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Bullfighter Renounces Killing

Written by PETA | November 2, 2010

Getting ready to listen to a radio interview with Álvaro Múnera—who was once known as “El Pilarico” (Spanish for “the star bullfighter”)—I was prepared to hate him. But after Múnera was gored by a bull and became confined to a wheelchair, he reflected on his cruel past with sincere regret and renounced bullfighting. Today, this vegetarian animal defender is working to ban the deadly pastime.

In a forthright conversation with Radio Netherlands, Múnera recounted how his father’s expectations and the public’s misguided admiration pushed him to continue killing bulls, despite his misgivings about stabbing the animals to death. He is haunted by the animals he killed—particularly one “practice” cow whom he watched die (and who, he later learned, carried a calf in her womb) and a bull who fought to live even after a sword pierced his body and came out the other side. Múnera feels genuine sorrow for the animals whose lives he took, and his story exemplifies how a person’s heart and mindset can change.

Make today the day that you vow to make a difference for animals by ordering our free vegetarian/vegan starter kit, writing a letter, starting a group, or ordering a book. It’s never too late.

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • MaryAnn Wilhelm says: The White Buffalo is considered a sacred animal by First Nations across the country and to see the white buffalo so disrespected is painful to the hearts of many, including non natives. I hope that Peta will get involved.

  • Sylvie says:

    He would have Mr. Alvaro Múnera exlpique Miguelitto to the difference between right and wrong and to make clear that this boy to take the life is very bad and that it is unlucky.

  • James says:

    Álvaro Múnera. A testament to the ability of human beings to perceive, develop understanding and change. Gratitude

  • giane says:

    I hate watching it, seeing it. I hate these people. It is terrible. I just wish that God gave these people what they deserve, having no mercy.



  • Dianne Harrop says:

    Ole to Alvaro – you are a compassionate person and the bulls need you to advocate for them with all you can bring to the issue. Terminado Bull “fighting” – actually Bull tortura…

  • Taybertot says:

    This sport, along with many others, it beyond cruel.  People actually enjoy this?!?! lets stick those “macho” bullfighters in that ring, stick them in the sides and chase them around till they die…i highly doubt they would support the sport if they went through it….Brownie points to Alvaro!!! hopefully others will follow his example!

  • Uroosa says:

    I’m gald he is no saying no to this cruel practise, its unneccessary to do this. I still feel sad that he did those cruel practises to those innocent animals.

  • Cornelia Hanning says:

    He is a shining example that it is NEVER too late to change one’s mind about something so fundamentally important as our attitude for the better towards our fellow creatures, whoever they are and wherever they are being mis-treated. I for one salute you Alvaro Munera and wish you a long life for fighting for the animals.

  • justaguywhocaresaboutanimals says:

    Alvaro, good for you that you gave up this ‘macho’ bloodsport! Now, if others throughout the world can see that it is inhumane, and a commandment that was broken, maybe the children of the world will get to see all these wonderful creatures after their elders are gone. One last note, was Michael Vick also truly sorry for all of the pit bulls he and his ‘collegues’ destroyed in the ‘death ring,’ and did he really believe it was because of money (he was already wealthy from his football career) and the environment he grew up in?

  • CN says:

    Wow. Incredible story. Wish other bullfighters would do the same.

  • Astride says:


  • ravismadapati says:

    I dont think I hate any sport as much as I hate bullfighting. I wonder how these people who do/watch it, go back home, have dinner and love their children. Why dont decision makers put codes into laws that ban these daylight murders? Eating animals is bad but killing animals and calling it “sport” is worse. There is no greater sin than violence meted out to being that cant stand up. This is the worst form of racism. This is a shame to the word “human”.