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Dog to Be Stoned to Death

Written by PETA | June 21, 2011

Update: The head of the rabbinical court strongly denies that the stray dog who wandered into the courtroom was ordered to be stoned, saying that the dog was instead removed by animal control, and the Israeli newspaper Ma’ariv has apologized for errors in its initial report. However, the orthodox watchdog website reports that one of the court’s managers confirmed that children outside were ordered to “throw stones at [the dog] in order to drive him away.” PETA has not yet received a response to our letter to the court.

Brace yourself: Ultra-Orthodox Rabbinical authorities in Jerusalem have sentenced a dog to be stoned to death after deciding that the dog is the reincarnation of a secular lawyer who supposedly insulted the judges decades ago.

zeevveez/cc by 2.0

PETA and Israeli animal rights group Let the Animals Live are calling for the ruling to be overturned and for appropriate law enforcement agencies to investigate whether charges can be made for inciting cruelty to animals. We’re also calling for the head of the court to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

“By sentencing an innocent animal to a painful death for such an absurd reason, this rabbinical court has not only completely discredited itself but also violated tza’ar ba’alei chayim (the principle of avoiding the suffering of living creatures)—one of the most important principles in Judaism,” said PETA senior researcher Philip Schein.

While this case is justifiably drawing international attention, dogs all over the world are also facing “death sentences” in laboratories, on fur farms, and in backyards

If you see a dog or any animal in trouble, please alert the authorities right away. Contact PETA’s Cruelty Investigations Department if you need assistance.

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • Rita says:

    I agree with Helen-Claire. This was a story posted in the newspaper, and PETA took it at face value to try and help the dog. I’m glad they had a knee jerk reaction to help a dog. I would rather them be wrong than have them do nothing for the dog.

  • anon says:

    Thanks for spreading this blatant anti-semitism. If you were to actually check your sources, you’d see that Jews don’t even believe in reincarnation. Spreading this kind of hatred without checking facts is uncalled for. I fully expect a retraction and apology for this libelous material.

  • Helen-Claire says:

    To those who are condemning PETA for “poor reporting”,, this is exactly how the story was published in the Herald Sun. If a major newspaper can misreport a story such as this, what do you want PETA to do? Newspapers are meant to be reliable information sources!

  • Jay Jay says:

    Peta, PLEASE check your sources FIRST. Why is everyone so quick to condemn Jews and Israel?! There are plenty of problems in Israel for you to share (and you do), but stick to the FACTS.

  • kathy says:

    @disappointedinPETA: They relayed what another newspaper printed. PETA is an animal rights organization and needs to make immediate alerts when animals may be in danger.

  • jem says:

    Please help this poor innocent dog!! It is barbaric n i have read that the ‘judge’ ordered local kids to stone him to death. Why are people blaming Peta for publishing has been a widely documented story in all the papers these last few days. Regardless of which religion it reflects, it just signifies the uncivilised and medieval beliefs of any evil scum who support the hatred for dogs in their country!

  • Rat King says:

    Thanks to the allmighty God this story found a happy-end! Nevertheless thanks to everybody who stood up against and Peta’s intervention!

  • disappointed in PETA says:

    disappointed in you, PETA. how dare you not check your sources before broadcasting this to such a large audience that sees you as a trustworthy source for animal rights information? i now have to fact check anything i read from you. please stop breeding hate. let’s have love for all animals and races.

  • Wendy Johnston says:

    Totally disgusted with the human race. We are cruel, selfish, and Im ashamed to be part of it !