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Children Forced to Crush Animals to Death

Written by PETA | August 4, 2011

Update: The suspects were arrested on August 2 and charged with violations of child abuse and animal welfare laws. The Ridons may face more charges, but they are currently out on bail. PETA Asia-Pacific has hired an attorney and is working to make sure that the suspects appear in court and are vigorously prosecuted. Please support these vital efforts by making a donation today.

After a year-long investigation by PETA Asia-Pacific and the National Bureau of Investigations, police have now charged a Philippine couple with cruelty to animals and other crimes related to producing a series of pornographic videos in which young girls torture and kill animals. Faced with the charges, suspects Dorma and Vic Ridon have fled. Warrants have been issued for them.

WARNING: Graphic descriptions follow.

The “crush” videos that the Ridons are believed to have produced show scantily clad 12-year-old girls as they stomp on live animals, a rabbit as he or she is skinned alive, other rabbits as they scream while their ears are cut off and they are set on fire, a dog as he or she is burned with a clothes iron, and a monkey who was repeatedly hit in the eye with the sharp end of a stiletto heel. There is more, including puppies crushed until they vomited their own internal organs. A bill currently in the Philippine Senate would criminalize the sale of such “crush videos,” already illegal in the U.S. and other countries. You can e-mail Ambassador Jose L. Cuisia Jr. and ask him to vocally support the bill and help prevent the videos from being produced in his country.

PETA Asia-Pacific is offering a reward for information leading to the arrest of the Ridons. You can also make a donation to PETA Asia-Pacific to help the group fight cruelty to animals in this case as well as in many others.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • OMFG I made the BIG mistake of Googling this to see what the hell was going on! WTF is wrong with people in the world?? this is so disgusting and barbaric and shame on the sick individuals who buy these videos!

  • animallover says:

    I think the ladies enjoyed what they were doing..They dont look like they were forced at all..they needed to be punish for that too

  • Yesenia says:

    I don’t want to live in a world where this happens. 🙁

  • Nova says:

    This case has gone cold. These perpetrators are out on bail. They basically paid their way out of it. Please contact PETA and demand answers.

  • Marisol says:

    Please don’t think those people would change their mind just because you are asking them to do so, they are already sick, they have a mental problem so I don’t see the point in asking them to stop, they have to be locked up in prison and that’s it

  • Laura says:

    I looked up crush fetishes on Youtube and Google and I was bawling like a baby. These poor little animals don’t deserve to be tortured. I didn’t know things like this were happening and it maked me sick to my stomache. ~Hugs my puppies and bunnies~ Q.Q

  • Genesis says:

    I never knew this was happening and it breaks my heart. Killing and torturing animals for sexual gratification is vile and disgusting. How would they feel if they were getting the life tortured out of them just for pleasure. Those people need help. I’m so pissed now.

  • DaarkAngel who is disgusted says:


  • Lee says:

    This article is almost a year old now and there have been no updates… this case cannot allowed to go cold. Does anyone have any updates?? I pray for these animals to rest in peace, that no more animals may subjected to this torture, and that the monsters responsible for the torture be punished.

  • Marcus says:

    this story really made me mad, it opened up my eyes to the cruelty humanity is capable of. if i ever see this girl on the street i swear to god i’ll just explode.

  • cindy caccavale says:

    I beg you please stop the torture of Gods innocent creatures.

  • Suellen says:

    Simply disgusting and vile! Stop this!

  • translator says:

    I just don’t understand how a human being could do something so utterly cruel. Its times like this where I fully support the eye for an eye philosophy!

  • Devan says:

    this is so disturbing.. so cruel. WHY… im so torn up right now

  • staci says:

    That is so sick This Lady should never get her gkids back!People are really crazy

  • erica says:

    im from philippines..what a shame they destroy filipinos image and dignity..i really dont understand why they have to do that. . bec of money? that was very unreasonable! ..and i dont understand why other people buy those vids..

  • Alan Braganza says:

    Publish their photographs and names everywhere for the world to know so that all can be aware of such evil and learn to choose methods to get rid of it from the mindsets of the abusers so no animals need to be tortured and mutilated by depraved, sadistic and amoral people

  • Alan Braganza feeling utterly disgusted at this says:

    Phillipine Crush Videos of children made to stamp on and mutilate helpless animals. DISGUSTING SAVAGES…Simply shocking actions to read about at this late hour and so very morally outrageous, that would not everyone agree that our world needs to be rid of perpetrators of such crimes!! My God…Phillipine crush videos of animal torture???… pure evil and all good people can only pray for the providers of swift justice to wield it decisively…I’m thinking of the FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE–They need to ride a wave of tsunami justice over that atrocity. It is difficult to believe that so-called civilized people can actually inflict such brutality on tiny animals and force children to act in this way. Those children are mentally screwed up permanently. Also that all those who knew about it and who chose to remain silent were silent partners in the systematic mutilations of the vulnerable animals. Actually this is probably more a crime of civilzation than of primitive cultures because even primitives have a reverance for life and know what it is to inflict torture and pain for the depraved fun of it. This horrific practice may be much more widespread in the back country of such places of the world than just revealed in this depraved inhumane incident. It is a fact actually that many in this community attend illegal cock-fighting matches and it is accepted–Is PETA aware of this? PETA must be commended for publishing the names and photos of these psychopaths because in the interest of protecting animals and of protecting people perhaps authorities will not only prosecute all involved for their actions but permanently prevent them from ever being in contact with animals. Publicize this across the world for the entire life of these people. The behaviours and attitudes of all involved in these cruel and horrific acts to helpless animals must be subject to psychological testing at regular intervals because they are very much on the edge and dangerous to society. Please update authorities and everyone who wants to end this type of torture thinking throughout the world to take decisive action against such torturous acts to animals for profit. The world does not need people who try to profit from animal torture; neither does the world need people who have innate or mental tendencies to hurt animals for the thrill of it. Sadistic behaviours must be erradicated. It is not a matter to simply joke about, laugh off, take lightly or to simply ignore because just not doing anything about it is a form of allowing it to continue by passive acknowledgement. People who do that actually are allowing it to continue and to increase. Let animal abusers know that they must stop their cruel treatment of animals and must avoid contact with animals. Animal abusers must be by law, prevented by authorities from having any contact with animals because these poor excuses for human beings, have clearly identifiable psychological problems and would likely hurt vulnerable human beings near them, given certain opportune times and circumstances. And they have by forcing twelve year old girls to trample torture rabbits and puppies. The fact that 12 year olds agreed to do that is scary and the children’s minds need to be analyzed and tracked for abnormal psychologies. We are really better off without all animal abusers and all those who try to profit from the illegal trade in animal parts because it only adds to the existing pain, suffering and misery of all respective communities desperate situations. A slightly appropriate dose of their own medicine would be to gently throw the animal abusers into a rough prison environment and let the prison population know in fine detail exactly what they have done repeatedly to innocent, helpless, loving animals–and allow the natural course of prison justice to unfold on them; it would be just a fraction of the retribution owing. The Phillipine suspects on the run, Dorma and Vic Ridon who have produced these sick videos must be brought to justice or at least dealt a fate equal to or worse than what they have done to all the animals.

  • vicky allen says:

    Rest in piece beautiful harmless wonderful loving innocent animals. You are out of pain now thankfully. To the sick THINGS that did it, rot in hell you worthless pieces of scum!

  • Sue Lindgren says:

    Oh. My. God. Did I just actually read THAT? Humans do THAT? Guilt by association, I am so filled with a sick shame…

  • Animal Protector says:

    Pure evil that must be punished!

  • mhays says:

    I am physically and mentally revolted after reading this….I just don’t understand how a human being could do something so utterly cruel. Its times like this where I fully support the eye for an eye philosophy!

  • UnaWasHere says:

    Those poor little souls ): How could someone force children to such horrible things. They’re innocent beings, being forced to hurt other innocent creatures. Those sick-minded people!!

  • chelr says:

    🙁 how could they?? what did those animals do to them? they should be ashamed even the girls who were allegedly asked do those horrifying act! when I close my eyes, i see those animals being hurt. i wanted to cry and run to their rescue. i love pets and this news really shocked me.”crushing” I thought it was something interesting and I even for waited for the news to come to that part, I can’t look at our tv screen while they were showing bits of the cruelty on air. I agree with speachless, they are PURE EVIL. they are NOT in their RIGHT mind! they are indeed PURE EVIL and they need to rot in jail. shame to the lawyer that will represent them..

  • Valarie Oloman says:


  • Emi says:

    I’m crying. I can’t understand this… How they could…

  • Colleen says:

    This has got to be stopped somehow. Is there anything else we can do to assist with stopping this form of abuse, such as petitioning, etc.? Please advise and keep us updated, thank you so much. Thank you too for your hard work and efforts in this regard.

  • Kathy Compagno says:

    I’m physically ill after reading this. Unbelievable. The Universe will deal with these evil people in this life or the next. God Bless all that have suffered.:(

  • KRM says:

    this stuff breaks my heart … looking forward to heaven … where there’s no more pain, for human or animal. praying for justice!

  • Kim says:

    I am sick after reading this. I hope these horrible people are captured. My heart breaks for the innocent victims– the animals & children.

  • karahmac says:

    what the flying fox is wrong with people!!! I honestly just cannot get my head around that people would do this but more disgustingly that there is market for these types of “crush” videos. It makes me sick to my stomach!

  • Wanda Plucinski says:

    The horors that go on is unthinkable.  Who is even able to think of tortures of this nature is dangerous, sick and perverted.  It is so heinous it makes me sick just to read about it!  We always need to stand up against all evil!  

  • Sarah says:

    After reading this I am crying and want to be sick. These poor children they will never be the same and those poor defenseless animals. What was done to those animals is beyond words. I can only hope that that some justice is serviced and these sick bastards get what they deserve. Peta best of luck in getting justice.

  • speachlees says:

    When i read this i started to cry how can anyone WANT to do this? These have to be some sick individuals to make ANYONE do this. The people that watched those videos are even worse. This is an example of the PURE EVIL that lives amongst us. The animals and the children, that were forced to commit those horrible acts, will never be the same. I hope that they don’t get any type of death sentence that way they can live EVERYDAY until they die with shame. They aren’t even human after that they are PURE EVIL.

  • Toni says:

    Life in prison would be too good for them.

  • Kunal says:

    Can’t believe someone can be so cruel.