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The Canadian Seal Slaughter: An End in Sight?

Written by PETA | March 27, 2009

You have to wonder why the seal slaughter is allowed to continue even though almost everyone is opposed to it, including most Canadians. Helpless baby seals are beaten to death. The babies are dragged across the ice with boat hooks, and some are even skinned alive.

So you see why we’re doing all we can to stop the massacre, right? And we’re definitely not alone in this fight. This week, U.S. Sens. Carl Levin and Susan Collins introduced a resolution asking the Canadian government to put an end to the seal slaughter. Hooray! We’ll keep you updated on the resolution’s progress. In the meantime, try sending a letter to Canadian officials urging them to stop the seal slaughter (and asking your friends to do the same), signing our petition (and asking your friends to do the same), and posting our alert on your Facebook page (and asking … well, I think you get the idea). We need the support of everyone we (and you) can possibly contact to stop this slaughter.

But before you get started calling, e-mailing, and IMing your friends, check out these pictures from PETA’s protest in Toronto this week:

Don’t do it! You don’t want their blood on your conscience.
Seal slaughter demo

I bet the kids on those buses have already posted our alert on their Facebook pages!
Seal slaughter demo

Written by Lianne Turner

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  • Cynthia says:

    Tragically as Amy L wrote this is a political battle that never seems to end. Even our GovernorGeneral the rep of the Queen of England onland recently tasted and praised seal meat. The cruel clubbing and battery of baby seals is protected by native Canadians rights to continue living in the way of their elders. The only hope we as Canadians have is that the EU has legislated an end to accepting seal fur as a commodity this will eventually lead to impoverished sales of seal products. It shames me as a Canadian to know that our politicians are yielding to an atavistic tradition which has no place in the 21st centurya century that even native Canadians must learn to accept and accommodate. The world has changed people get over it and get on with it.

  • Craigh says:

    Good work PETA ! I am not sure of why some of you shame Canadians most of them are against the hunht

  • Robin Jones says:

    So very cruel and sad. The slaughters clubbers that inflict pain and suffering on helpless animals will answer to a higher power.

  • pam says:

    First off I am a Canadian who opposes the seal slaughter. For those who are saying shame on you Canadians the correct phrase should be shame on you Stephen Harper. The majority of Canadians oppose the seal slaughter and want it to end. To all Canadians please sign every petition you can find. These animals are counting on you.

  • Marla Di Benedetto says:

    I scream stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant take the cruelty. These people should die worse than they put on the seals. I cry and pray every night for these little ones. please help and protect them. I will give all i can we must save them from evil and horrible deaths. my heart and soul go to the ice with you.

  • TonyT says:

    As a Canadian who is very politically active I can tell you that ending the seal hunt will be a major battle. Politicians here have dug their heals so far into the ground on this that it is discouraging. Major economic and trade initiatives against the Canadian gov such as the potential EU ban is just a start. This battle is already 2030 years old….

  • Amy L. says:

    Thank the Lord! Something needs to be done about this senseless act of violence. I am praying this works out and the slaughter stops.

  • cindy says:

    Every antiseal hunt protestemailletterwriting campaignseafood boycott will bring the hunt to an end. Just keep at itthis will come to an end

  • Leah says:

    I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT ANYONE COULD POSSIBLY CLUB BABY SEALS TO DEATH!! I mean they’re little itty bitty babies! If someone just came along and clubbed a human baby to death people would want them to recieve capital punishment! But when it happens to a baby seal too people just look away and don’t care! We need to spread the passion! Those baby seals can’t fight for themselves so it’s our duty to fight for them. The best way to do this is to SPREAD THE WORD!!!

  • crystal partee says:

    that is great help those animals they deserve great people like u my heart is broken when i see this.

  • V. Holmes says:

    Thank you PETA for being involved in a movement towards ending this cruel and inhumane practice that Canada is doing. Shame on them for allowing this to STILL happen after all these years. It’s time this stops once and for all. I hope they get it that the rest of the world is watching them and will start banning everything from seafood to any exports they have.

  • Diiana says:

    I just don’t understand why people could hurt those animals . Don’t they have a heart ? When i see videos of the seals I just want to kill those people who are hurting them. I think it’s our good right to make the seal hunt end .

  • Kris Shulfer says:

    what an amazing statement! thanks to the animal rights protesters. this is one cause that i feel strongly about contributing too the baby seals it is close to my heart. i cannot believe that they still allow this brutal slaughter to continue. it was against the law there for so long ans then they began to allow this again. everyone has the right to put their 2 cents in..but if you want to make a statement do all you can and contribute to help to stop this inhumane act. they are so young beautiful animals what is sad is that the seals are losing their babies on their own due to global warming. i hope that they stop this practice soon!! WI

  • Lori Fenton says:

    It’s shocking to hear that this barbaric practice is still happening. I cannot understand how anyone could do such a horrible act toward another living feeling creature. And we’re the most evolved of the “food chain.” Thank you PETA for keeping us informed and active.

  • Angela D says:

    Please stop killing please stop buying things to fuel this killing please have some humanity

  • joe Britz says:

    A Tragic tragedy. They have no voices to protest this genocide themselves!!!!!

  • Danielle says:

    OMG!!! i can not believe this i didn’t even know this was even going on we have to stop this. Its terrible!!!!!

  • Alicia Hille says:

    I am against this seal slaughter and it makes me cry when I see any animal killed. I am keeping my fingers crossed that seals will not be slaughtered anymore.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    The news media has virtually ignored the savage seal hunt. They don’t care because they’re part of the corporate elite along with the meat poultry fishing and hunting industries.

  • Darren Lee says:

    i have just watched the video of the seals being killed. i think that is morally wrong to kill them like that. why do we go out there and protect them little seals the Canadians are having the olympics in 2010. SHAME ON YOU CANADIANS.

  • Amayas Gonzalez 7yrs old says:

    I am 7yrs old and animals are my life my aunt showed me what PETA was and what it stood for and it is heart wrenching. I know I am really young but I read up on animals I study them and I hope some day in the near future I have the opportunity to help make a change.

  • Thomas Brown says:

    This is one Canadian that is sick and tired of seeing those barbaric thugs bashing seals to death year after year. People are so misinformed about what has caused the downfall of the fishing industry in Canada. Seals are the scapegoat. Man has overfished the sea with factory trawlers. Seals have been consuming the same amount of fish for thousands of years. They didn’t all of a sudden consume all the fish that’s a stupid arguement. Sealers should join the 21st Century and get an education as well as a nonviolent job.

  • Kelley says:

    Maybe the sealers boats will get crushed in ice like they did last year…

  • jessie says:

    i Think there is no need too beat and batter these helpless animals for any reason regardless of what of produces! why dont these Bastards just beat themselves up with baseball bats!

  • Toni Hearn says:

    fantastic i hope it works. this shocking act has always made me feel extremely sad and helpless in doing anything for the baby seals. i am keeping my fingers crossed very tightly.

  • Canaduck says:

    We just had our protest in Vancouver today.

  • Janay Laing says:

    I am completely against the seal hunt but I don’t know about the statement “Helpless baby seals are beaten to death while their mothers scream in anguish.” I’ve personally watched a lot of the footage of sealing shot by humane groups and I’ve never seen that. I could definetly be wrong about that but also I think you should be careful about providing fodder for prosealing lobbies who accuse antihunt activists of using proproganda and false information. I mean make sure all of your claims are substantiated. My 2 cents

  • Aneliese says:

    Great news!!!!! Let’s hope it works!