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‘Break a Leg’: How Hollywood Hurts Horses

Written by Michelle Kretzer | May 17, 2012

After PETA just filed formal complaints about horse abuse and neglect on the set of the HBO show Luck, we’ve placed this graphic ad in the Los Angeles Times:

Image:(c) Isselee

Like all other animals, horses don’t want to be “actors,” and they are often subjected to stressful and dangerous situations during the production of films, ads, and TV shows. The American Humane Association (AHA), the organization responsible for overseeing how animals are cared for on the set, is funded by the Screen Actors Guild—part of the same industry that it monitors. The AHA rarely, if ever, files formal complaints when animals are abused.

We hope our ad encourages producers and directors to protect horses by calling, “Cut!” on using them in films and television.

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  • zorsha says:

    @John- this is what I read in the article you linked: Warhorse producers took all precautions to make sure the horses were safe. I think 3 horses died while shooting Luck, and that is why show was pulled off the air. My understanding is, that Peta does not condone using animals for entertainment, but can appreciate people who make sure animals are safe. Sort of a compromise, which is good.

  • Research says:

    Is this horse really dead or is it just acting?

  • Virginia Greenwood-Warner says:

    We don’t need to have animals in movies! If the storyline and human actors are good then leave the frigging animals out! They do not want to be movie stars. But as usual, humans are greedy!!

  • Linda says:

    When I was a little girl I use to cry when I saw the horses fall in cowboy films. Now I know a lot of those horses would have broken thier legs in those falls! Shame Hollywood SHAME! Thank you PETA thank you.


    too much suffering1 all over the place

  • Siraganda says:

    Thank you so much, Peta, for having a thought for abused horses! This is horrible indeed! In eastern films it is even worse than in Hollywood! Could you tell it to Peta Asia Pacific, in order that they can contact some important eastern stars like Jackie Chan or Jet Li! The eastern actors or stunts can’t even ride! Every horse in those movies is a martyr! Thank you again for standing up for ALL animals – you are great!