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Great Advice From Dr. Jenn Berman on Raising a Vegan Family

Written by PETA | February 27, 2013

Whether counseling celebrities (including PETA pal Courtney Stodden) on VH1’s Couples Therapy, offering advice to callers on her SiriusXM radio show, penning bestselling books, or working with patients in her private practice, marriage, family, and child therapist Dr. Jenn Berman has helped bring many families closer together.

Now, in an exclusive interview with PETA, Dr. Jenn explains why raising vegan kids has proved to be a winning approach for her own family:

The soundness of Dr. Jenn’s family plan is supported by another famous family doctor—acclaimed pediatrician Dr. Benjamin Spock—who explained in his classic book, Dr. Spock’s Baby and Child Care, that children raised on plant foods ”are less likely to develop weight problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, and some forms of cancer.”

No matter whether you have kids, grandkids, or “fur kids” or just remain a kid at heart, eating delicious vegan food is the ideal prescription for animals, for your health, and for our planet

For more information about raising kind, responsible children and living with compassion, check out PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk’s book Making Kind Choices