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Egypt Eliminates Trauma Training Cruelty

Written by PETA | August 3, 2012

Thanks to a donation of simulation equipment from PETA, goats will no longer have holes cut into their chests and necks and be killed for trauma training exercises in Egypt.

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Traumatic Trauma Training

Earlier this year, PETA was contacted by Dr. Abdelhakim Elkholy—director of the Egyptian Life Support Training Center (ELSTC) in Cairo, who conducts Egypt’s only Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) course—requesting PETA’s help to switch from the cruel and crude use of goats to non-animal trauma training.

While Dr. Elkholy wanted to switch to Simulab Corporation’s TraumaMan simulator for ATLS, budget limitations kept him from making the transition. PETA was pleased to donate three TraumaMan simulators—thanks to the generous support of the McGrath Family Foundation—so that the ELSTC can conduct ATLS courses without using any animals.

Better Learning Through Technology

Numerous studies have shown that the TraumaMan simulator better prepares trainees to perform the lifesaving medical techniques taught in ATLS than cruel animal labs. For this reason, TraumaMan and other simulators are used instead of animals in nearly 95 percent of ATLS courses across the U.S. and Canada—and now, thanks to PETA, in 100 percent of ATLS courses in Egypt. Because, unlike animal labs, the simulators are portable and reusable, Dr. Elkholy’s team will now be able to offer lifesaving ATLS training at other sites across the country.

Dr. Elkholy wrote: “With the help of PETA, now ATLS can be spread to every part in Egypt. … No more animals will be used in ATLS training in Egypt after PETA[‘s] donation [of] TraumaMan to [the] Egyptian Life Support Training Center ….”

What You Can Do

Please join PETA in urging federal officials to modernize U.S. military trauma training by completely replacing the use of animals with superior simulation methods.

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  • Taghreed Al Najjar says:

    I am a strong believer not to use any animals during trauma courses, although a lot of my colleagues tried to convince me to use it as its more cheaper than trauma manikins but I refused, I delayed the Trauma courses in our Training center as we didn’t have till now any trauma courses in Amman, Jordan , we haven’t a budget till now to buy trauma manikins & I will not do courses by using animals & I encourage every training center not to use it. I appreciate your noble mission of saving animals from this agony. Tghreed Al Najjar, MD

    • Kate Nealon-Sands says:

      Dr. Najjar,

      How wonderful you are to make such a noble decision not to use animals to cut into and cruelly maim. You get it. You understand that animals have souls, feel pain and don’t deserve the mistreatment given them as innocent creatures in medical training. We have dishonored God by the horrible, disfiguring treatment of animals to further our own goals. They were ABSOLUTELY not put on this earth for us to hurt IN ANY WAY. I am a vegetarian and proud to say that I will never support the killing of animals for my benefit.

      Thank you, Dr. Najjar. Finally, a voice of reason from the medical field!

  • Carla* says:

    Good move!!