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Cars and Sweat Lodges Can Both Kill

Written by PETA | June 28, 2011

Update: Since originally posting this, we were contacted by a representative of the family of two of the victims and asked to stop our campaign out of respect for the families. We are announcing that we are pulling the campaign out of deference to the family’s wishes, although past victims of tragedies (and their families) have supported our educational campaigns. Our billboard was intended to turn a tragic and preventable occurrence into something positive by stopping further tragic and preventable heatstroke deaths. However, we understand the concerns of the family and will not be putting up our billboard in Sedona.

After a jury turned up the heat on self-help guru James Arthur Ray and convicted him of negligent homicide in connection with the deaths of three people who overheated in a Sedona, Arizona, sweat lodge, PETA hopes to erect a billboard in the sizzling Southwest town to remind people of the dangers dogs also face in the heat.

On a 90-degree day, the temperature inside a car can reach 160 degrees in 10 minutes. If you see a dog in a parked car on a warm day, call the police immediately. Don’t leave until help arrives.    

Written by Jared Misner

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  • dave says:

    this is not a good sign.please do not put up this sign.i love animals and you should not leave them in the car.maby you could photo shop in a baby and a pet and say you would’nt leave me in the car all alone would you ?something more to the point a sauna can kill so can a car.maby that might help.any how please reconcider the billbored.thanks for your time.

  • Dakota Winyan says:

    I am appalled that you would even consider such a culturally insensitive ad. News of the ad is quickly making its way around the American Indian community and beyond, and I highly recommend a public apology. I have been a supporter of PETA in the past, but I am reconsidering future support after reading about this online. Thankfully you pulled the ad as a result of the families’ complaints, but you also need to acknowledge the blatant ignorance of American Indian culture that you have displayed. We are treated shamefully in the media enough as it is, and we do not need any help from you in spreading such ignorant, harmful information about our practices. Shame on you PETA!

  • Cody H says:

    Mr. Ray had no idea what he was doing when he had his “lodge”. No true lodge keeper charges money to gain enterance to this ceremony. Nor do they build their lodge in such a crude and stupid manner. I would suggest PETA do some research before making such stupid and misinformed comments. PETA has now reached a new low by attacking a religous ceremony. In Canada it is called a Hate Crime!

  • KelseyLindsay says:

    Whoever had this bright idea should be ashamed of themselves. A sweat lodge is a sacred ceremony that should not be used as shock value in adverts. I’m all for animals rights but this has gone too far. What happened to human rights?

  • Rebecca says:

    Wow…. how disrespectful of an entire culture… perpetuating the racism we already fight everyday… because some misinformed new age moron ALSO capitalized on our sacred ceremonies…. how inappropriate and offensive to all Native/First Nation people across the country….

  • NW Native says:

    Our ceromonies don’t kill people. How IGNORANT of PETA.

  • Els Herten says:

    For crying out loud: educate yourselves first PETA people! The inipi (sweat lodge) is a sacred Native American ceremony; and it isn’t letal as your dumb ad suggests. Quite on the contrary: the inipi is healing. James A. Ray is a wannabe guru. He has no authority or knowledge of a real sweat lodge ceremony. You are projecting his unethical behaviour on the entire Native American population and their sacred ceremonies?! You have been asked by the family of Ray’s victims to stop this campaign. You say you did so out of respect for those families. I still do not see any respect to the +2 million Native Americans… not as long as you do not publicly apologize for this dumb and racist campaign ad.

  • Urmisinformed says:

    FYI James Arthur Ray the self help guru was only out to help himself to people’s money. This guy charged money to something and I “something” because a sweatlodge is practised in sacred with traditions that are learned and passed on to those who are meant to lead and offer help through the sweatlodge. So perhaps if this was a sweatlodge ceremony than maybe death woudn’t have happend. So please peta before you attempt to reach out and use ads based on hot new media headlines do your research!

  • Disgusted says:

    I have done a ton of rescues of dogs trapped in cars in the heat with the Marin Humane Society so I absolutely understand the problem we’re facing. However, I am appalled that you all would create this racist advertisement. I am ashamed to be a PETA supporter when I know this is the kind of media you all are putting out there. Please recant this ad as soon as possible. Thank you.

  • Dovie says:

    I am SO appalled, I almost have no words. So, our cultural ceremonies kill people? NO, NEW AGE FRAUDS that don’t know what they’re doing, and are misappropriating our culture for monetary GAIN kill people! Which is exactly what PETA is doing here, on top of being racist. Of course, they probably don’t care what I have to say because I’m not a DOG.

  • Charles Sheppard says:

    There is a very huge difference between James Arthur Ray and what he called a Sweat Lodge and what Traditional Native people call a Sweat Lodge. For one thing, Native people would never ever use a plastic tarp to cover their lodges. We would never have that many people in a lodge. It’s never been done and never will be done. Participants are led by a trained Elder and participants are encouraged to leave if they feel any discomfort. Of course, Native people would never charge for your participation. James Arthur Ray disrespectfully stole from our traditions and charged money for it. What Ray did cannot be called a Sweat Lodge in our traditions. Please don’t disrespect our people by aligning him with us.

  • ondaas says:

    PETA, love how you guys can call anybody on what you deem inappropriate behavior, all about the shaming, but you completely have no problem disrespecting native american ceremony. Plain stupid, racist and uninformed.

  • Melissa ME says:

    How can you even think of using Sacred Native American Tradition in your ads in such a manner as you are???? The tragedy that took place in Sedona was put on by an uneducated idiot! Did you not keep up with the story and understand? What did you miss? Whatever it was, I’m sure you will get a clear understanding soon! This is a horrible disrespect to the Culture of My People! Sweats are held ALL THE TIME AND WE NEVER KILL ANYONE AT THEM!!!! YOU NEED A NEW AD!

  • edub says:

    using the sedona tragedy to highlight pet safety is bad enough, but then you further disrespect sacred native traditions similar to that homicidal idiot JAR? PETA is the one that needs some fresh air! — and to taste test campaign soundness more. You’re not doing yourselves or pets any favors in further irritating communities.

  • Nonya says:

    I’m all for animal rights and 100% against animal cruelty but lately PETA has been making some absurd, disrespectful, and unethical ads that offend many. Shame on you PETA, you’re just as bad as the Church of Westboro.

  • Penny says:

    I had just arrived at the grocery store when a man pulled up beside me, glued to his phone, and left his shepherd mix dog in the car with the windows down about one inch. It wasn’t extremely hot, but certainly hot enough, so I called to him as he started walking to the store, still on the phone, and told him it was too warm for him to leave his dog in the car, so he turned around, never acknowledged me, opened his car and put a couple of his windows down about another inch before heading back for the store. I tried to assess for myself whether it was safe enough to leave that dog in the car or if I was over-reacting. I felt it was too hot for him to be in that car so I wrote down the license plate number and headed to the police station next door. The police didn’t hesitate to send an officer to the scene.

  • MP says:

    Some people are idiots!

  • Robin says:

    I understand the urgency of this message, but it is very disrepectful to Native Americans who consider sweat lodges part of their culture, as well as the families of the 3 victims of JAR’s negligence. There must be other ways to get the message out!

  • Alex says:

    Kind of unethical to instrumentalize those dead people to save dogs. Why can’t Peta ever save animals without hurting people’s feelings?

  • Darkone says:

    You should split this image into one of those multi part banners for facebook, so it can be posted and shared.

  • Diana says:

    I would break the window. By the time you called the cops and their arrival time the poor animal could die.

  • kathy says:

    There is also the issue of people tying their dogs in front of store in the hot sun. I saw a dog with a black coat tied in front of a store while the guardian went shopping. He was tied in direct sunlight when shade was only a few feet away. I waited until the guardian returned. It was too hot that day for the guardian to do that.