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Every Friday Should Be This Fur-Free

Written by PETA | December 1, 2008

Last Friday, as you know, was a very special Friday—Fur-Free Friday! In the hope of stopping people in their tracks if they were about to buy fur, PETA members all over the world were busy encouraging shoppers to cross the cruel stuff off their shopping lists.

In Aspen, Colorado, a pair of rockin’ “snow bunnies” snowboarded on 6 inches of fresh snow and straight into people’s hearts. Snowboarding in a bikini? Now that’s dedication! And check out those boards—where can I get one of those?


PETA fur demoPETA fur demo


Meanwhile, more “bunnies” were on hand in all parts of the world, including Moscow, Helsinki, and Reykjavík, asking passersby to “love us, don’t wear us.” Oh, bunnies, how could anyone wear you?


Fur demo

And finally, PETA activists in New York were giving away fur coats to the only people who have any excuse to wear them—the homeless. PETA held a “fur kitchen” at a Manhattan homeless shelter, where they gave donated fur coats to men and women who can’t afford to buy their own sources of warmth.


PETA's fur coat giveaway


If, by the way, you’re still wondering what to do with the fur coat you haven’t worn since you found out how cruel the fur industry is, you might consider donating it to PETA, where it might become part of an education display, provide bedding for an animal in need, or keep a homeless person warm on freezing nights.

Great job and a big thanks to all the activists who took part in Fur-Free Friday events! If you participated in any of the festivities in your city or town, post a comment sharing your story!

Written by Amanda Schinke

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  • Stefany Garcia says:

    i only have one comment bout all this howcome its alrite for homeless people to wear fur coats i thought it was wrong in gerneral theres plenty of thrift stores and even in homeless shelters they given out free clothing to the homeless and people always tend to donante old coats or even new one to the homeless people so then why does peta have to donate free fur coats i thought we wer against people wearing them i dont know its just a thought that came to me.

    • Rachael says:

      no the fur coats are for the homeless it says it in the paragraph…Its not for anybody… It is only for those who have an excuse for having one, which are the homeless

  • Alexis says:

    Thats great now we need to end animal testing!!!

  • SASHA says:

    How wonderful! They all did great! I hope that everyone will soon be FURFREE!

  • Caitlynn says:

    i have one qestion. How can we stop the killing without medication? How can we stop the beating of animals?