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Clearing a Few Things Up for Al Gore

Written by PETA | March 5, 2007


For all the good he’s done for the environment—which, to be fair, is an awful lot—Al’s leaving out a huge piece of the puzzle by ignoring the fact that the devastation caused by the meat industry is among the worst environmental disasters ever to happen to the world. As we told him in our letter, sent earlier this week:

While the steps that you urge people to take in An Inconvenient Truth are inarguably important, the quickest and most effective way to fight climate change will come through diet change.

An inconvenient truth for him, maybe, but it’s the truth nonetheless. Since he might not have seen the recent U.N. reports on the subject, we pointed out to him that animals raised for food generate more greenhouse gases than all cars and trucks combined, and that (according to a recent University of Chicago study), switching to a vegan diet is more effective in countering global warming than switching from a standard American car to a Prius. We’ve also offered to cook him some faux “fried chicken” as an introduction to meat-free meals, since, however many documentaries you make, you just can’t be a meat-eating environmentalist. I’ll let you know if he gets back to us.

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  • says:

    Clearing a few things up for al gore.. Nice 🙂

  • Xaviersx says:

    Not to offend but each individual is entitled to their own viewpoint and way of life not to be under the control or ownership of another person unless court appointed. We can be happy or unhappy to the degrees that any other person doesn’t fulfill our own desire but what right do we have to change them. We may have a right to express our disdain but do we you or me have the right to change them or defame them for being true to themselves? We can only control the sphere of influence immediately around us hope that others follow examples but wait . . what if the other persons’ influence and view is destructively different than yours but they feel you should change . . .

  • wild bird says:

    PETA a whole bunch of wacky srcewballs they even run around in silly costumes pretending to be piggiescowsears of corncarrots and stalks of celary AND CHICKENS ARE SMARTER THEN THEY ARE

  • Sarah says:

    Theres plenty of room for all Gods creatures…right next to the pashed potatoes ! Yummmmm

  • blakmira says:

    What’s Wrong with Eating Meat? Aside from Peta’s heartwrenching Meet Your Meat video another great source is Jeff Popick’s website he’ll be at the Animal Rights conference in LA listen to the newstalk radio show audio link. He makes Al Gore sound like an unenlightened kindergartner! the real Inconvenient Truth is that Al Gore doesn’t want to change his diet or lifestyle Oh yeah to the person who said the Bible says that God gave us all the animals to eat? look on the first page of your Bible my dear. Genesis 129 “And God said Behold I have given you every herb bearing seed which is upon the face of all the earth and every tree in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed to you it shall be for meat.”

  • N Nathan says:

    Al Gore obviously doesn’t have a clue as to the extent billions of animals suffer for his no doubt extravagant regular meals. He is a 1 member of the greedy consumer majority of America. If he suddenly starts speaking up for the animals confined in industrialized animal production enterprises which are funded by government our taxes it will just be because he wants to appear to be compassionate toward animals. I doubt he has ever visited a factory farm on which thousands of animals are crammed in cratescages under the metal roofs of sunless lifeless steel and concrete hellholes which is the sanctioned industrialized animal abuse system. He needs to get a whiff of the gases these animals have to breathe alienated from all nature and natural instincts from which they only reach relief by a brutal method of slaughter. The “things” he eats are living animals who deserve a taste of natural life before they die for his stomach….and ours. We as a nation have turned our backs to the suffering of the creatures of our world and now with the news of global warming find that this is the 1 reason for green house gases and waste of resourceslandfood ALL for profitdriven corporations who funded Al Gore’s campaigns and his current pocketbook.

  • Stpn2me says:

    My whole problem with PETA is that you are trying to take my RIGHT to eat as I please. I dont care if you want to graze on the front lawn. The choice for me to be able to eat meat like generations before me and you should always be there. Animals should never be humanized. This organization could do so much more good if lunatics could be purged from it’s ranks. Animals will NEVER be human and they never should be. Do you think the lion would see you as a person while it’s hungry. You people are going against nature…

  • troy says:

    uuummm lets see where should i begin?? ohh i knowhow about your appendix. the organ in your body that was used by your ancestors to help digest the enzymes found in uncooked meat. instead of protesting people how about protesting the evil appendix nothing short of an organ created by the devil. i’ll end it here so not to take up your whole recess after all i am sure the the majority of PETA members are still in elementry school.

  • The Pirate says:

    I love vegetarians I eat them all the time except for the occasional mountain lion steak. Ted Nugent is my hero!

  • yvonne says:

    Yes i agree that Al Gore is a hypocrite but we have to at least give him SOME credit. think about it if global warming happens the polar bears and penguins will have a heck of a hard time surviving. A lot of places will dry up so there’s gonna be animals dying there too. the air and water pollution is pretty bad too so more animals will die from that. plus people are selfish they can’ support too many good causes at one because its “complicated and tiring” so when global warming hits most people will be too preoccupied with global warming to care too much about animals. so in conclusion environmentalism and animal rights are two equally good causes that are rather closely linked at times so supporting one is kinda like supporting the other.

  • Shawn Nelson says:

    Ill be surprised if this gets posted. But dont you think that a Styrofoam tray and cling wrap are the natural environment for animal that are raised for food? Doesnt P.E.T.A. stand for People Eating Tasty Animals? See my point is Al Gore doesnt have enough evidence to prove that there is Global Warming. There are just as many scientists that disagree with Global Warming as there are that agree with it. So if we all quite driving cars taking buses trains plains stopped all industries and became vegetarians it doesnt mean that the environment would change back. Global Warming is a scare tactic to make us all believe that we need the people that are currently in government. So attaching your cause to Global Warming is stupid. You need a different way to convince people not to eat animals or to eat less of them. I for one like the taste of meat and think it is wrong that you attach your emotions towards animals that are raised for slaughter. I understand protecting animals that are bred for other purposes. But what is the big deal if the animal is raised to be killed?

  • brittany says:

    I believe PETA is the right way to go and I’d love to know if you live longer if your a vegan

  • bah says:

    With all the horrendous suffering that animals endure why would i want to “save the planet”? Save it so it so trillions of animals can be tortured to death? .

  • ptg says:

    “Green Meat” can help. httpfeedlot.blogspot.com200704greenmeatfightsglobalwarming.html

  • Madeline says:

    That’s a great point. I’m glad that someone has finally thought of telling Al Gore

  • Sara N says:

    Totally agree with this. If environmentalists want to protect the environment they should be working to end factory farming. Al Gore sounds like a hypocrite if he preaches about carbon taxes and then goes to a fast food restaurant.

  • J.SULLIVAN says:

    Hey Chris. Whats wrong with trying to help a few animals who are tortured by humans on a daily basis? I like meat to. And guess what? There are alot of us out there who are trying to help these poor critters. How many animals must be skinned alive before you consider it excessive? Just like you seemed to have read these so called useless posts and emails countless others do also.And i’m sure many of them have a heart.It makes alot of people feel very macho to say the things you have said. But if after a person who has viewed the sick and cruel ways that animals are treated by so called civilized human beings on P.E.T.A TV do not change their minds God help us. And CHRIS i really don”t think God is to happy with the way some people are treating the animals he gave us.Iam in no way a tree hugging fanatic.AND always had respect for animals.But since getting involved with P.E.T.A. I HAVE COME TO THE AWARENESS THAT THEY NEED US TO HELP THEM SURVIVE.THEY NEED US TO WATCH OVER THEM . NOT TO HURT AND TORTURE THEM.

  • Preet Marwaha says:

    To Nat Christopher Mix It is easy to sit back and take shots at people who are taking action to make a difference. Before criticizing others we should look at ourselves and ensure that we are doing all that we can to make the world a better place. And that applies to everyone here that is criticizing another’s actions. Very few of us are perfect in our daily lives and fewer still take action to strive for something better. Our food choices do have a significant impact on our daily lives from our health to the environment. The impact on our health is obvious however the impact on the environment is not as clear and we need to look deeper into all aspects of the food industry. What impact do slaughterhouses factory farming antibioticdrug use in animals nonorganic farming and not supporting local growers and producers just to name a fewhave on this planet? Now not all of these things directly impact global warming they do however contribute to many other issues that will link themselves back to the environment. I am going to take a bold leap of faith and assume that we are all on this board because we care about this issue. If this is in fact the case then let us find ways to work together to make the changes necessary to reduce the damage we are inflicting on our planet. Whether you decide to buy a hybrid vehicle become a vegetarian use less electricity at home or just buy locally produced goods you are making a difference and you should be sharing the choices you make and difference those choices make. If however you are not taking any action to make a difference than you should not criticize those who are even if you feel the choices they are making are not worthwhile.

  • Jordan says:

    Al Gore is a good person but its true he needs not to be eating meat. Excellent way to put it PEDA!

  • Christopher Mix says:

    I do not belive in cruelty to animals but God put them on Earth to eat and wear Just not cruely or over excessive. I like meat and all of you who think Al should close down the meat market are Selfish that only meets your needs. So stop hugging trees and go help the animals instead of thinking all your posts and emails are helping.

  • Nat says:

    You guys should start working for the environment and stop slamming people for something as minor as simply eating. I don’t think you realise that any rainforests not cleared for meat production are going to be cleared for soy production to make all your tofurkys anyway.

  • Melzy says:

    This is absolutlt correct and more people should be aware of it no matter how hard you try the best way to beat global worming is to change your diet Im not saying everyone should trun vegetarian…but atleast cut down. It will have a great affect then changing your light globes and changing to a hybrid car anyway vegetarian diets are cheaper with the meat prices the way they are.

  • Natalie Chandra says:

    Hello fellow humansvegansveggiesnon vegansveggieschristiansatheistspagans etc… I have been a vegan for quite a while nowyes..due to my love for animals.And yes i did eat meat until i was about 19 yrs and yes i enjoyed the taste at the time.Now im 33 and grateful that i had the insight to stop eatig animal products.Itoohave seen what Mankind has been doing to other species as well as our own.And i am ashamed and shocked that the majority of our species has allowed itself to be so cruel.What more is left for us to do than try our best to protect other living beings fom humansas well as protect the powerless humans from others.I have felt the whole spectrum of emotions that one feels from the day one embarks upon this painfultedious journey.I have felt ragefearhatredviolence all the way to hopelessness in regards to this whole fight against cruelty to all living beings.And through all this i have learnt one thinghow not to become the monster that i am fightimg against.The animalsthe worldalso other people need for all of us who profoundly care for this world and all its lovely living beingsto keep on struggling for a compassionateethical humanity coherent to the laws of nature and the universe.We will probably not see this in our lifetimesbut at least we will have planted the seeds.Honestly look at the state of our planet now…a bit more of the crap it has had to deal with due to Mandkind and then hellyeahwell finally have our Big Bang…just at the end.Best regards to everyone Natalie Chandra

  • annie says:

    It would be great if Al Gore became vegan because it would make him not only a more sensitive compassionate individual to other living things that coexist with the wicked human race but would make him more physically healthy and visibly appealing. He’s got our attention we know the facts now let’s see some action. Be a living example that’s up to all of us!!!

  • charles says:

    ok so lets get somthing streight…al gore is no scientist. he knows nothing about climate change and how it is affected by greenhouse gases. climate change is part of the earths natural cycle. remember that the majority of scientists do not agree with al gore. the only thing he is doing is looking for money for himself and the Democratic Party. And does anybody realy think that turning america into a vegetarian country will change how the ice caps will melt? even if america was vegetarian what about the rest of the world? maybe you guys should spend less time and money thinking about the hampsters at petsmart and start thinking about the starving children in africa.

  • Gore 4 President says:

    To all those thrashing AL Gore I think Al Gore left out the whole ‘Vegan thing’ because its not hard to see the majority of people being discouraged and overwhelmed. Not to mention the economic implications of people switching to a veggie diet would be devastating at least for the next century or so. So give hime credit for suggesting practical alternatives. I have full faith he will go vegan to further reduce his own CO2 emissions as long as it is practical. Lets not be to critical of Al. Hes done more positive things for the US and the world alone than the guy you elected. The whole point of life is to improve as an individual and advance as a society. and one way to do that is by encouraging and providing constructive criticsm to people like Al Gore who are trying to do the right thing. Now having said that if your going to give a politician a good thrashing give it to George Bush and to your buddies who voted for him. The guy is destroying the world right before our eyes and getting away with it. Stop sitting on the fence and choose a side!

  • J.SULLIVAN. says:

    I think the main problem number one is filthy dirty and cruel Factory farming.These should be outlawed. It shows how selfish and cruel Man is.These are living creatures who are capable of love and feelings.I to am a conservative republican. There are farms now that are labled organic. A true organicaly raised animal must not be seperated from its mother until it is fully weaned.And it must be kept in view only by a fence as to not put any stress on it.They must have a straw bedding area in which to bed down. It also must be a dry area. NO electric cattle prods are aloud to be used. AND When traveling to the packing house they are only aloud to be hauled for 10 hours and must be watered. You see the whole reason is to not give them any stress. These animals are not slaughtered on a conveyer line like these big corporate slaughterhouses where the line never seems to stop. This is all done by farmers who are members of a coop.You see many people are not going to stop eating meat so this way of farming should be put into law.IT gives the animals a little dignity. I have cows chickens and horses on my farm and everyone of them is a pet. everyone of them has a personality. The cows show affection to myself as well as each other. I watch them lay sleeping on a nice sunny day and hear them sighing i know they are dreaming of something that made them happy. They are very nosy and anything going on gets their attention and they try very hard to get involved.I only have a few of each because i take care of them like my children. I see how much they like to be loved. I see how they really show respect for one another in the barn yard.They must be shown respect by us humans.