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Burberry Gets Owned

Written by PETA | November 17, 2006

Yesterday morning, PETA UK showed up at Burberry’s flagship store in London, chained themselves to the doors, and hung around until the cops showed up. The BBC picked up the story, which you can check out here, and there are plenty of pictures for everyone. Check it out.


PETA anti fur protest at Burberry in London 5.jpg

PETA anti fur protest at Burberry in London today 6.jpg

Video of the Protest

More pics after the jump.

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  • Jane north says:

    to chris kane. In response to chris kane’s comment. Chris god did NOT put animals on this planet so we could put them in tiny cages starve them and eventually brutally MURDER them just so somebody could have a fashionable coat. Maybe if designers like Christopher Bailey would listen to animal activists desperate plea for a little bit of COMPASSION towards these helpless animals they would not have to go to this extreme. And yes we do expect burberry to come to there senses and use other fur alternatives when designing clothes. And no matter how “talented” of a designer you are or how much money you make no body has a right to participate in such unnecessary murder towards animals. NO body is going to die if they dont have a real fur coat but animals are dyeing because people do. Just a thought.

  • Chris Kane says:

    Also when responding to comments on your blog site it would behoove you to check your grammar and spelling.