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Charles River Fined for Baking Monkeys Alive

Written by PETA | March 19, 2010

caged monkey


In July 2008, PETA received an anonymous letter reporting that “many monkeys” had died at Charles River Laboratory’s (CRL) Sparks, Nevada, facility because of a heating system malfunction. We immediately filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), which opened an investigation. After the incident, CRL was fined $10,000 for the death of 32 monkeys—and then went right back to selling and experimenting on millions of animals.

Jumping forward to earlier this year, another horror story broke from behind the walls of a CRL lab in Reno, Nevada. Employees at this facility carelessly ran a monkey through a high-temperature cage washer and boiled him alive. CRL was once again fined, this time for $4,000.

Now news outlets across the country are reporting on the combined $14,000 in fines for the deaths of these 33 monkeys—who were forced to endure the excruciating pain of being cooked alive because of employee ineptitude—and people everywhere are crying out for tighter regulations.

Compared to the usual slap on the wrist that abusive companies receive, these fines are hefty. But for a billion-dollar corporation with a long and sordid history of violating federal animal protection laws—and the iniquitous distinction of being the world’s largest tester and supplier of animals for use in experimentation—they’re like parking tickets. CRL is responsible for the imprisoning, poisoning, mutilating, and killing of literally tens of millions of animals—from mice to dogs to monkeys—in its own laboratories and those of its customers.

While the deaths of these monkeys have shined some light on the horrors that occur inside CRL, it is the everyday operations of this company and others like it that cause animals the most suffering and death.

Lets’s hope that CRL’s recent closing of a testing facility in Massachusetts is a sign of things to come for the entire nasty company.

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • Kendra says:

    I will be at tomorrow’s protest in Reno!

  • sabine says:

    Thats not normal,thats a shame…

  • Henry Jones says:

    These events are terrible but shutting down research that puts animals at risk is the research that developes the drugs and surgeries that save hundreds of millions lives from things that take our protection from for granted for every thousand rats or monkeys that die for research an entire generation of children will survive past the age of ten. The case mentioned in this article is a terrible crime but punishment isn’t the answer regulations are the solution. This story may or may not be true either way it brings a degree of necessary attention to the issue

  • Carole Stough says:


  • Susan Ballarini says:

    The worker needs to be arrested and imprisoned for awhile as well as the facility being fined. There are abusive morons working in probably every animal industry that exists. Shelters and zoos have them too. All of these places should use video cameras like they do in nursing homes. Personality tests and IQ tests should be required. PROSECUTE PROSECUTE PROSECUTE

  • Susan Ballarini says:

    The worker needs to be arrested and imprisoned for awhile as well as the facility being fined. There are abusive morons working in probably every animal industry that exists. Shelters and zoos have them too. All of these places should use video cameras like they do in nursing homes.

  • Robert Fleming says:

    May the curse of GOD be on every individual and company associated with these evil acts and may they go to their own GOD which is evidently SATAn as soon as possbile.

  • Caren says:

    I AM going to write to my senator to try to investigate the actions of these companies. It is a SIN to hurt these beautiful loving creatures. I am sick over this.

  • Mash says:

    discusting CRL no heart at allshould go to hell. They shoud be punished very badly.

  • Mike says:

    I am sorry to say God does not exist and these people continue to commit these acts bc no one takes a stand. To these people animals are just property and nothing more. Some people enjoy thier power over the animals and commit some of these acts on purpose. I write my congressmen and senators about these issues regularly. If everyone here would talk to their senators maybe we can get something changed.

  • Adam says:

    Vivisection is medical fraud. 92 of drugs which pass animal experiments FAIL human experiments AKA ‘clinical trials. ‘Clinical trials’ are HUMAN experiments. The next time some fool tells you that “if you’re against animal experiments then refuse to take any drugs that have been tested on animals” tell them about the 92. If 92 of drugs fail human experiments having passed animal experiments it means that animal experiments do not predict human outcomes and are therefore a fraud. No doubt all of the socalled ‘research’ done at CRL is a massive fraud too. What do you expect from the sort of monsters who get their rocks off from torturing animals all day?

  • linda dunbar says:

    you are a horrible horrible place. I compare you with Hitler. Shame on you and your company employees

  • Joy Niel says:

    Words can not say how I feel about this shameful act on poor defenseless animals!! What has happened to people’s decency in this world? Please Stop cruel actions on our animals!!

  • Phyllis Lynch says:

    Are criminal charges being pressed against these monsters at Charles River Labs. This is enough someone please hold these people accountable. God help our society some humans are nothing more than monsters with a degree.

  • carla says:

    14000 is not nearly enough of a payment for these “scum bags”….. put them out of business!!!!!!

  • Lou Peluso M.Ed. says:

    Charles River Laboratories have been torturingkilling animals for decades. The Massachuesetts Lab had an infamous reputation of neglect and wanton torture back in the 80s90s. Thanks to PETA that the MA lab is now closed. To fine this company a thousand dollars is criminal in itself. It shows you how corrupt our legal system is when it puts money above ethics compassion and justice. The American legal system like our political system is broken and both need complete overhauls even if it means a REVOLUTION in the streets.

  • Jenny says:

    wtf i am ashamed to even be human.

  • elyssa says:

    Thatt is so wronqq. How can anyone walkk the face of the earth calinqq themselves a human being?? Human beings would not be so careless in handeling such innocent animals. Its not right at all. I am disgusted by those people. D’

  • Nancy Sotis says:

    OMG! Close the place down please!.

  • Jennifer Conrad says:

    This is just awful. All those poor monkeys and animals suffering at the hands in the name of science. Charles River Laboratory’s you should be charged with MURDER..

  • Monica says:

    This is outrageous!!! I can’t believe we are in the 21st century and dealing with animal abuse in labs! We are in US for God’s sake we should post the example for the rest of the world eliminate the cruel practices and enforce them around the world.

  • Savannah says:

    The most painful thing is knowing that in every corner of this world every second of every day some defenseless animal is being tortured and made to suffer mostly for the greed and selfcentered materialism of humans …. most humans are horrid save for those who have the much needed element of compassion. IF YOU NEED TO TEST ANYTHING AND I MEAN ANYTHING…. COME ON THERE ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH MURDERERS AND SERIAL KILLERS THAT WILL MAKE EXCELLENT GUINEA PIGS AND THEY UNLIKE THE ANIMALS WILL BE GETTING EXACTLY WHAT THEY DESERVE…. DO YOUR TESTING ON THEM PLEASE AND TAKE NOTE I AM SERIOUS AND NOT AT ALL JOKING

  • Romina says:

    There are no words to express how I feel after reading this. This is one of the most atrocious things I have ever heard. I cannot comprehend how anyone may think it is OK to experiment on a poor defenseless animal or that it is their right to do so and the scariest thing is their insensitivity on the matter. There is something very disturbing to me about whoever owns operates or works in laboratories like the ones described above… how can you possibly experiment and inflict pain on a defenseless living being and then go home and enjoy the evening with your family as nothing happened??? And I just cannot stop thinking of those poor innocent monkeys that were cooked or boiled alive and of the millions of other animals victim of these labs. PETA let’s work to have these facilities shut down once and for all!

  • Jhunjhie says:

    I hate to know and find horrible things like this.. It feels hurt inside my flesh like what this animals feels too…Until now I dont know why people like them don’t know how to respect such creatures like animals.. Jhunjhie

  • Karen Parker says:

    We need to stop animal testing altogether. There is no need for any of this. Why not just test on humans… It would be much better obviouly its all about money and no concern for the welfare of the animals…. I just hate this. Karen

  • P. Webb says:

    What does CRL make or do they house the animals and then sell them to companies like Proctor and Gamble to test their products on? What can a regular working class person do to help stop them?

  • La Vaughn Standridge says:

    This abuse absolutely must END NOW! La Vaughn Standridge

  • Mara says:

    This is so hard to read how can be possible? what does those penalties mean? theyre nothing. I try to be tolerate but i just cannot undersand all this unsensitive with animal suffering

  • michelle says:

    I am disgusted by what was done to these beautiful primates. Any one can see that these intelligent creatures deserve to be free in their natural habitat not in some lab with a bunch of sicko’s. People who do these things to any animal are the lowest form of humanity….

  • anonymous says:

    If someone did this to a human being they would go to jail for murder these people should be closed down and charged with the mass murder of these innocent creatures that have done no harm to anyone… It is disgusting what they do to animals!!

  • jenny says:

    I sincerely hope that all the ‘outraged’ people that comment practise what they preach in their everyday lives. Buying detergents that are not tested on animals and are biodegradable. Boycotting medications that are produced by companies that test on animals by asking for alternatives. The treatment that animals get by all these psychopaths is reprehensible. Food for thought if you are friends with involved with or married to someone that works with and abuses animals in any way YOU ARE ENDORSING THE INDUSTRY and sleeping with the enemy.

  • meeta jain says:

    if there is rebirth on this earth then definately the accused will have to pay for his sins. What he has done brutely to the animals today the same will be done with him either in this present life or in his next life after his death.for one thing is for sure…whatever u do good or bad you have to pay for it. The devil in the flesh has to pay for his sins. Why dont people live peacefully and let others live peacefully.

  • anonymous says:

    this is outrageous !!!! At the end of the day there are other ways of experimentations and they still refuse to use them….they cost just as much!!!!!! and no body gets hurt !!! how can they endure this guilt and live with it everyday and the problem is we see this happening everywhere yet nobody does anything against it!!! these are lives in our hands and souls of God’s creatures….it is a shame that the human being race is on top of every other race cause we don’t deserve to be if we are like this.

  • Matt Gillis says:

    First and foremost this is the first time I’ve heard of this but I trust PETA and assume that it is factual. That being said this is possibly the most disgusting thing I have ever heard of. Do the people that are in power to enforce stronger penalties or better yet rewrite the existing laws have pets? Any of them? Would the like somebody to do this to their dog? I wish I had more power but God will sort it out. This is inexcusable. You know the only thing they probably learned from this “test?” Excess heat and torture KILLS DEFENSELESS ANIMALS!!! Wow I didn’t know that. IDIOTS!!

  • Josephine Dowd says:

    What are you? What kind of things work in your company?? How does the CEO allow this? There are no words to describe the lowest of low caliber of your company which should be fined so much more that it would bankrupt you. You are all atrocious and horrible things not people.

  • mariel says:

    i can’t believe it. And u know what the worst part is??? That these people r still doin this..!! i’m shocked..!!

  • Taylor Lynn says:

    This is DISGUSTING! How is this allowed to go on!? The legal system fails us if 14K is the worst that they can do to such an inhumane company. SHUT THEM DOWN! This is enough to make someone ashamed of the human race.

  • S. McIntyre says:

    Why are they not regulated and enforced? or shut down entirely. insane BS.

  • Rui Viegas says:


  • Julie says:

    This is outrageous….why are they allowed to continue to operate someone needs to step up and thats that

  • katherine Friday says:

    Please HELP!!

  • annie michaux says:

    I am outragded!!! How dare you abuse an animal with no voice.I am ashamed of you! So IS GOD!