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Have You Hugged a Baby Seal Today?

Written by PETA | February 23, 2009

While most of us would never dream of bashing in a helpless baby seal’s skull, there are people out there who don’t even think twice about it. More than 205,000 seals were killed last year in Canada’s annual seal massacre, which is why we sent a “baby seal” to Ottawa, Ontario, to ask the locals for hugs instead of clubs. Check out these photos to see PETA’s baby seal in action:



Want to help stop the Canadian seal slaughter? Let the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Organizing Committee know how you feel here and ask your friends to do the same.

Written by Lianne Turner

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  • Kim Hawkins says:

    I am just in shock of the babies and the mother seals. What is the world coming to. I have just now seen the cruel and torchering ways of alot of amimal cruelity. MAKES ME SICK

  • Pamela Locke says:

    Baby seals are just that BABIES. Fight for them always and the poor mothers that look on to the bloody massacres.

  • Sharky says:

    Those baby seals are pretty cute to see but what does the Olympic Committee have to do with the seal hunt? Do you honestly think that getting them to not do the Winter Olympics in Canada next year is going to do a thing? In my view it won’t because the committee has nothing to do with the seal hunt. Protesting naked in a snowstorm doesn’t solve anything. It just makes people who do look really stupid and it doesn’t do anything to save seals. I don’t think you’d want to hug an actual baby seal. They could bite you so you’re better off hugging a stuffed toy seal pup instead. Then again you probably didn’t say you’d hug an actual seal pup but I brought it up anyway. By the way mother Arctic seals especially the harp seal and ribbon seal don’t care for their pups for long. They actually care for them for only two to four weeks before abandoning them. The stranded pup cries at first but when its mother doesn’t come back it will stay on the ice and become sedentary. It won’t be able to feed itself until it is more than a month old. As a result it is vulnerable to predators and hunters. Other seals care for pups for far longer periods and this holds true for many fur seals and sea lions. Mother Galapagos fur seals actually are violent toward pups that are not their own. They will actually kill the pups if they wander into their territory because they know they won’t breed if they lose it to another mother seal. It’s not pretty but it’s how they work. I didn’t state any of this information because I support the clubbing of baby seals because I don’t. I actually found this information on wikipedia of which you are welcome to say it’s a biased source of information because it is easily edited. It’s important to note that not all seal species care for their pups for a long time. Some species do actually practice the routine of abandoning their pups after nursing ends.

  • Connee says:

    This heinous murder of seals has just gotta stop! I do not think that I can take another year of being at work and thinking every chance I have about how many babies have been brutally murdered in front of their mothers now…which is what I do the entire time that the sealers are on the ice! I agree with Joanna what kind of a sick human being could bash a babies head in while their screaming mother watched and strip their skin off while they were alive? Have we awoken in Dante’s Inferno?

  • Patrick Ward says:

    Love to hug one. Pity noone told me about the demo outside the Canadian High Commission in Canberra. Would liked to have been there. This obscenity must cease.

  • Lucas says:

    As a Canadian I am outraged that this hunt is going on! I’ve been fighting the seal hunt since the age of 15. I have protested the hunt in Ottawa Halifax and Montreal. I’ve snuck into the canada day parade wearing nothing but a banner reading “The Naked Truth Canada Slaughters Seals” Protested naked in snowstorms.. and just last week.. I was that baby seal that you see in these pictures! I am determined to help fight this barbaric hunt! keep up the great work! p.s please vote me as sexiest vegetarian 2009! xox Lucas

  • Jake says:

    More cows and chickens are killed everyday than seals are during the entire sealing season. Hug cows and chickens also.

  • David says:

    this annual seal slaughter is seriously one of the worst things happening on this beautiful earth of our right now I cannot think of anything more grousome and just so ridicules. to get the olympic committee to NOT do their thing next yr in Canada because of this will be so amazing and we should all push for this the Canadian government will be so embarrassed.

  • roxanne says:

    yes I want to hug them. what sick perverse person clubs them?

  • pepper says:

    i was wondering if their was any way to inform others about these things ahead of time as i live in this city and would enjoy attending or at least seeing one of your awesome protests?

  • Kelley says:

    What kind of human being is capable of bashing in a defenseless newborn animal’s skull and ripping its skin off? While the baby’s anguished mother watches on top of it all. I just don’t understand.

  • Joanna says:

    Seals don’t want human hugs…they just want to be cared for by their moms. It’s the seal hunters that need some hugs by those hot chicks. Maybe that would make them more sensitive to thier own feelings and those of other living beings.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    It’s unpardonable that a reasonably civilized and enlightened Canada still allows these sadistic and demonic seal hunts. They blemish the nation’s reputation with innocent blood.

  • John Maynus says:

    Hug em don’t club em!!