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Carey Hart’s ‘Ink, Not Mink’ Contest

Written by PETA | February 3, 2009

Carey Hart has so many job descriptions that he’s practically a one-man employment agency. He’s a professional freestyle motocross rider, successful business owner, AMA team owner, and reality TV star, and now he can add one more line to his résumé: anti-fur model for PETA.

That’s right! Hart’s got heart. He’s so passionate about the fur issue that he’s starring in our latest “Ink, Not Mink” ad. OK, enough from me, now feast your eyes on this:


Carey Hart


Phew, I know, he’s definitely easy on the eyes. We’ve also got some fantastic interview footage in which Carey calls fur-wearers “petty” and “shallow” and also describes how ex-wife, Pink, got him involved in animal rights.

Check it out:


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You didn’t think that was all we had to offer, did you? Just for a little extra somethin’, we’re giving away a FOX jersey autographed by Carey himself. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment telling us what you think about people who wear fur. The contest ends on February 15, 2009, and we’ll pick the lucky winner on February 16, 2009. Make sure to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions, as you’re agreeing to both by commenting.

Good luck!

Written by Christine Doré

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  • Susan says:


  • Stacey says:

    I just watched the video and it makes me totally sick. I do not know how in the wold someone could kill an animal in such a way it’s so mean and so abusive and for what? To wear it? That’s so shallow. Common people it’s 2010 time to change our thinking and our ignorance. Stop the buying so they stop the killing.

  • Lois says:

    We have developed materials that are just as warm and even more light weight that animal hides and furs. We are here as stewards of this planet. If we don’t take better care of the animals plants and environment… there will be no planet. Think about it!

  • wendy sorrentino says:

    Why wear an animal that lost his or her life for your bod? I am not that selfish. I don’t need to promote some myth that by wearing a fur will beef up my status and make me look better. Also I wouldnt feel better wearing a hide that belonged to a helpless animal that lost his or her life for me. Please stop killing animals for such an unworthy unnecessary unjust reason.

  • diana lundgren says:


  • Angie Purcell says:

    I think people who wear fur are heartless. I don’t see how the people in the fur industry go to sleep at night knowing they do this to helpless animals. Especially skinning them alive! I think they should have nightmares every night!!! Thanks for getting Carey Hart to do Ink Not Mink. He’s HOT!!!

  • Kris Shulfer says:

    hes smokin!!!

  • tiarne says:

    fur wearers are dirty. the main people that wear fur have to be able to afford it because of it’s clear high prices and probably only buy it for the ‘fashion’. my thought is that these people do not think of what happens for them to be able to wear this fur. but this is no excuse and they are disgusting for not realising the pain and suffering that millions of animals have gone through so that they can achieve this so called ‘fashion statement’ which in my opinion looks stupid and ugly anyway. and if these horribly people buy furs because theyre warm and they are cold buy a blanket NOT FUR!

  • Kimberli says:

    AntiAnimal. Plain and simple.

  • Jamie O'Neill says:

    My input on people who wear fur. Well I once saw this TERRIBLE video of dogs and cats getting skinned ALIVE. I cried and was tramatized. If those people are willing to do that to which ever “fur” they want from that animal I think that’s pretty sick in my opinion and very wrong. The rich mans wife thinks she needs the top of the line fur coat to make her feel important and satisfied she’s also a murderer to an innocent animal. Like the slogan says “I’d rather be naked than wear fur”

  • Bec H says:

    It is mostly sad. I love animals so much and I now how most fur is made. It is a sad sick and twisted process. These animals are smart and have complex emotions. They are put through so much pain and suffering just so one person can wear them. Any person who flaunts such a statement should be forced to see the pain in every single animal’s eye before they are forced to lay down their lives for a passing fad. Wearing fur is like saying that you support the beating of small children because it is fashionable. WTF is that? Those fers are a waste of skin man waste of skin. It makes me happy to see P!nk and Carey fighting for what is right.

  • najd says:

    forget the fur… how sexy does carey hart look in this picture

  • mani says:

    hi name is MANI.I’m drummer singer rock music i like your lifestyle also your xwife.take care and wish you the best.i wanna connect with you.thats it u know.peace.bye

  • kasi littlefield says:

    its common sense that an animal has to be killed in order to remove its fur. its wrong and those who buy and wear fur should get there ass kicked

  • Kisha says:

    I’d join peta to get some of him!

  • Christine Muafono says:

    Hello people

  • kim sanford says:

    i think its awful to see these animals go thru the things that humans do to them.what makes it worse is that its for greed and fashion.i think of how i love my animals and could never imagine someone doing that to them.the thought of it much less seeing videos simply chills me to the bone and sends heart clutching tears to my eyes.

  • Sophie S. says:

    God did’n gave us fur he gave it animals. So why should we wear fur if it’s against nature? deutsch Gott hat nicht uns den Pelz gegeben sondern den Tieren. Weshalb also sollten wir Pelz tragen wenn es nicht ni unserer Natur liegt?

  • Lindsay says:

    Good for Carey! I would like to do an ad to protest!!

  • Puck says:

    I am not a fan of fur but I do and always will wear leather. I ride motorcycles for transportation not for sport or hobby or for a career. I need leather to take care of my body in case of an accident. No matter what people say manmade protective gear will never be as good as Godmade. It takes less than 1 cowhide to cover my skin not the 10s or 20+ that it takes to make a fur coat. Since I wear leather I am not going to judge those that wear fur. I also eat meat beef pork chicken fish so am I no better than those that wear fur? We all have an opinion and we all have a choice to make. But who are we to judge? But before you start writing “hate posts” to me stop and think. I am pretty sure that most of you eat meat and some of you wear leather. Some if not most of the women here wear products that are tested on animals. I’m not saying that it is right animal testing is definatly not right. They are chemically tortured they are alive when they are tortured. They feel the burn of the chemicals. Once again I am not a proponent of animal testing but we all or most of us use animals for food and for clothes in one way or another. Most of us just happen to use less than 1 hide to make what we use. The last thing the world needs is more hypocrisy.

  • Cathy says:

    I can’t believe that they make the poor animals suffer. I don’t believe in wearing fur… I have many dogs… If someone was to skin tthem alive I would go Postal……

  • Melanie says:

    Even if a prize was not at stake I would be happy to leave a few words about fur. Fur started out as something that was worn many many years ago for people to survive. That is not the case anymore and any country that tells you it is is simply using that as en excuse to kill and wear skins still. We live in a World now where fur is used for social standing and designer appeal. I am amazed at the celebrities who want to “use their celebrity status” to help promote this and that cause but yet they show up anywhere from a lunch date with their kid to walking the red carpet in the skin of an innocent animal. It’s unimaginable what these animals suffer through to accomodate big egos. The only way to deal with the issue is to ban it worldwide. We can only hope.

  • meghan says:

    fur wearers are vile. plain and simele no “i think theyre mean” no “theyre just in it for vanity”. no. theyre vile human beings who should have their own skins taken away from them. i have 2 chinchillas and i could never be so fickle as to wear a coat made out of 400 little dead chinchilla bodies. especially knowing how they died. its barbaric and in some cases illegal. iranian cheetahs arent very well known animals but many of them are killed each year for their coats and they now face extinction. only a few hundred are left in the wild. keep it up pelters push another animal into history.

  • Denise says:

    It’s simple people who wear furs have no respect for life and life does not just consist of humans

  • Nora SP says:

    I personally don’t like it.

  • Robert R says:

    I don’t understand the big trill of wearing fur…its like showing how ignorant you are to the whole world…

  • Brittany Skoglund says:

    Fur appears to be ugly gruesome road kill. I tell you people who wear fur do look like they are wearing road kill. In the 1940’s fur wraps still had the flattened heads attached.

  • shar says:

    not crazy about people who wear fur think it is not good

  • Keri says:

    People who wear fur like Carey Hart said makes them shallow. They don’t realize what it takes to get the fur off the animals and I honestly don’t think they couldn’t careless. They probably figure as long as they got the money for it then they should be allowed to wear it.

  • David says:

    Carey Hartnow there’s a REAL man.

  • kathy pease says:

    i think they are CRUEL MORONS

  • Roseann Kies says:

    To each their own.

  • Joseph Perozzi says:

    Fur looks better on the living animals for which nature intended!

  • Tamara Burks says:

    I think they don’t make sense. If they want something that looks like fur wear fake fur it’s much more sensible and doesn’t kill anything.

  • A Casson says:

    I think they are disgusting and revolting and need to be educated about how the animals were brutally tortured and murdered to make them that lousy fur coat they are wearing! It’s almost too much to take!


    Hi well i personally think that people that wear fur are superficial cruel people who simply dont care at who’s expense it is as long as they feel superior by wearing something that for centuries it has represented beauty fame power etc.somehow they see fur as a simbol of wealth is almost a transformation from comun people to elegant or as they see themselves “better”when in reality they are only trying to make up for what they lack as human beings for what they dont own on the inside they want to wear it on the outside.If you think about it comun every day people dont wear or own a fur mainly because they cant afford to buy one not for humanly reasons fur is like any other animal product chiken for exam.the majority of the populitation in the WORLD eat it because they can afford it but not everyone has a fur coat only because they cant afford it period simply as that.does everyone cares about were it comes from yes and no yes because the creeps that wear them want the best soft fur and no because no one cares how it is obtain and made as long as it feels their shallow desires no one rreally cares for the animals whos skin is stolen from literally ripped from their flesh how barbaric and clearly one of the most absurd and cruel crimes against nature not to mention GOD PRECIOUS CREATURES .we are coming to a new era were change is possible with a president that 20 years ago would have not been voted for and who now is love and accepted by many yet we seem to still not rid the world of the abuse.the cruelty and one of the most horrific FASHION STATEMENTS EVER CREATED BY MAN.The pain and horror I seen in the eyes of the animals being skin alive only thru the lens of a camera has caused my heart to ache and my tears of despair for their pain will never be enough to stop this masacre only for the name of FASHION.good night everyone .SINCERELYROSE CORLETTO.33 YEAR OLD WOMAN FROM EL SALVADOR.VIVA A.L.F!!!!!!!

  • PegasusFeathers says:

    I think people that wear fur just plain don’t care. An innocent life was lost so they could drape their flesh and fur around them for attention sad and sick.

  • Melanie Miller says:

    I think people that wear fur are selfish!!