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Bob Barker Joins Bear Battle

Written by PETA | May 11, 2011

TV legend Bob Barker is appealing to North Carolina’s Cumberland County Board of Commissioners to let Ben, a distressed bear held prisoner at a dismal roadside zoo, retire to a sanctuary.

Cumberland County had an ordinance in place banning exotic animals, but rather than enforcing the ban, county commissioners amended their own law specifically so that Jambbas Ranch Tours, where Ben and other animals are confined to cramped, barren cages, could be exempted. A wildlife expert who saw the video footage of Ben said his pacing, biting at the chain link, and pushing his head against the fence were clear signs of psychological distress.

In a letter to the commissioners, Barker wrote, “It beats me how, rather than enforcing this humane provision, the board could listen to Jambbas’ owner and amend the ordinance to allow such inhumane treatment of animals to continue. I believe that you must not have been given all the facts or seen this situation for yourselves, as that does not seem right at all.”

Please ask Cumberland County Commissioners to let this suffering bear spend the rest of his days being cared for properly in a sanctuary.
Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Barbara Dwyer says:

    It is unbelievable that such cruel treatment of an animal could be condoned. Who are these law makers? Shame, shame, shame. Let the bear go into retirement!

  • Linda says:

    Free this beautiful animal!!!

  • jacqueline says:

    let this bear have a nice place to live who is it going to hurt. why some people want to see animals suffer is disgusting.

  • Ridge says:

    this is so stupid they left out all the details the bear has been in a tiny cage since it was born it is a human made mix between a Black/grizzly and it is declawed it cant survive on its own. They need to build it a much larger pen with a pool. Problem solved

  • Michele says:

    How about if a person was confined all day long inside a cage,maybe then, they can get an idea of what it’s really like, to be in prison all day long.No animal should put through this insanity. people wake up!

  • Jean Patrick says:

    ‘The land of the free’ Does this not also apply to the animals? Believe me, animals have souls. The people who practise cruel confinement and disregard for the feelings and welfare of animals is heading for a a difficult time in the hereafter!!! it never fails to amaze me that people who purport to be religious do not grasp the fact that we are all God’s creatures. They are in for a rude awakening when they get over to the other side.

  • Petra Paleocrassas says:

    I continue to be appalled by the things I read and see. This has to STOP. We are living in the 21st century and humankind should know BETTER.

  • michelle smith-gaughan says:

    Sent the email to the commissioners. I am hopeful they will do what is right. I love Bob Barker!

  • Jakethy says:

    Thanks for bringing this to light. I just emailed the commissioners – it only took a few moments and felt really good. Hopefully they’ll listen to reason and allow this beautiful animal some peace and dignity.

  • ANNA says:

    Enough is enough, free this poor animal. He shouldn’t have been exploited and caged up in the first place. Hasn’t this poor animal suffered enough! LET HIM GO!

  • ANNA says:

    Enough is enough, free this poor animal. He shouldn’t have been exploited and caged up in the first place. Hasn’t this poor animal suffered enough! LET HIM GO!

  • Eva says:

    What is being done to this poor bear is SO CRUEL that not only brought tears to my eyes, but Im incensed at such cruelty!!! Releasing him to a sanctuary is the only humane thing to do!!!! And NEVER allowed anybody to cage a wild animal!!! They should remain FREE!!!! in their habitat, or if for some reason can’t be released in the wild, at least give them space to roam and LIVE with some quality of life!!!!!

  • lisa Healing says:

    Disgusting,should do the same to the people responsible!

  • macarena says:

    Thank you Bob!!!! Free the bear!!!! let him go to the sanctuary!!!!

  • Theresa says:

    I have never liked zoos and this is just the reason why! Animals should be free and roaming their natural habitat. Can you imagine being in a cage all your life!! These are God’s creatures and should be treated with respect and love – FREE the bear!! How can people that this sleep at night!!

  • heidi wildnauer says:

    this bear deserves to live in a comfortable environment!! im sure the owner does!! he needs to be in this cage for awhile! nobody wants to come and see a poor bear in a cage being miserable for the rest of his life.Bob Barker you r a wonderful person thank you for being Bens voice!

  • Carolyn tibbs says:

    Must be soem dollars exchanging there. People like this are subhuman to me. Let’s do to them what they do to the animal

  • rosalyn meng says:

    Thank you Bob Barker – a spokesperson for this Bear – LISTEN TO HIM and give the bear up so he can live his life out in peace – he’s done enough.

  • Ang3lc says:

    woo, you go bob barker!

  • Gisela Fowler says:

    Bob Barker is a man with a heart and integrity…we need him to lead the HSUS or ASPCA…Please let Ben go to a sanctuary!!!!!!!!!

  • jaki lucas says:

    they shud look the keepers in a cage and see how long it takes for them to go mad or stir crazy this is vile bears are majestic proud animalsfind him a new home come on!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jaki lucas says:

    they shud look the keepers in a cage and see how long it takes for them to go mad or stir crazy this is vile bears are majestic proud animalsfind him a new home come on!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dave says:

    The time has come for all of us to come to our senses as it pertains to all living creatures. The non-human animals were not put here for us to eat and / or to use for our amusement and / or to work for us as slaves, they were put here to live their lives as they see fit. It’s about time we start letting them. No more I say, and we all need to get others to agree, whatever it takes!

  • Tracye says:

    Good for you Bob Barker, thank GOD animals have SOME PEOPLE out there that see this absolute terrorism on an animal as WRONG. How can this group of people actually think that this bear is happy and healthy. IT IS JUST PLAIN WRONG ! Set the bear and all the other’s free. There are animal welfare groups that will take them away for you. Do something GOOD IN YOUR LIVES FOR A CHANGE

  • Jacqueline says:

    Why don’t you Make a Difference Do something right send this beautiful Bear to a sanctuary instead of being EXPLOITED FOR PROFIT I am so sick and tired of animals being abused tortured and killed for profit IT NEEDS TO STOP!!!!!!!

  • macmccoy says:

    To everyone who wants to help this bear be moved to a sanctuary, please click the “ask Cumberland County Commissioners” link above for e-mail addresses and write to them. For everyone’s convenience, you’re free to copy my letter: Dear Sirs / Madams, In alliance with wildlife experts, Bob Barker and Peta, I respectfully request that you repeal the permission granted Jambbas Ranch Tours to keep wild animals caged–and specifically Ben the Bear. It has been widely observed that this animal is very distressed and I implore you to please free this poor suffering creature from his confines so that he can live the rest of his days in a sanctuary. It is cruel, inhumane and unnecessary to keep him there. Here is a video which clearly displays his anguish: Thank you for your kind humanitarian consideration. FYI–many cities & states exploit animals in archaic and stupid ways. I’m from NYC and it kills me to see the horse drawn carriages on nasty asphalt amidst insane congested traffic. There’s work for us to do the world over.

  • Rebecca Junot says:

    Keep FIGHTING for this baby…. We fought a long time for TONY the Truck stop Tiger here in Louisiana, and come December after 10 yrs, will FINALLY be Taken out of that HELL HOLE and will be free to live out his life some where Beautiful…KEEP UP THE FIGHT…

  • debra reeve says:

    Ben deserves to be placed in the wildlife sancutary to live out rest of his life in peace and tranquility, i do hope this happens very soon.

  • MRB says:

    I sent an email to everybody listed on the commissioners webpage. Please do the same. The more emails they receive, the more compelled they will be to take action.

  • Josephine Dowd says:

    Please free Ben; we all know he doesn’t belong there andi sMEANT TO ROAM…he is supposed to be free, just like us!!!! Have a heart, people!!!



  • Nikki says:

    I just took 5 minutes to write a letter to the Cumberland County Board of Commissioners. Maybe, if we all do the same, we can create a voice for Bob.

  • DeeAnna Moore says:

    Please let the bear go to a better place! I cant beleive they amended the law(probably got their pockets lined with cash under the table in the process)There will be a warm seat for them waiting in the ever after!

  • Stephanie Stoddard says:

    Please retire Ben to a sanctuary. UNLOCK BEN from the caged life.

  • Haley Wars says:

    I just emailed all of them! FREE BEN!

  • Kristi says:

    It is horrible to see Ben the Bear just pacing like that. That cage is so small for a bear like that, it is more for a couple of dogs to be kenneled in. There are nice santuaries for all animals and if someone is so selfish and can’t realize that. If it is what is best for the animal then that is what needs to be done, not what the person wants. Please let Ben go to a sactuary where is can live out the rest of his life in comfort.

  • Debbra Parson says:

    Please put an end to caging animals, they at least need to be on protected wildlife reserves if they can’t be free and unthreatened!

  • Debi ...from the uk says:

    I can not for the life of me understand ..why they would do this . It is disgusting to keep him like this when there is people willing to help him .. please turn him over to the people that want to look after him as im sure they know more about his welfare than you do ? Just do the right thing please x

  • karine l says:

    Let him free HE deserve it…WTF is wrong with you people….U wanna live in a cage to????

  • Pernilla Westerlund says:

    Let the poor bear get a life!

  • patricia says:

    I have been to Jambaas Ranch and have seen Bob the bear.. He looks so sad. I asked the owner why he is caged this way and he said that he has ALWAYS been caged this way, it is all he knows. He says he got him from someone else who also caged him this way. He said that if he released him, he would be shot immediately by the police and he would have a hard time since he has only been in captivity. I just wish that he had a larger space to run. The other animals have a vast amount of space to run and graze (buffaloes,etc..) Bob the bear just sits there or paces back and forth.. What can I do to help this poor animal????

  • angela says:

    that Bob Barker is terrific! he and PETA make the best, most formidable combo in the world! bless him for being so vigorous, and you too PETA. neither or you ever back down.

  • Mister Jingles says:

    I love Bob Barker – he is always the right man in the right place!

  • Heather says:

    Personally I think Santa’s Land should be shut down. Not just the zoo part. It’s a hole in the wall and no one really goes there. I mean it had it’s day, but there are better places for the animals to be. The only thing I disagree with is when Bob Barker told people to boycott North Carolina. Well, I live in Asheville, NC and I have nothing to do with Santa’s Land. A lot of us here want the animals to be in a better place. We see the stories on the news about them. So there is no reason to boycott North Carolina. But I do want that place to be shut down.

  • MA Moore says:

    I cannot stand to see any innocent, living, breathing creature confined to a small barron cage like a prisoner! Someone needs to put the owner of this facility in a small cage for a week and see how he feels! Thank you Bob Barker. I hope this beautiful bear is liberated to a reputable wildlife sanctuary soon! xoxo