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Court Orders Commission to Pay PETA $75K Over ‘Opossum Drop’ Case

Written by PETA | July 31, 2013

A superior court judge has awarded PETA nearly $75,000 in attorneys’ fees over a frivolous appeal filed by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission (WRC) after a November 2012 ruling by the Office of Administrative Hearings that the annual “Opossum Drop” held in Brasstown was illegal and that the WRC had acted unlawfully when it issued a permit for the crude and cruel event.

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After the WRC appealed the ruling to the North Carolina Superior Court, PETA filed a motion to dismiss the appeal as frivolous. Two days later, the WRC dropped its appeal, and PETA filed a motion to recover its attorneys’ fees. Now the state’s taxpayers are stuck with the bill for the agency’s baseless and wrongheaded action.

What You Can Do

A good time won’t be had by all if animals are being abused. Learn more about entertainment that doesn’t harm animals and ways to live in harmony with wildlife.