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Home Furnishings Company Drops Down!

Written by Michelle Kretzer | April 2, 2013

If PETA’s recent successes are any indication, down is going down fast.

The latest company to make the synthetic leap onto our anti-down bandwagon is Colorado’s leading furniture manufacturer, Woodley’s Fine Furniture. The Woodley brothers started their company decades ago with the intention of offering quality home furnishings that did not take a toll on nature—but they had been designing sofas stuffed with down. After PETA sent the company our down exposé, Woodley’s agreed that its vision did not include using feathers that were yanked out of live birds or feathers from birds who had tubes rammed down their throats for the cruel production of foie gras and will no longer purchase down-filled upholstery. 

Ready to make the down industry’s feathers fly? Check out PETA’s top five ways to take action against down—because if people in the skiing capital of the U.S. are done with down, shouldn’t the rest of us embrace warm and soft synthetic options, too?

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  • Morgan Boaman says:

    I’m so glad to see Woodley’s jumping on this bandwagon, I grew up in the Woodley’s community with multiple family members working for them. Its good to see them keeping up with the times. 🙂

  • Doris Potter says:

    I have written to IKEA (twice) about their use of down in cushions, etc. They state that they only use suppliers who do not pluck live birds (presumably they audit these suppliers?) but that is not good enough. Please put pressure on IKEA as well.

  • Cheryl J. says:

    That’s way sad. They have always been doing great, for a company like that to turn on animals is just wrong and not good for our world. It’s good to see that people care.