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Who Hacked Off This Dog’s Ears?

Written by PETA | October 24, 2011

Imagine having your ears crudely hacked off and then being tossed outside to recover from your wounds as best you could without so much as an aspirin to dull the pain. That appears to be what happened to a pit bull puppy in Hampton, Virginia, and PETA is now desperately trying to find out who inflicted the wounds in order to bring the perpetrator to justice.


After a concerned passerby spotted the injured puppy in a yard without any shelter, her ears crusty, bloody, and obviously infected, the person contacted PETA, and we in turn contacted animal control. But so far, all we have been able to determine is that the puppy was apparently purchased from a local breeder, who we believe inflicted the injuries. The puppy’s owner was ordered to provide her with vet care but allegedly refuses to divulge the breeder’s name, so we are offering up to $1,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever hacked off the puppy’s ears.

Home “crop jobs,” in which scissors, knives, and other sharp instruments are used to hack off pit bulls’ ears to make them look “tough,” are often associated with dogfighting. Such procedures are illegal both because they violate anti-cruelty laws and because they could be considered practicing veterinary medicine without a license. Even if performed by a veterinarian, ear-cropping and tail-docking are purely cosmetic (read: unnecessary) and cause extreme pain to the victims.

Cases like this one are not isolated incidents. Animal abusers are usually repeat offenders, and studies show that they often “progress” to committing violence against humans. If you live in the Hampton Roads, Virginia, area and have any information about this crime, please call PETA at 757-962-8370.


Written by Joe Taksel

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  • Jamie says:

    Anna and Meg, you are so right. And if these people have kids and treat them like they treat these dogs how shameful and sick. i bet if the reward was 5,000 they would have a name and address!!!

  • tvh says:

    i think the owner is as much to blame as the breeder. its obvious the owner did not care for the dog’s cropped ears – at all..i hate ear cropping. its totally senseless. this dog is still a cutie but i bet she was even cuter with floppy ears. it just kills me when i hear people say, ‘but that’s how they are supposed to look’…um, NO, they are supposed to look like how they were born! with floppy ears and long tails.

  • Rev. Meg says:

    My suggestion would be to charge the owner with animal cruelty and remove the dog from their home. When the owner realizes he or she is liable to go to prison over this, I’ll bet the name of the breeder comes up very quickly!

  • Anna says:

    The breeder may be a relative or a close family friend of the dog owner – that may be why the owner cares more about saving face than the suffering this poor dog went through.