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Burberry Protest!

Written by PETA | November 21, 2006

Burberry, still reeling from PETA UK’s little visit to their London store last week, got another unpleasant surprise this afternoon when four activists showed up at their 57th Street store in New York. Here’s how it went down, according to one of the campaigners who was there:

Two activists went in the store with posters while 2 more waited outside with their bloody fur coats inside out and tucked under their arms. The 2 activists inside were picked up by security (literally) and removed from the store, but not before one activist managed to get inside the Burberry store window and start spreading fake blood all over…

Meanwhile, on the outside, the protesters spread fake blood all over the window display, summed up the finer points of the fur issue for passersby with chants like “Burberry tortures animals!” and (for the visual learners in the crowd) used TVs strapped to their bodies to show footage of animals being skinned alive for their fur. Check it out:


Burberry 005.jpg

PETA Burberry Protest3.jpg

PETA Burberry Protest1.jpg

PETA Burberry Protest6.jpg

More pics after the jump.

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  • Kelly Sparks says:

    Great job. Keep up the good work. Wearing fur is a sure sign of vanity selfishness and a lack of compassion and empathy.

  • shams! says:

    as much as i love fashion im totally with you guys on this. good job.

  • Joyce says:

    NOTHING….ABSOLUTELY NOTHING justifies the torture and slaughter of these defenceless animals to satisfy some stupid human being’s vanity and insecurity. I am behind you all the way keep it up and those Burberry Bastards will have to bow to public pressure.

  • Tee says:

    PETA has all the right motives but none of the right moves. Vandalism creates massive tension with our enemiesthe fur buyers and wearersand pushes them further to the extreme rather than coercing them to join our battle to free animals from torture and cruelty. PETA has to keep in mind that there are always real living people with family and friends behind all of this they need a source of income just as much as we do we have to stop the purchasing of fur from the bottom up meaning we have to start with us the consumer the single most powerful entity that fuels materialism.

  • Lauren Saunders says:

    awesome keep it up!

  • Gloria Leon says:

    Thank you so much for spreading the word I did’t know. This company was doing this. A great man once said “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.

  • CINDY says:


  • Angela says:

    I’m very pleased to know that PETA is out there making known the truth about this big companies making their profits by torturing and slaughtering animals. We neet to target consumers as well they are more quilty for buying the dead animals.

  • Sofia says:

    What can i do to help?

  • Fay Solis says:

    All that animal torture is a shame. How would all these people feel if they were animals and be beaten. I don’t think that they will enjoy it.

  • Amanda Wolfe says:

    Great Job! You really influence me to do good in the world

  • Yessikha romero says:

    i feel so bad i just purchased a burberry perfume for my husband but now having seen this you can bet that BURBERRY will not get a penny out me anymore!!!! thank you PETA!

  • kristen says:

    KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!! Im so happy with what you are doing!! we need to keep doing this so it will get through their thick heads!! Great job!

  • Agatha Chojnacki says:

    Hey I fully support the Burberry protest. It is unhuman and so cruel. I wrote a nasty letter to the company and hopefully if enough people take action animal cruelty will stop.

  • Ashley Wentworth says:

    Your doing a Great job! keep protesting!! Hopefully people will see how cruel it is to wear fur!

  • Michelle says:

    Good job PETA hope you’ll get all support you need to stop this bloody nonsense. It’s amazing how people have little or no consideration for animals.

  • giselle says:

    hopefully people will experience the pain an animal has gone through just so they can look nice….Save the animals!!

  • Tracy M says:

    I am proud of those who are showing the truth about the horrific cruelty associated with the entire fur industry. How heartless can Burberry or any other fur using company be? Great Job! Keep on protesting. You are supported 100

  • Nancy D. Beaulieu says:

    Keep exposing corporate greed. Great Job. People truly do not realize the horror of what goes on “behind the pretty ads”.

  • Vanessa says:

    Im very proud of this activists. Keep it up!

  • Sarah Parry says:

    I just cannot understand why anybody would buy fur or want to wear it when they see what those poor animals go through. I am utterly appauled that there are people in the world as cruel and as sick those who have abused these animals. Good on PETA keep up the great work!

  • adriana says:

    100 support and respect for animal right activist!! I’m spreading the word and info sheets thanks peta

  • kc says:

    Good on ya PETA….I back you 100!!! Guess what all you nay sayers who think splashing red paint on a window is not intelligent…the shock value sends a strong message. How come we always seem to react to televisionad programs of sick starving children in Africa dying of AIDS? Exposing atrocities brings awareness. Keep up the good work. Burberry just might wish one day they never knew PETA. Also people….keep your eyes out for Bebe…the clothing store. They seem to sell alot of real fur coats made in China. Another victime of the Chinese fur industry….those fing money sluts!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • sheena downer says:

    Well I need you to continue protesting so u can show people that we won’t stop tell they stop using fur fur is horrible thing to use!!! angry person

  • mary says:

    While i completely think that wearing fur is wrong i disagree with your speading fake blood in and outside of the store windows. I agree that sometimes radical actions need to be done but the store windows are the stores property and you should not violate that. By doing that you are lowering your moral standards. I would not call this a peaceful protest. I think that we should do peaceful protests. Way to go by standing up for animal rights but I’m disappointed PETA would do something like spread fake blood on windows.

  • Gwen says:

    You are my heroes.Please keep fighting for the animals. Gwen xo

  • Denise Glass says:

    Good for PETA and thank you for your willingness to help the animals who have no voice….hopefully your demonstrations will finally get thru to people who really do love animals.

  • alma says:

    i just cant bleave people realy think they are feel good and think they look rich and better looking by wearing something that once had feeling and warm blood and felt pain and they think this animal died just for them is is a sad world when you think having blood on you hands is cool keep going peta some day people may change

  • Defender! says:

    The pictures tell a story of cruelty!We must inform the public to prohibit this heinous animal torture.We should find ways to demonstrate our disgust in ways that drive home the pointwithout defacing property though.

  • becky says:

    Well Done!! bet their sales went down that da.HA! i just don’t get it peolpe wouldn’t murder a human then wear the skin. Keep it up guys!

  • chrissi says:

    i think that its great what you’re doing…i wish i could be there but i’ve never seen one in canada which is a good thing i guess. Anyway i really hope the get the message.SOON.

  • Matt in Maryland says:

    i totally support everything you work for and hope you succeed

  • Elizabeth says:

    What would we do without Peta? Well done I fully support you and all your wonderful activists. Keep up you great work the animals need you.

  • lynne says:

    thanks for taking a stand peta i supoport you 110 you guys rock and make those cruel mother effers change their minds and say “NO FUR FOR GOOD!” ifly xoxolynne

  • MEL says:

    Any news on the Burberry protest that was supposed to take place on Friday the 24th in Boston on Newbury Street? I didn’t see anything in the newspapers about it.

  • Sue Nightingale says:

    I too back anyone who protests about animal cruelty good luck! It’s about time the public were educated about what they are buying!

  • Vesna says:

    Great job! In Slovenia we have protests too and I am glad for those who care for better world… Thank U all

  • Kb says:

    I’m sorry but I just don’t see what gets accomplished by throwing red paint on a window. All this does is damage property which in my opinion doesn’t help the battered reputation of this orginization at all. If you really want to make a difference I suggest you find better methods of protest that doesn’t damage property or make you look as crazy as your image makes you up to be. This protest is a perfect example of why nobody takes this institution seriously.

  • Fabiola Ruiz Saldivia says:

    Hi Great Job. regards from Chile

  • Hasna says:

    Thank you soo much PETA for opening my eyes. When I saw the evil that goes behind fur trims I immediately wrote to Burberry showing my displeasure with this awful news. Keep doing what your doing humans and animals thank you for it.

  • tra says:

    You are Vandals and Thugs why would any upstanding law abiding citizen want to join with you?

  • Patrick says:

    I think fur coats are unnessary but I still feel bad for the shop owners.

  • Amber says:

    I’m glad somebody has the guts to stand up for the animals. I’ve also noticed Clavin Klein using a ton of fur this season and it just makes me sick!

  • diana carolina says:

    keep protesting and show this people that even animals dont speak there not alone and there is someboedy to speak for them because if we dont do it nobody does.

  • Karla García Tos says:

    It is such a horrible thing what they are doing to animals! shame on them I am Mexicancurrently Living in Mxico I almost bought a Burberry parfum a few days ago thank God I decided not to do so. I dont want to have anything to do or buy anything to this vulgar company of assassinsI hope they reconsider what they are doing. Karla

  • bryan moore says:

    Would you have protested against wearing skins when that was the only thing to wear? Just curious.

  • Heather says:


  • Quinn says:

    Good work! I hope the world wakes up and realizes how cruel we are to precious innocent animals. If your not extreme….some people won’t listen.

  • Sharon Childs says:

    I am continually appalled and broken hearted over such widespread cruelty to animals and in the name of fashion it’s truly inexcusable. Keep up the good work of educating the gullible uninformed consumers. I have been one of those myself to my great sorrow. I am trying to improve as I learn more. Oh that continually many others will do the same.

  • Jamie says:

    GREAT JOB PETA! Animals shouln’t be used for the sake of being fashionable. They are taking their lives just for a coat?! I fully support you and your campaign!