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Happy Labor Day! Here’s a Card.

Written by PETA | September 2, 2007

Who the hell sends their friends Labor Day cards? Well, we do, I guess. For some reason I feel duty-bound to post PETA’s official “Labor Day E-Card” for your edification and viewing enjoyment. After all, we did go to all the trouble of making it back in the day. I’d just like to point out that this one was made before they put ol’ Jack in charge of making e-cards for PETA. If it puts you in the mood for some Jacktastic e-card action, you may want to check out last year’s Santa Got Run Over by His Reindeer e-card. It’s a classic, and, well, Christmas is right around the corner …

Anyway, Happy Labor Day. For reals. Now get to work surprising and confusing your friends by sending them their very own PETA Labor Day e-card!

Labor_Day_e-card copy.jpg

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  • producer says:

    First off and formost you damn peta supporters. Cows aren’t forced to produce milk chickens aren’t forced to produce eggs and sheep aren’t forced to produce wool. If you guys would pull your heads out of your asses and logically think about it. This is what they are put on this earth to do. If they didn’t produce these things then they would die which is ultimately why you guys are here Supposably to save animals. Well hello News Flash if chickens don’t produce eggs then what the hell is there purpose of life. Cows produce milk bc if they didn’t they would get masstitus which is an infection in there udder and would end up dieing from the disease and for sheep if they don’t get shaved they are going to die from the heat. So next time you peta people are are bitching think logically instead of irrationally. I understand you guys love animals but they people that produce them and show them obviously love them more then you guys bc we put the time and patience into the animals. PETA People for Eating Tastey Animals

  • miraih says:

    awsome! dont isult the PETA! umm if you dislike it so much why are u on the site?

  • Martha says:

    Dear Hadley Thanks for the spelling lessonoh to be so brilliant!

  • anne-marie says:

    I hate it when people come here to diss PETA. I adore the card very much very very cute i wish i could of found it sooner….by the way i wanted to mention that im doing an animal production course in an agricultural school so i can become a farm inspector….im in a govemrntal school and i see so much cuelty with the school animals. if anyone wants to talk me please do here is my email

  • Ronald Lee says:

    you guys are bunch of idiots this needs to be peta big quate “dont kill animals kill the babys instead” YOUR Daumasses

  • hadley says:

    Oh I wish that I would have found this sooner! It is an adorable ecard!

  • Steve says:

    Fabulous! Thanks!