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PETA Premieres Casey Affleck Film

Written by Michelle Kretzer | September 19, 2012

It’s been a few years since Casey Affleck graduated from Cambridge Rindge and Latin School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, but he popped up on campus in a new video, asking everyone to be kind to cows—by dumping dairy products.

A PETA supporter wearing a cow costume showed students at Casey’s alma mater an undercover dairy farm exposé, “Dehorning: Dairy’s Dark Secret,” that the vegan actor narrated for PETA. The video shows calves and cows thrashing and crying out as they undergo intensely painful dehorning, in which farm workers gouge out or saw off the restrained animals’ sensitive horns or burn away the developing horn tissue—all without any painkillers.

Students found the cruelty in the video hard to stomach, but they loved the free boxes of rich chocolate soy milk, agreeing that it’s easy to do away with dairy products with just a few simple swaps

Want more Casey? Watch his vegetarian testimonial and then join his campaign to end the abuse of animals on factory farms.

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  • Carlos M Saviani says:

    First of all not all the dairy farms use the dehorning technics shown in the video. There’s a simple genetic solution that is the use of polled bulls/semen. Secondly many farms do use analsegics to avoid pain when doing the dehorning, 100% done in young calves (when the horns are almost nothing). Secondly the young horns are made of cartilage so the pain is not so intense as portraided. The other day I took my daughter to put her first ear rings and she also cried. Thirdly, if we don’t need dairy products anymore, what do we do with more than 200 million dairy cows around the world, kill all of them? What about the millions of farmers and all the people that are dependable of the dairy industry? Let’s work to improve the animal welfare but maintaning this important industry and great source of protein.

  • Cowonders says:

    I wonder if the soy chocolate was free trade that they passed out for the Casey Afleck pr exposé. I notice the press release says nothing about it which is ironic that PETA argues for the humane treatment of animals but after all science has shown us we are nothing more than an animal ourselves and deserve the same treatment that animals are expected to get.

  • Wesley Culbertson says:

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