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Harry Styles Tells Fans to Run in One Direction: Away From SeaWorld

Written by Michelle Kretzer | July 10, 2015

Hey, SeaWorld, does it ever drive you crazy just how fast the night changes? One minute, you’re enjoying a One Direction concert in your hometown of San Diego and the next, Harry Styles is telling thousands of people not to visit your park.

You heard him ladies and gents. Don’t go to sea world🚨🚨🚨 @harrystyles

A video posted by @maisie_williams on

The awesome video was posted on Instagram by Maisie Williams, or Arya Stark to Game of Thrones fans, reaching her 1.2 million followers with the caption “You heard him ladies and gents. Don’t go to sea world.”

PETA is sending Harry a stylish “SeaWorld Kills” shirt and a box of vegan dolphin-shaped chocolates.

As for SeaWorld, it looks like it has only one direction left to go in: setting the animals free.