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Feds May Cut Funding for Chimpanzee Experiments, Many Could Be Retired

Written by PETA | January 22, 2013

Update: In 2015, following pressure from PETA and other animal advocates, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) promised to retire all federally owned chimpanzees to sanctuaries. Sadly, since this announcement, few have been retired and many have died while waiting. Please urge NIH to retire these animals now!

Originally posted January 22, 2013:

For decades, PETA has been calling for an end to the cruel and irrelevant use of chimpanzees in experimentation. We’ve made significant progress over the years bring an end to this national disgrace, and now the government is finally taking concrete steps to do the same.  

© Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals

An Historic Decision

At a historic meeting this afternoon, a National Institutes of Health (NIH) committee recommended that the agency cut funding for seven of the nine current taxpayer-funded grants for biomedical experiments on chimpanzees and fully or partially cut funding for 12 of 13 behavioral studies. With regard to the fate of these 360 NIH-owned chimpanzees, the committee stated that “the majority of NIH-owned chimpanzees should be designated for retirement and transferred to the federal sanctuary system. Planning should start immediately ….”

The NIH’s momentous move follows the landmark 2011 finding of the Institute of Medicine (IOM) that “most current biomedical research use of chimpanzees is not necessary.” After the report’s release, the NIH formed a committee to determine, among other things, which taxpayer-funded projects should be ended and how many chimpanzees should be retired.

Persistence Pays Off

PETA submitted recommendations calling for a complete end to experimentation on chimpanzees to both IOM and NIH during these deliberations—and that’s just one part of the extensive groundwork that led to this exciting development. Every step of the way, PETA has relentlessly pursued any and all avenues to uncover abuse to chimpanzees in laboratories and has advocated for the creation of stronger federal policy and legislation to protect chimpanzees from being tormented in experiments

PETA has exposed cruelty in laboratories, filed complaints against laboratories that experiment on chimpanzees, reached out to Members of Congress, organized demonstrations, gained celebrity support, filed shareholder resolutions, launched online advocacy campaigns, and called for an end to this barbaric practice in popular and academic publications.

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  • Andrea says:

    Stop using chimpanzees in cruel experiments!! These animals feel pain and fear and they shouldn’t be subjected to this barbaric cruelty!!!

  • Pat Holland says:

    Please retire all federally owned chimpanzees to sanctuaries as quickly as possible. They deserve a chance to be safe and free enjoying what chimpanzees were bred for. Why are these animals allowed to suffer more and more each day for no purpose? Please …… advocate for these chimpanzees !

  • Denise says:

    Please allow these beautiful creatures to retire with dignity.

  • T. Takeuchi says:

    Please stop using tax dollars to conduct experiments on chimpanzees which even you acknowledge are not needed to advance human health, nor have any ever been particularly useful. Please retire all chimpanzees owned by NIH or used in NIH-supported studies to sanctuaries where they will be able to live the remainder of their lives. Thank you.

  • Stacey says:

    Is there no sensibility in this nation that we have to be savage to innocent animals even when we know the cruelities have served no purpose for humans. Let us return to being the caretakers of animals as the Lord asked us to be

  • Terry Kourda says:

    Please retire all federally owned chimpanzees to sanctuaries. NIH admits that experiments on chimps are not needed to further human health. Also, the studies that have been done at NIH or other labs have not been very useful because humans and chimps are different species. Thank you for your consideration.

  • Antonia & Andrew Chianis says:

    Let all the Chimps go. You know you have better ways that don’t promote cruelty. JUST DO IT!!!

  • Jim Foglio says:

    These innocent animals need to be released immediately to sanctuaries where they can finally find peace and freedom from confinement and pain and suffering. RELEASE THEM ALL!!!

  • Patti Foglio says:

    Please release ALL of these federally owned chimpanzees who have suffered and been in captivity too long to sanctuaries. Man has perpetrated enough pain on innocent animals and it must stop NOW!!!

  • Maria Espinoza says:

    Stop this abuse plain and simple! Anyone whp puts pain on any animal your family deserves pain as well:(

  • Janice Ferguson says:

    I couldn’t possibly express the truth better than Nazanin Dabbs in the above comment. These chimps have served and suffered in ways that should never have been allowed. The least we can do is retire them to a sanctuary where they can live together in safety and comfort

  • Gloria Resa says:

    It is time to retire all the chimpanzees in the laboratories. This is the area of technology. Retire NOW all these animals.

  • Katherine Boudreaux says:

    Is there no sensibility in this nation that we have to be savage to innocent animals even when we know the cruelities have served no purpose for humans. Let us return to being the caretakers of animals as the Lord asked us to be.

  • Sylvia V. Jackson says:

    I implore you to immediately take the necessary steps to release all primates still used for cruel and unnecessary experimentation or held in captivity. We are the greatest country on earth; should we not lead the way in compassion for those who cannot speak for themselves?

  • Tammy says:

    Please let these smart gentle animals have some peace after all they have been through. We wouldnt deserve this treatment and neither do they.

  • Richard Hartt says:

    Please retire all Chimpanzee’s that are in Federal control. The time is now to act and have the courage of your convictions. Be a hero, do it now. Thank you.

  • Reg says:

    Stop spending our tax dollars on cruelty!!!

  • Charlene Karns says:

    Animals were not put on this earth to be tortured and abused. They were a gift from God. All laboratories that experiment on animals should be closed. It is wrong.

  • C. Priller says:

    NIH – PLEASE, ACT AS FAST AS YOU CAN TO ORDER THAT ALL federally owned chimpanzees be retired to sanctuaries. We all know – and have for a LONG TIME/MANY YEARS – that experiments on chimpanzees are NOT AT ALL needed for the health of us human animals, but are cruel, gruesome, money- and power-hungry, totally misguided perceptions, assumptions and acts perpetrated by the human animals on other, helpless sentient beings of God’s Creation.

  • Peggy Feldman says:

    Please release these creatures that have taken so much pain for so long. They deserve to be in some comfort for the rest of their lives. PLEASE stop the cruelty now!

  • reneeheinecke says:

    just sad, in this day and age, with all the tec thing we know, and we still do this!.

  • Kartik Shah says:

    It is about time that we learn to be compassionate and stop all this laboratory testing & trials on animals. I urge you to put a total ban on such treatment to animals.

  • Bianca Wittkowski says:

    Please stop all cruelty to other beings!

  • Lena Mamleeva says:

    Stop this mess!

  • Hanna Kühne says:

    stopp this animal cruelty

  • Theresa Kemp says:

    ALL testing on ALL animals should stop! We dont try out a new dress on our dog to see what it looks like, nor test out a new recipe on our cat before serving it to our friends …. do we?

  • inez leo says:

    Not until ALL chimpanzees, and all other victims of laboratory tehnicians are freed nto sanctuaries, can the public feel they have done all possible to give to non-human animals the quality of Life which they (like ourselves) deserve.

  • Nazanin Dabbs says:

    Please let the United States of America lead the way forward to a cruelty free world. There will always be financial temptations by commercial cooperations, pharmaceutical industries and military institutes, to continue in immoral practices. Just as there was many years ago regarding slavery but in the end good men and women leaned towards compassion, kindness as well as strength of character and ended an insanely cruel act. Today you can make history once again and do the same for other species, who despite all the argument of human superiority have more similarities with us than we care to admit. Fundamentally, they too bleed, feel love, sadness, they too suffer and feel lonely and have a beating heart.

  • Laurie Armer says:

    Man created God in his OWN image to further his lust for power and money. Humans are NOT the self-proclaimed sacred species!!!!


    Em pleno seculo XXI o homem investe na sua crueldade, coverdia, e total ausencia de compaixão com todos os animais, fezendo destes nossos irmãos seu monstruoso laboratorio e alimento desnecessario. Os animais não são tubos de ensaio nem ração humana! Como dizia meus sabios avós, “o homem é o resultado de um projeto que não deu certo, que só ele mesmo pode melhorá-lo”.

  • emil minass says:

    retire them

  • Ruth Harris says:

    It’s 2013 for crying out! We are evolving. Animal cruelty must stop now!

  • tiziana says:

    Please stop every cruel act and save chimpanzeees.

  • Sara Dimitriou says:

    Finally the government recognises that these experiments on chimps are not only pointless but plain cruel. For what purpose were they performed but to keep these people employed! Now let’s stop the Universities from useless and barbaric, cruel experiments on all other animals.

  • dawn brown says:

    Please cut the abuse to all animals !!


    Thank you Peta for all you do for ALL animals. This particular article is about chimpanzees. This does not mean that while fighting for the rights of chimps, other animals are forgotten.

  • lucia fabbo says:

    please end this horrible act. WE are the care takers of Gods creatures. Please be humane and kind, have a heart. thank you

  • Sandra Spencer says:

    The more exposure of the terrible cruelties inflicted on all animals, the better. The general public needs to know what is happening. Most people are unaware of the horrible suffering of so many animals and would gladly support animal welfare programs if they knew about them. Talk about PETA as much as you can in order to support the world’s animals.

  • Jesus Blanco says:

    Please…save the chimpanzees!!!

  • luc boivin says:

    Faut-il être ignoble pour traiter de la sorte nos frères supposés inférieurs… Ils participent à la beauté du monde !

  • luc boivin says:

    Faut-il être ignoble pour traiter si mal nos frères supposés inférieurs … et qui participent à la beauté de notre monde !

  • elio says:

    Retire all chimpanzees to santuary, I support it

  • Tamara Ault says:

    Please retire all of these chimpanzees to a lifelong refugee for a peaceful old age…

  • Chris says:

    please do not allow animal suferring!!!

  • Siraganda says:

    This whole speciesism requires alternative animal models! What do you say to this? Nothing, I presume! The new Millennium shall be the Millennium of speciesism – I shall announce it on my facebook! Hail chimp heaven – and thank you Jane Goodall and Peter Singer for this shot in the back!

  • Siraganda says:

    And what is with the other animals? Monkeys, cats and dogs? Are they children of a lesser God????????????????

  • sharon says:

    and what happens to the retired animals?

  • debra heverly, m.d. says:

    Please retire all federally owned chimpanzees to sanctuaries.

  • leann leal says:

    It’s not a hard concept. Would you like to be treated this way???? Your not God. Back the hell off! Leave them alone