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Dog Left in Crate When His Family Moved

Written by Michelle Kretzer | May 18, 2012

It was one of those stories that was so appalling that people had to share it. A PETA supporter learned from someone at her workplace about a couple who had moved out of their house and left their St. Bernard there alone, caged in a crate 24 hours a day. She called us immediately.

After tracking down the owners, we learned that they were going once a day to give the dog food and water but were forcing him to spend his life alone in the crate, where he also had to relieve himself. We pressured the local police department and animal control to talk to the couple and convince them to surrender the dog. Thankfully, they agreed.

The dog was finally free, but the stress of confinement had left him with psychological scars. Like many dogs who are crated for an extended period of time, he had become aggressive and developed other behavioral problems. As it would have been dangerous to put him up for adoption, he was peacefully euthanized.

Had he not been deprived of socialization, exercise, affection, environmental stimulation, and everything else that was important to him, this dog might have been adoptable. You can help by encouraging the dog guardians in your life to let their dogs do what social pack animals do best: spend their time surrounded by family, not stuck in a crate or on a chain.

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  • Lisa says:

    The ignorance of people never ceases to amaze me. Put them in a little crate and leave them all day,we shall see how easy it is to hold it.

  • Louise says:

    It’s great someone spoke up and PETA stepped in to rescue this poor dog. Sadly, crate training has gone bad. Instead of using it for what it is “training” us lovely humans use it 24/7 because we are too lazy. Please people, put yourself in these dogs, well, paws! How would you like to be in a box like that 10-12 hours a day?! Well your dog doesn’t like it either.

  • Ursula says:

    Oh, and for the people who say “would you do this to your children” what is a playpen?

  • lisa says:

    Agree with Dogluver’s comment crates are for lazy owners who want a pet but cant be bothered to train it or worried about it chewing their house up, dont have a dog then.

  • Christine says:

    Carrie you are defending cruelty. You are the offender. Wise up and stop making excuses that crating is okay. It’s not!

  • Dogluver says:

    I agree, crates are mean! I have fostered puppies before and if I needed to leave them unsupervised I would block off the kitchen and put them in there. At least that way they have space to run around and move. I think crates are inhumane and am disgusted with the hype and advocacy around them. I have had nothing but street dogs that have never been house trained, but that’s what training is for. A crate is just a poor excuse not to train your animal. My dogs love being around me and I love being around them, I could not imagine confining them to a prison. Good for you PETA for calling these cowards out that advocate these cages.

  • Allen L. says:

    HOW STUPID were those people!!! Thank God for the PETA suporter, that they took action and saved that poor dog.  SHAME ON THE OWNERS!!!! I wonder if they would treat thier children that way??? THANK YOU PETA!!! and THANKS goes to the PETA suporter!!!

  • carrie says:

    Well i am going to say something about this because i have 3 dogs and they are all well loved and walked and cared for…my dogs do go in a cage at night because one is still a pup and chews everything and the other were trained that way from 6 weeks so not all dog owners are mean and cruel to keep them in a cage all the time…i do not and i am offended by this….. carrie



  • Liv says: