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No Horses Die When Morrissey’s in Town

Written by PETA | June 9, 2011

Organizers of the Lokerse Feesten music festival in Belgium have assured their headlining act, PETA pal Morrissey, that in his honor, the festival will serve only vegetarian fare on the day of his performance. What, did you expect anything less from the man who did for vegetarian diets what Bret Michaels did for bandanas?

Instead of burgers and horse-meat sausages (yes, they eat horses in Belgium), organizers said festival food stands will offer “an array of healthy vegetarian dishes.”

Perhaps after Morrissey performs “Meat Is Murder,” they’ll decide to keep it that way.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • emma says:

    well done that man. much respect. lets hope then by the time the belgiuques are finished with the lovely veggie fare, that it will encourage some them to go veggie full time.

  • Tonya Waldron says:

    I started to watch utube video of dog and cat fur cruelty in China and had to stop the video half way thru. I could not stop the tears from falling. It has left everlasting images in my head that I wish I could erase. It disgust me that people can do this to animals with no compassion. If I was ever offered one wish instead of all the money in the world I would wish for the cruelty and criminal acts to stop against all animals. When I lay my head down tonight I will think of these animals and my god have mercy on the souls of people who would do this to the creatures he has created.

  • sarah says:

    If only more entertainers would take a stand like Morrissey

  • kathy martin says:

    animals in our food chain do not want to die. Each aninmal should live thier life cage free until they are needed for consumption. Vegetarian diet is far more human efficient for health and longivity, animals are fed hormones and antibiotics during their life for human consumption. Horse slaughter is one of the most gruesome methods to die. Horses should be used for work and leisure.