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Hi-yo, Broccoli Bill?

Written by PETA | August 6, 2010

I’ve caught some fascinating tidbits in media reports about Chelsea Clinton’s recent wedding: The bride dropped the ring during the ceremony. She and Marc did a sexy tango during the reception. Chelsea’s father, former President Bill Clinton, followed his daughter’s lead by going vegan—and he moonwalked during the reception!

Wait—Bill Clinton went vegan?

That’s right: People magazine’s Sandra Sobieraj Westfall recently revealed to Today show viewers that, because Chelsea is so concerned about her father’s health, Mr. Clinton “went on a vegetarian, no dairy diet, took lots of walks, and he dropped twenty pounds.”

So, will he stick with heart-healthy, animal-friendly, green cuisine? Considering his heart problems vs. vegan vitality and incredible vegan edibles, I’m optimistic. What do you think?

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Saucy says:

    Would someone please notify the New York Times. It seems to me a vegan president and the wedding of his vegan daughter would be worthy of a mention. Not so much as a peep about that bit of information vegan in the coverage of the wedding. Very disappointing. However on the same day they did make mention in the magazine that Laura Linney does have vegan options on the set of her new tele series “The Big C”. After working with Alicia Silverstone on Broadway she said that “Alicia’s words had been pinging around her consciousness”. Very cool. I Like Laura Linney. Her father was very kind to me when I first moved to NYC and wanted to be an actress. He took me to Broadway Shows and sat with me and talked. He spoke of Laura and how wonderful it was to see her on stage. We also spoke of theology. I was cast in his play “Holy Ghosts” at AADA. He came to see me but was denied entry. He was livid and I was beside myself. Talk about the wrong school. And that was after the director had stolen my props. I had come up with this wonderful bit of business when Bonnie Bridge enters. I would pull this colorful scarf off my head and push it into this this lovely little purse my mother had given me. Your father was so angry he nearly sued. I have often thought it is a good thing he didn’t do that. But I sure should have. The last time I spoke with him was in 2007. I called to ask him about artist colonies upstate and congratulate him on your success. He told me you hit the big time. We should be friends Laura. We have a mutual love of the theatre. we are the same age your dad your emerging vegan consciousness. I would have written sooner of this and in more detail but the very same day Laura was on the cover on the Sunday NY mag. was the very same day I found out about the death of my best friend. A devastating loss. Perhaps I will drop you a line Laura. Your father gave me the info of your agent and manager. I have it written down somewhere. There is also a role that you might be interested in developing. A true story. I have a signed copy of the right to sell the story. thanks to the advice of another mutual “friend” of ours GM. God Bless. Bonnie Bridge…. AADA 8990

  • Phyllis Jeffs says:

    Way to go Bill. I am a vegetarian and feel wonderful. I have been a Seventhday Adventist since 16 I am now 60. Adventist advocate a healthy lifestyle by eliminating animal fats from diet. I look and feel 40ish. Kudos to you sir!!

  • Pamela Schmidlin says:

    Maybe this will hit the news as much as past events that he was involved in!!…..MR CLINTON your a role model once again wait being a past president you’ll always be one!! Remember that!!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    News like that is great to hear. I hope he adheres to his vegan diet and reaps all the subsequent health benefits. Noone should have the fear of lifethreatening heart problems hanging over their head. Bill Clinton can provide a great and influential example to other Americans of the preventive and restorative powers of the vegan lifestyle.

  • SPL says:

    “WHY!.. cant the medical people tell bill this” Because many people involved in medicine themselves eat terribly unhealthy diets the same habitual animal products their parents taught them to eat. The same old bad habits. Unfortunately an advanced degree does not guarantee intelligence or the ability to make positive changes.

  • Mina says:

    Well I’m glad he doesn’t eat meat dairy and eggs but that doesn’t make him Vegan. Something tells me he wont care about beef broth p

  • Toby says:

    …’a vegetarian no dairy diet’… that isn’t vegan though as I recall how chickens are bred for their menstrual discharge…

  • Meg says:

    “went on a vegetarian no dairy diet” That’s still a long ways from actual veganism. Can we stop getting so excited every time someone decides to take a short break from meat and milk for their own benefit? Now when they actually take the lives of other animals seriously THEN I will be excited.

  • Faye Smith says:

    I think this is awesome! I know that since I’ve gone dairy free vegetarian since March 1 2010 my health has enjoyed tremendous benefits.

  • Toby says:

    It is awesome that they went vegan… Chelsea should have eaten more put on ten vegan pounds lest some people get the idea that all vegans are that thin… still it’s awesome.

  • Utopaline says:

    The medical world won’t tell people that meat and dairy are killing us at an alarming rate because healthy people don’t make medical companies RICH!!! I’ve dropped over 40 pounds in 2 years since going veggie and cutting out about 90 or my dairy intake. I feel great and can’t wait for our first baby to be born so we can raise himher to love and respect animals too.

  • Jim says:

    Awesome! It’s about time he joined the likes of Kucinich. A vegan diet is great for your overall energy level and you never feel bloated or sick as a matter of fact since I’ve gone vegan I haven’t been “sick” in years. Amen Bill! We love you!

  • 4mula1 says:

    GREAT NEWS!.. ive read that its the meat n dairy that clog your arteries question is WHY!.. cant the medical people tell bill this?.. like they say its all about money. great chelsea did this. VERY SAD the medical people keep this a secret they take making money to far. EVEN when a life is on the line.