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Hunters Use Trapped Wolf for Target Practice

Written by Michelle Kretzer | March 29, 2012

He limped around in circles, desperately searching for a way to escape the heavy metal trap with steel jaws that cut into his paw and sent pain shooting through his body. A crowd of people was forming, pointing at the blood in the snow, graphic evidence of the potshots taken by passing hunters who had spotted the wolf from the road, his black fur an easy target against the white snow. The wolf struggled to stay on his feet, panting in agony and trying in vain to escape his tormenters. When the trapper arrived, instead of putting the anguished animal out of his misery, the man posed for proud, smiling pictures in the blood-drenched snow. He later bragged on a blog about how the wolf would make a nice trophy for his wall.

Cruel torture killings like this one have played out over and over in Idaho and Montana ever since grey wolves in the Northern Rockies lost the protection of the Endangered Species Act in 2011. In the past wolf-hunting season alone, 534 wolves were trapped, snared, and/or shot, cutting the estimated grey wolf population in the two states in half.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service – Midwest Region
| cc by 2.0

Despite vigorous opposition from PETA and ranchers, grey wolves were reintroduced into Yellowstone National Park in 1995. We predicted that as soon as the wolves’ numbers grew and they began preying on livestock and deer and elk (which the hunters want for themselves), the pressure would mount to exterminate them. Less than two decades later, that is happening.

Please, ask your congressional representatives to put wolves back on the endangered species list and save them from being tortured and killed by trappers and hunters.

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  • curiouswolfpup says:

    If anyone thinks this is right, u seriously need brain surgery because u have something wrong with ur brain. Living creatures can feel too. If they couldn’t feel or didnt care about dying they wouldn’t run away when you hunt them. Why do you think wolves give chase when they hunt? Why do you think owls are mostly silent flying and have such fantastic hearing skills? They prey doesn’t just sit around waiting to be killed. Even if I find an ant or an earwig in my house, I feel terrible if I kill it. Nothing deserves to suffer. At least when predators (other than humans) kill, the prey is used for something other then a trophy. The meat is used and even if they don’t finish it, they store it for later. I truly think that we humans are not the smartest animals considering how selfish and cruel we are. Although I love animals dearly, I dont believe humans should be vegetarians. We were meant to be omnivores so that is how we should live, but not kill inhumanly. If we kill thousands of seals, feed the polar bears at least, but kill lessor the seal pups in a humane way. If we hunt, don’t just use it as a trophy, use every single little part of the animal in some way instead of letting it give it’s life for no reason at all. But remember: humans aren’t the only animal with feelings. Although you can’t see it (except for elephants) other animals cry in their own ways.

  • Big Green Targets Archery says:

    This is absolutely unacceptable. These guys should be used for targets. I use foam targets in my backyard to shoot my bow.

  • Oledihard says:

    Earth was a paradise until man was created. All living things are a gift from above. But mankind seeks only to destroy it all. Our land, water and air are contaminated. Our wildlfe is on the brink of extinction and too many people sit by watching it go down the tubes. The all mighty dollar wins out over life, including human life. Killing and spilling blood, any blood, is man’s favorite pastime these days. These days,no matter where you turn, violence, suffering d killing are everywhere – cartoons, kids games, music, videos and movies bombard our fragile minds and motivating our hearts to want more and more. No wonder bettering the world is a lost cause. It’s a know fact: Serial killers start out by torturing animals then move to killing people. This world is full of up and coming serial killers. If you doubt me, watch world news events. Even world-leaders fit that profile.

  • lisa says:

    Maybe these hunters do have something to hide and know fine well their killings are inhumane as when this was made public on the internet all posts and pictures were removed from the trapping site maybe that was due to the death threats hunters sent to an anti wolf hunting site.

  • Ashley says:

    Guns and traps are not natural and it is cruel to let a terrified animal stay trapped by it’s leg for 24 hours or 1 hour. Nature does not need us. Leave the wolves alone and they will take care of the deer like they were born to. People hunt the wolves and they claim that there are too many deer. When there are not enough deer then people kill wolves so that they can have more deer to themselves. Humans stopped being part of nature a long time ago. There are some people who want to live in a modern home that is heated in the winter and cooled in the summer with comfortable furnature and every other convenience purchased and set in place, with purified water so they won’t get sick, only to claim that going into nature with modern, factory and tool made guns and traps to kill animals for fun and a bit of product makes them a part of nature. Where I live there was a wolf and coyote killing competition that killed 126 animals and now there are deer everywhere for people to complain about. All that man made cruelty for an excuse to hunt deer. Nature is cruel sometimes, but that does not give us humans an excuse to be cruel as well because we know better and we have a choice. Maybe the wolves and coyotes should go extinct and hunters could have what they really want which is to replace natural predators and have the deer all to themselves. I used to respect hunters, but not anymore. When humans humans try to deal with nature they are clumsy and more destructive and cruel than they mean to be.

  • keith says:

    Here Bob what picture you looking at the above is a library item ( if your aware what that means ) and I notice the story has hit the UK Daily Papers today ( 02/04 ) with graphic content and you should read some of the comments especially in the Daily Mail.

  • Karin says:

    This picture is clear proof that hunters are mentally deranged individuals who belong in psychiatric wards to they can cease to be a danger to others and themselves. It is about time that hunting is outlawed altogether. It clearly attracts individuals who glorify cruelty to animals and seem to get a kick out of inflicting pain on others. And to those of you who insist that hunting is needed as a conservation tool. It is not. First, scientific birth control is available and practiced in other countries. Second, hunters are a clear danger to the gene pools of the animals they hunt, because they always go after the strongest and the biggest (in order to compensate of small manly parts, perhaps???). Regardless of what any hunter says, we will not be overrun by deer and other animals if we put a stop to this cruel past time. BTW, if you are so concerned about being overrun by deer, why do you insist on hunting wolves??????????

  • lisa says:

    Bob you say you are are a longtime hunter and have strived to be worthy of your game well that comment say’s it all, you call your hunt a game do’snt matter how long it takes an animal to die or suffer why would you make a comment saying your 57 and a grandpa to us UK people if your a grandpa you should be teachng your grandchildren about wildlife teaching them to look after them and showing them how important they are not trapping and suffering.

  • lisa says:

    Kristen i would’nt even other worrying about who Bob is i posted about this on another site Bob has posted on that site with another poster called Dogtrainer they are both obvioulsy hunters and on the site i posted on they blamed us people that dont understand saying its the way of life for hunters calling all us posters rednecks and have no brain Dogtrainer went to go on that this was a legal hunt and Trapman wanted to keep the photo’s private and did not intend them to be put on the internet, i made the point to Dogtrainer that the comments made are from people around the world not from America so therefore we are not rednecks we are normal people that think trapping an animal letting others shoot at it and watch it die a slow death is not acceptable. He then went to go on by saying wolves need to die. Say’s it all really And what do the rest of the world think about you hunters? Sorry but this is what the UK think including the younger generation redneck hillbillies with no education and like to see aniamls suffer so they get the best picture thats what the UK younger generation think of you.

  • Wolfman says:

    Generalizing all hunters and hunting as evil, ‘scumbags’ or ‘sick’ is misguided. If it weren’t for legal hunting, you would be overrun with deer in most areas of the country. Would you rather hunters kill deer and provide food for their families or food banks (which many hunters do), or would you rather have more deer killed running into oncoming traffic because of over-population? Man has been hunting since creation and will continue to do so. Its part of our design. Now, what this ingrate did was unconscionable and not hunting. Its torture and a crime against all of nature. Rachel, I will agree with you on this person (and anyone like him) being left out with a pack of wolves. But to say all hunters are this way and should have this same treatment is just completely wrong.

  • Barbara Smolinski says:

    I had a bumper sticker that said “Hunt each other, leave the animals alone” and it had a picture of 2 hunters aiming their guns at each other. The only FAIR way for a human to hunt a animal is with bare hands and on foot, without guns, maps, gps, bait, traps and the thousand other aid’s to kill something.

  • Irene Leggett says:

    Just another sign that these so-called gun-toting, trigger-happy morons with no heart, no soul, no compassion, no empathy and certainly no moral ethics but egos far bigger than their brains are nothing but sadistic, cruel low-life scum-bags who’ll say ANYTHING to make themselves look like any wildlife’s ‘best friend’

  • Get Real says:

    So bob, you are a natural predator? Well there is nothing natural nor noble about having a gun to kill and certainly doesn’t belong in the ecosystem. If you really are a natural predator why can’t you take on the wolf with just your bare hands? Only then would we see who really is the natural predator. Good luck!

  • Claire says:

    Why do people want to kill animals! We DON’T need meat(There is plenty other ways to get nutrition) and we definitely do NOT need to hunt for so called “Fun” or to show are “love for someone” by killing a innocent living animal that just shows that we CAN’T show ACTUAL love for someone. Animals have been shown for their smarts and love for their family. This is NOT natural one bit for the poor wildlife guns,traps,cruelty,etc.thats not natural at all How do people consider that a natural process. Even if you kill an animal in the most humane way I still believe that you should NOT kill the animal at all especially for fun!!Why do people do this! SAVE ANIMALS!

  • bob says:

    To Kristen: Thank you for asking . I am a 57 yr. old Granpa, a lifelong hunter and trapper who has been careful in my pursuits and strived to be worthy of the game I pursue. I love and respect wildlife. It is my responsibility as a hunter and trapper to be an effiecent and compassionate predator taking my game quickly, cleanly and causing no undue suffering. I believe that I and other hunters like me are an intergral part of the ecosystem, a natural predator like the wolf or the eagle . Humans hsve screwed up every thing since we dicovered our opposing thumb and ability to reason set us apart from the other animals. Our inability to control our own population and thus the relentless progress of urban sprawl is the number one threat to all wildlife. We must try to manage the mess we make by being here, and hunting and trapping are vital tools in that endeavor. We are omniniferios creatures and it is senseless not to utilize the game we take so we should eat what is edible and make leather,tools and momentos from the skins and antlers. As a hunter and trapper, I like you, oppose wanton torture or neglect of any creature. Things I AGREE with PETA on are; sticky traps, cosmetic testing, dog and chicken fighting, animal hoarding, starving, beating, or burning any creature,leaving any animal hopelessly sick or injuried to suffer, capturing and caging any animal for display or capturing and “taming” any wild animal to name a few. I submit to you that most hunters and trappers are not a heartless , soulless, cowardly egomaniacs as some assume but outdoorsmen, conservationists who believe we must be players in the circle of life not just spectators. Poachers and other wildlife criminals who wantonly kill without limit or regard for the law are our common enemy.

  • bob says:

    No where in the United States is a leg hold trap with teeth on the jaws legal. I don’t believe any such trap was used . It would be counterprocuctive to use such a trap anyway. It is the goal of every trapper to hold until his arrivial which should be in my opinion within 24 hrs. It is therefore a trappers goal to minimize injury to the animals leg. Proper techniques such as trap size, swiveled chains, precise chain lengths, pan tension, the ammount of ground cover over the trap and placement of the set location are used to produce a situation where the trap simply captures and holds the animals leg without any injury at all. I notice in the picture that MR. Wolf does not seem to be in any great distress and there is no blood in the snow. How is that possible if yur are giving and accurate discription of the process and results?

  • Kristen says:

    Who is this man? I’m just so angry and feel so helpless. I’d love to trap him….

  • Teresa Haller says:

    ANYONE who can torture any animal like these so called HUNTERS did are all gutless, pathetic, heartless, unGodly, unfeeling waste of skin and bones. It’s hard to remain a Christian and have feelings that I should when I believe PEOPLE who are evil to animals will pay come their judgement days & they deserve to rot in HELL. Leave God’s magnificent animals like wolves alone to do what God intended them to do. Man is ruining the world and its people. God bless the creatures here and everywhere and save them from gutless and heartless people.

  • June says:

    Men who hunt like this have very little self esteem and absolutely no sense of manhood themselves. They are just little boys torturing an animal for the “fun” of it in their pathetic little minds! Bullies they are and need to be stopped in the name of all God’s creatures.

  • Abby says:

    Oh my god, what a sin! poor wolf!, crule person

  • Rachel says:

    Hunters are scumbags. How sick can you be to enjoy killing an innocent animal just for your own sick and twisted pleasure. I hope someday that these piece of trash hunters get attacked by a pack of wolves, without the aid of their guns. Then we’ll see how tough these idiots really are.

  • Treena Livesley says:

    It is about time we stopped interfering. Nature knows what she is doing. We have no right to slaughter animals just because we are fed up with them. We have a moral obligation to this planet and all its inhabitants. Howling for justice.