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Fur-Free Is Fabulous! Now Let’s Lay Off Other Skins

Written by PETA | November 23, 2012

The day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday, when the holiday gift-shopping season really gets underway. But for animal rights advocates nationwide, it’s Fur-Free Friday, also an occasion to hit the stores—to urge consumers not to buy into the cruelty of the skins trade.

Yes, “skins.” Even on Fur-Free Friday, it’s important to remember that fur isn’t the only material used for clothing that results from the suffering of animals. Like fur, leather, for instance, comes from animals who are raised on crowded farms and killed using cruel methods—some are even skinned while they’re still alive. Whether it comes from a snake or a sable, a cow or a chinchilla, it’s all skin—and we, not they, can live without it.

PETA hopes that everyone heading out to (or returning from) a Fur-Free Friday demonstration will be able to answer the question, “Whose skin am I in?” with the reply, “Only my own!”

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  • Muriel Servaege says:

    I’m looking forward to the day when furs will be prohibited all over the world. But this is a beginning.

  • Ashley says:

    Unfortunately the fur trade is still alive and well here in Canada and I’m really getting tired of the excuses people use to keep it going. This country was built on fur but that was a long time ago and things are very different now. It’s a luxury item, no one needs it, and it has been this way for decades now. They are many things the trappers and fur farmers could be doing to make a living but they chose cruelty. When their industry is dead they will find something else to do, that’s what happens when a profession is obsolete. If you are someone who is defending fur on the grounds of freedom of choice then please ask yourself why cruelty should be a choise when it is far from necessary. Animal cruelty laws shoud apply across the board. If it is wrong to catch a puppy in a leg hold trap and then let it wait and struggle, panicing and injuring itself while it waits to be bludgeoned or shot then it is wrong to do the same thing to a fox. If it is wrong to keep a cat in a tiny wire bottom cage it’s entire life only to one day take it out, hang it upside down while it is terrified and struggling and then slit it’s throat, then it wrong to do the same thing to a rabbit. All animals are capable of suffering and so it should be no more legal to be a trapper or to run a fur farm than it should be to torture dogs and cats. If you are Canadian and you are sick of fur and the double standard when it comes to animal cruelty then I suggest that you write to or call CTV, our major tv broadcaster and express your disgust over how they shamelessly promote fur and let them know that they will be losing your viewership if they continue to promote fur and if they continue to run ads for fur stores. Boycott anyone who takes blood money to run fur ads. If we stand up for what we believe in then we can end this vile industry once and for all. If no one is buying fur then no on will be killing for it.