals.

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  • lalay says:

    Are they still doing animal cruelty.? I live in ca and just recently bought my dog iams cuz i never knew of this issue…after i saw that i was just shocked …im was wondering if iams still does this cz i dont want my dog eating something that is bad for him

  • lalay says:

    Are they still doing animal cruelty.? I live in ca and just recently bought my dog iams cuz i never knew of this issue…after i saw that i was just shocked …im was wondering if iams still does this cz i dont want my dog eating something that is bad for him

  • Mary says:

    I watched a portion, all I could stomach, of video exposing animal cruelty at the Iams testing facility. I wrote an angry letter to Iams,and they responded that they are now humane to animals. In their response, they called the restored facility a “pet haven.” What I would like to know is if they have changed or are still the lying sadists they were when the video was made.

  • anonymous says:

    also i must mention the black and white dog which was renamed fifi died last year of old age

  • anonymous says:

    i worked at iams for almost 3 years and quit a few months ago. i worked with the dogs. they only get 20 mins of socialization and 30 mins of exercise a day and they do sleep on cement floors which i was told were heated but when i socialized inside with them the floors were cold! i adopted a old dog from there. i know i couldnt save them all but i did one..

  • `````` says:

    purchased Iams dry cat food approx. 15 days ago kept smelling a “dead foul smell in our home” couldn’t figure it out This am opened bag of cat food and there is the smell it is so rank like someone or something has died. We bought the cat food from Walmart. It is no wonder our poor cat is howling. I am so upset my husband says take the bag of food back to walmart and get another bag I want someone to follow upon this and I cannot locate a tel. number for Iams cat food. Can anyone help. Thank you

  • Shaz says:

    Kasia there is actually an animal rights organisation that operates in Poland. It is called “Viva! Poland.”

  • Laura Loftis says:

    I couldnt stop cryingmy cat Sheba died last Jan07 fron Iams wet pouch cat food I still have the food and paper’s from my vetshame on Iam’s in making us believe they care about animals.

  • Laura says:

    I have a question that is about the tainted dog food. I had a golder retriever her name was Amber and she just pasted due to kidney failure. My vet said that by the way it came on so fast and so strong that tainted pet food was to blame. I spent thousands of dollars trying to do whatever i could to help her but in the end nothing worked and she died. She was the best dog that I could ever ask for and like part of my family. I want the people who did this to be brought to justice. If any one knows of a lawyer to contact or what to do please email me at

  • John E. Martz says:

    Is there a law firm handling a suit aginst these companies. My animals can’t speak for themselves…so I will!

  • Lisa says:

    I live in Louisville KY and I stumbled across the Iams information by accident. I’ve spoken to several friends and coworkers and nobody that I know knew anything about it. The information has been appalling and heartwrenching. How is it possible that someone in the world outside of Research could conduct cruelty to animals and be charged but those who are in research institutes are not charged? It would be awesome if the granting agencies such as NIH etc. gave preference to those Universities that do not test on animals. This would change the way the Universities conducted busines. If one group would take action I’m sure the rest would follow. I thought about writing a letter to our state rep but am sure that will do little good. What can we do to change this?

  • Tia says:

    Are iams still doing that testing and cruelty ?

  • Travis James says:

    I had one pitbull that I had for about 6 years and the last years of her life she had been throwing up and could not use the restroom with out having the runs. For the longest time the doctor had no clue until it was too late. Recently I had moved from Indiana to Arizona and right before I left I had to put her down because she was to bad to even take with us. Needless to say she was the best dog I ever had and now she is gone. To Sable “The best”

  • jo wilson says:

    I checked the codes on the recalled iams pet food several weeks ago. None of the cans I owned had been recalled. Today I heard the head of the FDA say that the codes have been revised. My cat was very sick today April 16th I checked the new codes and found that I fed her a recalled can of iams. I am sick. I can’t believe I did this to her.

  • Adam says:

    Ive started a forum on the site httpwww.dogcatfoodrecall.comwhere pet owners can discuss the effects of the recall as well as find information on the brands of pet food that have been recalled.

  • JJ says:

    My dog has been on prescription diet food for years because of allergies. Now he has a pituitary tumor. It is shocking how many blogs I can find on the web with dogs on prescription diets who develop tumors! Iams and Hills are killing our dogs with their irresponsible ingredients that we pay extra for!!!!

  • Richard H. Hutchinson says:

    I’m so glad that PETA is bringing the cruel and inhumane treatment of dogs cats and other animals by Menu foods and IAMS to our attention. When I read about this I was appalled disgusted sickened and angered. Thank you PETA for investigating and confronting these companies.

  • beverly says:

    my cat has been at a vet for almost 2 weeks . he is wwonderful and trying everything possible to save her. i had a kidney biopsy done and it proved it was the damn IAMS food. I have found a lawyer that wanted to take the case . not class action. IF you call around im sure there are other lawyers also willing i live in florida

  • francescollins says:

    my dog got very sick we could not fined what was wrong we took her 2 the vet she was vomitting drinking water like she could not get enught after she hadsurgery she still was vomitting brouth her back to the vet he gave herantibotics and we gave her tabel foodshe stop vomitting

  • mv says:

    Our nine year old dog totally healthy active dogon a diet of Iams dry healthy weight dog food experienced a sudden loss of appetite she loved meal time vomiting black stool began defecating in the house lethargy increased thirst. I took her to the vet and her liver panel was markedly high and the ultrasound showed an enlarged adrenal gland Cushing’s Disease? Diagnosis was Liver disease and maybeCushings’s diseasetwo separate issues. She is into two weeks of a regime of medication and we are taking this one day at a time. Anyone else experience similar situation with their pet? We were advised to make arrangements to have a liver biopsy. I appreciate any comments. Thank you this has been horrible watching her go through this

  • kris shulfer says:

    i just got this rather messed up email from kim at IAMS in response to many letters and emails i send to them and she literally denied the inhumane treatment of the animals and everything is done under the best environment and the animals are not mistreated and they do get proper care etc… i could not even finish the entire letter because she made excuses as to why they have to do the testing on the animals and i recall after the whole POM wonderful incident they made the same excuses about it being “necessary” to do the testing they do and after PETA efforts it all came to a screaching hault because of the bad publicity. i truly hope that the same thing happens with iams. they need to stop making excuses to abuse animals. anyone who has not seen the video footage at will agree this inhumane method these companies seem to find acceptable until the public finds out then things sure change. my heart goes out to anyone who has lost their animals because of Iams. their time will come and they will have to pay the price for all they have done!!

  • mary says:

    I was not aware that these animals were being tested like this and used for experiments for dog food until now it is an outrage that these animals have to suffer and die. I hope that PETA can put a stop to it permanantly. My pets would never eat Iams years ago they would turn their heads in dismay I threw it away! They must have known that it wasn’t safe then! What kind of life is that for these lab animalsHorror that must come to an end!

  • Michele says:

    More news from the pet food investigation now saying they cannot confirm that it was rat poison that was in the pet food but they found melamine in the food and in the urine of some of the cats that were tested. They cannot confirm right now that melamine could have caused these deathsillnesses but it is apparently used as a fertilizer in Asia. I would not be surprised that as this investigation goes on they will find that thousands of pets have been killed or sickened not just a few hundred.

  • crystal says:

    My beloved Mackie died October 13 2006. I fed him Iams dry adult chow. I had him for 14 years and never was he sick in a day in his life. On the second day I noticed he wasn’t eating I took him to the vet. He died three days later of kidney failure with extremely high levels of phosphorus. The vets were sure he’d bounce back since nothing was wrong with him even at his age and told me I could take him home on the Sunday that never came. Ever since I heard about the wet food recall I knew that it was something in the food that killed my baby.

  • Bill Markee Jr. says:

    Hello I just wanted to comment on the fact that this seems to have quieted down! I lost my sealpoint siamese pyewackit to renal failure on 3102007 and have emailed Iams but have no response. I am seriously considering a lawsuit but can find no info on lawyers who are willing to tackle this problem. Does anyone else have this problem? I have two cans of their food with the factory ‘s on it but not the lot ‘s. Any information would be helpful. Sadly Bill M.

  • Jerry says:

    httpabclocal.go.comktrkstory?sectionlocalid5156966 Still underreporting going on as far as animal deaths but now a human is involved.

  • Dave Bayliss says:

    God! I feel so helpless. I want them to stop. But how. I am really Angry that so many people do not care.

  • Shainna says:

    its not only iams its all of the menu foods the wet or pouchedcans i work at petsmart and explain it everyday. Menu foods should be protested for killing and hurting the animals and making the poor creatures suffer with very serious conditions

  • Kimberly says:

    I was horrified at the Iams video I saw. I feel so sad for those who lost pets and thank God ours didn’t die which they could have since we had some of the recalled Iams in our cabinet before we knew about the recall. We rarely bought Iams and will never again buy it.We’ll never again feed our dogs anything we don’t eat. Thats how I feel about Iams creators they should have to personally try it before we buy it! I pray everyone gets together on this and stops buying their product. They don’t need to be in business ever again to torture anymore animals. Or any other company that does this sort of practice of horror.

  • elizabeth pritchard says:

    My cat has been in an emergency clinic since 32307. I have the Iams food pouches that he was eating. The vets say that his symptoms are the direct result of his pet food Iams pouch’s. He is suffering from renal failure. His blood work taken 32207 showed his creatinine levels at 29. A frightening level above what it should be. I have paid out to date $650.00. The Doctor tells me that Jake is slowly improving but not out of the woods. They can not yet give me a date of when or if I can bring home my cat. My estimated bills through Friday 33007 is around $2000.00. Besides the fact that this is an extremely sad time for me it is becoming impossible to maintain my bills. I have not been able to contact anyone at Iams to help me. I am only getting recordings. If you are aware of whom I need to contact to receive help could you please let me know. I can be reached by cell anytime 7575890477 Thank you so much

  • maria & hailey says:


  • Susan Karlos says:

    I too have unfortuneately lost a 10 year member of the familyour little Katie. My family was devastated. She got sick after eating IAMS cuts and gravu foil packets. It only took a coule of days and she went into acute renal failure with a blood panel that was off the charts. We even had her kidneys flushed for five days hoping she may recover but it was just keeping her alive. We had to put her to sllep march 5. What is odd is that I fed her these treats when went on vacation last year in july and when we came back her liver was in bad shape. however we nursed her back only to give her more treats that shut her kidneys down. I do not believe they they are posting the accurate number of pets that have died from thisI want to sueis their anythin solid in litigation besides the lady in Chicago?

  • Judy Miller says:

    Iams Co. did not know what Sinclair was doing at their center. When they found out they cut all ties with them. this is what they say anyway. If anyone has proof otherwise I would like to hear about it.

  • Judy Miller says:

    Yes there are plenty of wheat farmers here. In fact this gluten manufacturing place in Kansas used to supply Menufood but could not supply them as cheaply as China so Menufood quit buying from them. It’s a world market now. What do we do?

  • Judy Miller says:

    For those of you who are planning a vegetarian diet for your dogs and cats please don’t. They are carnivores and they do need meat to live. What I am doing is searching out the companies who’s ingredients originate in the US 100. I think we have much better controls. I hadn’t even thought of the fact that some are importing because of the cheap price. However they didn’t pass the savings on to us only the rat poison! I do not rule out terrorism either because the news report I heard said that the wheat was spayed with the poison. What would the reason be for that? They probably thought Menu Food made human food! I do not feed gluten to my dogs or cats because it is a very bad protein for them but maybe next time it will be in some other product that is imported. I think I am all though dealing with the large corporate companies.

  • Anna says:

    iams and menu foods should be charged with this. we have for a long time even before i knew of iams and their terrible lab tests given our pets only natural food. as soon as we started giving it to them my cats and my dog their fur got shinier they became more active and their breath didnt smell as bad. one of my cats who is now 10 was always lethargic had problems with her eyes and always seemed withdrawn. after her new food she is so much healthier. i really hope that iams lab tests get shut down along w all other animal tests

  • adrianheh says:

    you are aware that this recall impacted scores of other brands right? Is the scope of the “called for” PETA investigation to include all those brands as well? If not why not?

  • eryn says:

    Where can I get involved in a class action lawsuit here in Colorado? I find no one starting one.Can I be apart of an out of state one. If anyone is interested in starting one with me in Colorado please email me at in.utero.goddess.creationsgma and we can work on it together. I lost my poodle to it and now my dachshund is sick with kidney disease too. This will NOT go unheard. It took away my life. Please someone help me find this infomation! eryn

  • Sue says:

    I am absolutely devasted that we live in a world where this kind of cruelty to animals even exists. I have stopped using any product of Iams!!! This has got to stop those poor trusting animals are living a life of hell and nothing is being done to end their misery. My heart is just broken over this and I keep giving extra hugs to my babies and they don’t understand why I am crying.

  • Sonja Bates says:

    I wonder…do we not have enough wheat farmers here in the United States to buy from? What happened to supporting our own citizens? It makes me sick that we purchase low grade poisioned wheat from China….and why? The almighty dollar pure profit….regardless of the results. Shameful.

  • s says:

    Mostly all animal food brands are tainted they use the cheapest possible ingredients lowest quality meat probably from diseased animals all ground up and processed and none of it really contains any real nutrients. There’s something called the BARF diet for animals they believe that animals were meant to eat raw food because that’s how they would eat if they were out in nature. And that’s why so many domesticated animals have diseases that humans have because they’re eating all the processed dog and cat foods and not eating the way nature intended. Dogs and cats are mostly carnivorous they need animal meat. But they need quality animal meat that’s not tainted and not processed. Type in the BARF diet in Google and check it out if you have a dog or cat. They will be a lot healthier and you will be at ease knowing that you’re not buying in to any brand name junk that’s in Iams and probably every other processed pet food.

  • Jessica says:

    I hope this is a wake up call to the world don’t trust anyone who is out to make a profit off of your animal. Read the food labels and educate yourself. The information is out there. And be aware of food companies that give vacations and cars away as prizes to veterinarians who sell the most pet food. We are an information generation lets take advantage of that. My sincerest condolonces go to each and every person who has lost a small member of their family or who is coping with one who is sick. My heart breaks for you.

  • Lesa says:

    For these animals that suffered their nightmare is over thank goodness as it totally breaks my heart to the point that I can’t look at it. For Iams their nightmare has just began!! They get everthing they deserve and then some…MURDERERS!!

  • Fernanda says:

    what can i do to help stop this criminals

  • Glenda Ferrante says:

    I started feeding my healthy 7 year old puppy Iams dry dog food from January 5 to January 25 when she got deathly sick. She was vomiting profusely couldn’t hold her bladder had a very high fever and couldn’t hardly stand. It almost looked like she was having a stroke. We called the vet and he was on a call. When we did talk to him after hours he said to give her pepto bismol and bring her in in the morning if she wasn’t any better. Our precious little Angel passed away that night. We did not connect it to the dry dog food until we heard about the dog food recall. While I was talking to one of my customers about the recall and I told her about my dog She had told me that they had to take her parents’ cat into the vet because of a fever and vomiting. March 20 Coincidently she was feeding the cats Iams dry cat food. Please Please Please investigate the Iams dry pet food and get it off the market if it is tainted so no more pets get sick or die unnecessarily!!!!! I am just sickened that our little Angel died because of tainted dog food when I thought I was buying nothing but the best for her and she died unnecessarily!! Please contact me at

  • Cyndy Keith says:

    I need to have an answer to a question. Our local spca sends litters of puppies to a place called North Shore league or agency something like that. Is it an adoption place like the spca says or is it a medical testing facility?

  • kelly says:

    True. They are not regulated. They are supposed to be “self regulated” Well that is not working. There needs to be government oversight. There needs to be accountability.