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Time Running Out to Ditch Elephant Abuser

Written by PETA | June 15, 2011

Despite being informed about the cruelty of hauling elephants around in tractor trailers and “controlling” them with bullhooks, California’s Orange County Fair is going ahead with plans to offer elephant rides provided by an outfit called “Have Trunk Will Travel” (HTWT). HTWT is the same exhibitor that was caught on tape hitting elephants with bullhooks and shocking them with electric prods. 
The fair’s contract with HTWT allows it to cancel the rides for this year’s fair by this Thursday (tomorrow), so please send a message today to fair officials urging them to do so. Be sure to add that you hope that they eliminate these cruel and dangerous rides permanently.

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • vikki finnegan says:

    Orange County Officials please hear my plea to forever deny elephant rides for any public spectical. All you need do look deeply into the eyes of these emotionally destroyed creatures and know that their being in captivity is wrong. For anyone to actually enjoy ‘riding an elephant’ is a bogus thrill and of the moment only. Everyone feels the need to get close to thse animals but this is not the way and only leaves an empty feeling. HTWT continues to abuse their long-suffering elephants which is truly criminal. Please do not support elephant rides, period. Respectfully,

  • Elena Monari says:

    This is so barbaric….absolutely inhumane!!

    Makes me feel ashamed that this cruelty is done by the race i belong to… bleh

  • Melissa tardif says:

    This is horrible crimes being committed to poor Helpless elephants!!! Stop it NOW!

  • Lauren says:

    Please, please, please, I urge you to cancel the elephant rides tomorrow. Their purpose on life is not to provide entertainment!! They need to be free, its unbelievably cruel!

  • Bo Van Borsel says:

    Save the elephants. They are endangered, loving, intelligent animals. Who deserve their place in nature!

  • Allison Houston says:

    STOP THE ABUSE! THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THIS! Animals can be handled and “controlled” is a much different fashion than this. Beating them will only make unwanted behaviors worse. I train dogs. I NEVER HIT, YELL AT THEM OR ABUSE THEM IN ANY WAY. And they turn out very well trained. Kind words and love for the animal are the best methods.

  • Jeanette Natoli says:

    Please, as someone who is concerned for the welfare of those without a voice, I highly encourage you to terminate your contract with Have Trunks Will Travel. There is documented evidence that this company abuses the animals that are suppose to be in there loving care. You cannot in good conscience welcome them to the Orange County Fair and invite the community to indirectly condone their actions by giving them patronage. I, for one, will actively encourage others to boycott this and future events at the fairgrounds should your reaction be anything, but backing out of your agreement especially since you can do so without financial repercussions. Please do the ethically responsible thing and pull out of the contract and let these abusers and your own patrons know that such heinous behavior will not be tolerated on your watch.

  • Elle says:

    Really looking forward to the fair, I don’t want to miss it do to this.

  • Anne Betts says:

    I would never support any event that used & mistreated live animals like this. I will be retweeting & spreading the word that folks should BOYCOTT the Orange County Fair unless these plans are dropped immediately!

  • Charlene Miorana says:

    Please eliminate these cruel and dangerous rides permanently.

  • Heidi Betts says:

    This is despicable. I cannot believe that anyone in this day and age would participate in or condone this kind of activity.

  • heather says:

    Please stop all cruelty to circus animals, and just stop having animals in the circus at all…they don’t deserve to be used.. Especially for monetary gain. Let them be.

  • Julia Weisberg says:

    Please stop. Imagine what it would feel like. Those elephants have feelings, and as a living thing give them the respect they deserve. Dont do it.