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California Bans Tailgate ‘Pet Shops’

Written by PETA | August 24, 2011

Lawmakers in California are taking a big step to protect animals from greedy breeders. Landmark two-part legislation bans the sale of animals in any public venue, which includes attempts by breeders to meet buyers they have contacted over the Internet in a neutral location.

The law will, we hope, hinder puppy-mill operators, who often don’t want potential buyers to see the cramped, crude, and filthy conditions in which the animals are kept. Undercover investigations of puppy mills have documented dogs with no protection from the heat or cold and no veterinary care while suffering from medical conditions such as crusty, oozing eyes; raging ear infections; mange; and abscessed feet from being forced to stand on wire cage floors. Investigators have also observed dogs who had gone “kennel crazy,” frantically turning in circles in their tiny cages.

The new law also increases the penalties for animal neglect so that they are on par with the penalties for cruelty. And some cities in California are going a step further, such as Glendale, where the City Council banned pet store sales of dogs and cats. Of course, we can all protect animals from abuse in the pet trade by always adopting instead of buying.  


Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Patrick lam says:

    It is bery cruel to continue this vicious cycle of commercial breeding, Julie Ashi am right behind you!!! They must be shut down and it is not tolerated. Unfortunately there are so much problems now just with humans, the animals have no voice and they are the least important to the government. It is cruel and degrading. Julie, tAke a look at canada shame! I am so appaled the canadians srill allow those fisherman to murder those innocent defenseless seals. Is there anyway i can hire an attorney to confront the canadian government?

  • riley says:

    @julie ash really about 2 million dogs get euthinized every year from lack of good homes,yeah thats a lot.

  • AndreaNRC says:

    More midwestern states should implement this law,seeing as they’re the states with the highest number of puppy mills per capita than any other region of the U.S. My dog and 20 other small “designer breed” dogs were rescued form a CA mill,and brought over the state line to a shelter where I adopted her;she was 6 monthes old,had the “spins” condition form behind trapped in too tight quaters,and she had none of the average dogs’ social skills.Puppy Mills and whoever operates them,need to be shut down.

  • Leto says:

    It irritates me when puppy mill owners use the excuse of: “Well, dog breeding is my only source of income.” I hope this legislation shuts down puppy mills and these breeders learn to get a real job.

  • Julie Ash says:

    Enough is enough! These money hungry & cruel puppy mill owners will never stop unless we force all puppy mills to be permanently shut down! How can we allow them to breed when we have thousands of euthanized yearly at local shelters across the country! It needs to be illegal to breed commercially! Why aren’t these owners put in jail for the current treatment of animals…….this should be a FELONY just like dog fighting it is no less cruel!

  • Becky Jones says:

    I adopted an older dog from a puppy mill. She had been confined to a cage for years and endured a lot of neglect and abuse. Please do something about these puppy mills and help end cruelty to animals.

  • donna mcway says:

    they need to stop this nationwide.

  • Christine Husk says:

    Ban the sale of animals in public venues.