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Calling All Breast Milk Recipes

Written by PETA | October 17, 2008

According to Google Insights, searches for “human breast milk” skyrocketed in the last month. Searches for “breast milk recipes” have also more than doubled. (See the graphs below for more details.)

Never to miss an opportunity—especially during these tough economic times—PETA has decided to create a human-breast-milk cookbook, with all profits going directly to PETA’s “Dump Dairy” campaign. In between recipes, you’ll be able to read about how cow’s milk has been linked to zits, mucus build-up, and flatulence. We’ll also include full-color pictures of veal calves who miss their mommies. All we need now are the recipes!

Please share your human-breast-milk recipes by commenting below. (Note: Aside from the breast milk, all recipes must be strictly vegan.) We’re looking for desserts, snacks, main courses, etc! Let us know how you’d like us to credit you if your recipe makes the cut.

We’re planning to launch the book guerilla-marketing style. Click here if you’d like more information about our Cookbook Street Team.

Exhibit A: Graph of Searches for ‘Breast Milk Recipes’




Exhibit B: Graph of Searches for ‘Human Breast Milk’




Written by Joel Bartlett

P.S. This entire post is a joke, but given our history, it’s understandable if you didn’t get that.

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  • Andrea says:

    Cow’s milk is made to nourish and fatten up a baby calf. Human breastmilk is to nourish a baby human. Why on earth would anyone think its more natural to drink the milk of another animal to nourish themselves when it wasnt meant for them. FYI, Humans are the only mammals that drink the milk of another animal past the time they are meant to be drinking milk. There is a reason why mothers milk deminishes and if cows were left alone they would evenutally stop producing the surplus of milk they have too

  • Kristy says:

    Adam, babies dont have to stop breastfeeding when on solids, studies show that the longer they are on breastmilk the less it’ll be for them to get sick or get any diseases. I’m a breastfeeding mama, my little on is 7 weeks old and I plan on breastfeeding her til she weans herself off. its healthier and better than formula

  • Boobiemilk says:

    Haha! Adam…. most woman who are lactating aren’t pregnant! If they have been lactating after a pregnancy, they will often lose the milk during the next pregnancy so where on earth did you hear you have to be pregnant to produce milk???????? A woman can start lactating even if she has not been pregnant!

  • MistyAY says:

    @ Adam Buckley….that was one of the most uneducated and ignorant posts I’ve seen in a long time. Please don’t comment on things you know absolutely nothing about. You only make yourself look foolish. Now go ask your mommy for a glass of cow milk.

  • Bryony says:

    Wow Adam.. you really need to educate yourself on lactation! You think that a woman neds to continually be pregnant to lactate? A woman can continue lactating without continually getting pregnant. So the statement “do we need to make people for the sake of a stupid milk business” is incredibly ignorant. “Baby food” other than breastmilk usually consists of the same food adults eat but with less preservatives and additives so yes.. everyone is pretty much eating baby food but with more crap added. You also DON’T stop when you switch to solids it is meant to be the main food source for years into infancy. It sounds like you had a lot of feeding issues as a babyinfant! Breastmilk is showing massive health benefits to cancer patients also with the cancerfighting agents in the milk and it is also shown to fight acne in skin products. Obviously this would all be disgusting if you can’t get passed the sexualising of the female breast. I’m sure anyone who is put off by ths is also put off by breastfeeding in public. Human milk is made for humans.. Really who said it was only for babies??? particularly when so many mothers have over supply? Obviously I’m an oversupplying lactating mother and I feed my baby and donate to feed another baby and putting milk away to freeze. I COMPLETELY agree with the idea of using breastmilk instead of cow’s milk! If only the recipe book wasn’t a joke!

  • Allie says:

    Hi all! I just made breastmilk cup cakes! I am now going to begin to get some recipes together and begin a breastmilk cookbook!…to all you people who think breastmilk is “gross” to drink….what do you think kept you alive as babies and gave you the strong bones you have today?….yummy…just took a bit of my cupcakes….delicous!

  • SeickOpereZer says:

    Hey all! My name is Robert and Im new to this place a hrefhello.coma. So far this is an awesome place for information and I’ve spent a lot of time reading and browsing around. Look forward to getting to know you!

  • Jenn says:

    How sad is it that people think that breast milk is dirty?!?! It is the most natural thing in the world for humans to ingest human milk. People need to get over themselves. Why on earth would consuming cows milk make any more sense that human? Breast milk is made for our bodies so unless you beileve that the grand design is somehow flawed we should be drinking human milk.

  • Angela says:

    I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at the comment on how it was so disgusting to drink milk for human babies and they’d prefer drinking milk for baby cows? Seriously??

  • Sandra says:

    I agree that breast milk should be offered as an alternative. I have extra in my freezer because I produce more than my baby will drink. Anyone want it? Its already frozen. Just get an ice shaver vanilla and sugar. There you go! An ice cream recipe! For those who think breastmilk is unsafe cow’s milk is super unsafe. It is made safe by pastuerization spelling?. Breastmilk is the same. You need to pastuerize it to make it 100 safe. But when you cook it all milk loses the immune properties from the white blood cells in the milk. Breast milk is way better for humans than cows milk.

  • Adam Buckley says:

    Milk from a woman’s boobs is disgusting! It is human milk and we drink it as BABIES and we are supposed to stop drinking it when we switch to solid foods. Sorry PETA but I’d much rather drink milk from a cow than a human. The thought of drinking food for babies grosses me out. Besides would women want to be pregnant all the time and be hooked up to painful milking machines practically nonstop? And do we really need to make people for the sake of a stupid milk business it does not mean that I oppose making cows pregnant all the time for us to drink their babies’ milk? Imagine what the product of the work force would think. Wow I was conceived just for my mother to make a glass of my milk thinks himher. Would you eat baby food? Isn’t that the same thing as consuming breast milk? Seriously to the person who came up with this incredibly disgusting idea do people need to replace animals all the time I agree if it comes to certain things like most forms of vivisection I don’t know if vivisection has worked at all but I still oppose most forms of it because we react differently to experimentation than do our fellow animals? However I mostly agree with your views on animals being treated today but some of your views and actions are extreme andor could be propaganda. I am a very ethical vegetarian and wish to stop drinking milk someday but my parents are concerned about my calcium intake and want me to drink milk. Please think about it. Our own food we consumed as babies in ice cream?

  • Kristina Blumberg says:

    I know drinking goats milk is fine because the bible talks about “The land flowing with milk and honey” although all good things should be consumed in moderation. During bible times goats had the milk of choice. Goats have simlilar bone size as humans compared to the larger bones of cows therefore the calcium is more easily absorbed and doesn’t cause problems. Children are less likely to react negatively to goats’ milk as well. I think as long as you don’t abuse any animals in order to be blessed from what they have and if they are raised in a healthy happy environment in exchange for their milk then it’s fine. I am a nursing mother and I would consider baking or cooking with my own milk but only for my baby. I would use only my own milk so I could know there wouldn’t be any sicknesses passed through it. Soy milk is delicious as well. blessss

  • Derek, MD says:

    Alicia If you are fortunate enough to have a large supply of breast milk which unless your child grows to Shaqlike proportions will not be able to drink all of might I suggest donating to a nonprofit milk bank to help nourish premature infants? My wife does this and gets a feeling of satisfaction knowing that her “liquid gold” is not just going to get wasted or freezerburned.

  • Anita50882 says:

    You people really need to get a sense of humor. This is obviously a stunt created to invoke thought. It’s not natural to drink cow’s milk but somehow it’s more socially acceptable to do so and it’s even considered “gross” to drink breast milk. That’s the point of the campaign to get people to question their views on milk. Drinking milk of another species is not natural and neither is drinking breast milk after infancy.

  • RM says:

    Breast milk should NOT be shared. Next to sharing needles and participating in unprotected intercourse it’s one of the easiest way to spread HIV. If someone wants to make their own cheese or whatever with their own breast milk that’s one thing but making a breast milk casserole to share at a dinner party is dangerous.

  • pixie says:

    Ya If this were real I would be just as discusted as when I think about drinking cow milk…Which is pretty bad. I have to say your ads have worked on me. Ive been vegan for 6 weeks now and Im loving it. All I have to say to the milk drinkers is its time to get off the teat already

  • Anonymous says:

    I disagree on this idea. I believe that using breast milk instead of cow’s milk is very unsanitary blood born virus ex. HIVHep B. I do not see how we are torturing the cows by milking them. I do see the pain of woman having to produce gallons and gallons of milk. There is a lot of people that refuse to drink from an anonymous woman’s breast milk. I think this idea of banning dairy products completely is very inconsiderate to others. I understand that you want to protect animals but I think this is has reached its limits. Let there be breast milk and cow milk. I do not want my favorite ice cream Ben Jerry to be producing ice cream with breast milk and I am sure others would agree as well.

  • Shari says:

    MILK is the most unnatural to consume all milk is after a human begins eating… The ONLY food a human should be eating is Super Food which is green barley grass Juice and it also come in powder form but it MUST state juice if you purchase the powder. It has all the vitamins minerals protein fiber and the greens to keep your ph alkaline high acidity is the PERFECT environment for disease death anti ager too ‘ It’s EVERYTHING needed for a healthy happy life and it keeps your digestive system squeaky clean! NO NEED for solid foods. ALWAYS eat from LIFE not death Peace Love Truth

  • Alicia says:

    My baby is due in May and ALL my milk will be going to himher even if I have a huge supply…

  • Nathalie says:

    Awwwwwwww too bad this is only a joke I was soooooo looking forward to your guerillamarketing stunt! Darn! Like the tshirt says “Real environmentalists don’t eat meat” however REAL ENVIRONMENTALISTS ALSO EFFECTIVELY USE CONTRACEPTION!!!

  • Anita50882 says:

    My baby is due in April. I think we should set up a milk bank for breast milk recipes. We should sell cakes online or something lol. It’s more natural than cow’s milk and I won’t be tortured in the process.