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Baby Madonna?

Written by PETA | April 14, 2008

ninemsn / CC

Word on the street is that our old pal Madonna is getting geared up to adopt an Indian baby to comfort her in her dotage. While the prospect of a fur-flaunting Ciccone clone wreaking havoc on the animal world some years down the line is too dreadful to imagine, we’re taking a more optimistic approach: This kid’s going to need a whole lot of extra energy to put up with mom’s pop star antics, so we’re asking Madonna to give her a head start by adopting not only the child but the child’s country’s preferred way of eating: a healthy, high-energy vegetarian diet. Just one word from Lady Madonna and we’ll dispatch our on-staff chef to London on the Red Eye to give her kitchen staff a crash course in how to prepare mashed peas and carrots and fruit compote for the kid and fabulous vegan fare, including Shepherd’s pie and Eggplant Biryani for the rest of the family.

So whaddaya say, Madge? We’ll even pony up some names for your new animal-friendly progeny that will go well with that whole spiritual, neo-hippie vibe you’ve got going on. I’m thinking something like Chickpea Ciccone. Or how about Ethereal Girl? If anyone else has some suggestions, feel free to weigh in.

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  • kate says:

    No offence to Peta they do good things but how on earth would they know if a celebrities fur is real or fake? I mean know for sure as in “A FACT” I don’t think they can unless a celeb comes right out and says”hey I wear real fur”! I have been in the entertainment biz since the 80’s. I did work craft services once for madonna and she specified that all her meals be vegan. Remember what is said about celebs by the media is 95 crap.Peta also sometimes makes up stuff and takes it too far.Also for what it is worth we do have the right to wear fur and eat animals. I don’t wear fur but I do eat meat.It is wrong to treat people badly because they choose to do either.Its their legal right even if we don’t agree with it.Celebs are human beings too.Regular everyday folk are not picked on and posted online for wearing fur.I find if I am kind and let people know in a nice way what kind of hell animals go through in the fur trade industry they are more apt to pay attention than if I am rude about it.Most people simply don’t know anything about it.I have changed a couple of peoples opinions on wearing chinchilla fur after kindly showing them the facts about the whole thing. I find it strange that we live in a time where people get so very worked up about dying animals yet killing a human baby before its born is every womans right.

  • Craig says:

    In this sick world I’m pretty happy to see any level of consciousness in regards to humans hurting killing or eating animals. She seems to have been quite lost in past years. In fact it seems she’s spent most of her life trying to find herself. More recently she seems to be getting a grasp on who she actually is and I would be very pleased if she finds herself to be a compassionate person who recognizes how dreadfully wrong our horrendous abuse of animals is. Honestly I’m just really glad she’s still straddling the fence unlike certain other celebrities like say Matthew “Beef It’s What’s for Dinner” McConaughey.

  • Alexea says:

    pshaw she cant call herself an animal lover while she goes around promoting sunsilk who test on animals

  • Julia says:

    Rachna Just because Madonna claims to be a vegan doesnt mean she doesnt wear fur. She has been photographed wearing fur in pictures taken as early as January ’07 some of which were even posted on this site. Also it was reported that Stella McCartney would no longer use fur in her fashion way before that particular photograph was taken…. Which means even if she allegedly discouraged Madonna from wearing even Fake Fur Madonna had obviously ignored her pleas. Until Madonna who is one of the most influential people in the modern world proclaims to everyone she will no longer be wearing fur and is against it we cannot fully believe she took the advice of her dear friend Stella McCartney. Especially when she is being photographed wearing the fur. Peta has done an excellent job of keeping up with the times and being up to par in celebrity news where it concerns the safety of animals.

  • Protector of the helpless says:

    I used to be a real fan of Madonna and I still like her music but I don’t understand her as a person. I think she is a vegetarian or vegan but the fact that whe wears fur spoils everything. I believe she is vegetarian strictly for health reasons and cares nothing about animals. I’m so fan of hers anymore. She’s now on my list of the most repulsive people along with Jennifer Lopez Beyonce Queen Latifah and Dick Cheney.

  • Dr.Breen says:

    wow ANY opportunity PeTA sees even the less mainsrream ones they always exploit some way to tie in vegetarianism….

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    Rachna We have checked on her and her friends. She wears furs because she likes them she really loves her rabbit fur. She and Stella have had many breakups because of the fur and her husbands hunting with he really loves. People who study Kabbalah with her and we have one with us and she is always telling Madonna to drop the Fur. But she is Madonna with no or very little respect and she will not do anything she doesn’t want to do. Many of us have checked maybe you should check a little more if it means anything to you. Peeac!!!!!

  • FREE TIBET says:

    Maybe i’m wrong but i have the bad feeling that Madonna does things not out of love or compassion but just for to get attention otherwise she would never wear fur! Helping people never goes alone without helping animals and even trees! A person who just cares about her fellow species members is not complete and above all no kabbalist!!! So she either wants to make herself important or she is just at the beginning of a spritual life and still has to learn much….anyhow her face is showing hard lines like the one of Jennifer Lopez for me personally these two ladies are rather naughty beginners than teaching masters!

  • Michele says:

    Yeah she’s as vegan as she is British…

  • Amanda says:

    i had no clue that madonna was an animalhater i even bought her new song 4 minutes on itunes but i wont buy anymore of her songs i dont like any of the other ones anyways good job PETA!!! Dont let people like her get away with fur wear’n and animal eat’n She’s a meanie with no luv for animals

  • rachna says:

    yeah i thought madonna was already at least vegetarian. she’s also good friends with designer stella mccartney who has discouraged her from even wearing faux fur…so um as much as i love you guys PETA and consider myself an activist check up on these things. please.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    I have nothing good to say about this tramp or what she feeds her children. Her husband had partaken in canned hunts the large home in England where she allows it to be used for Pheasant hunts and they even needed to restock her home because their were very few birds left she really tried to keep that quite but to no avail “The British Press” I love them. And then when she went to pick up Baby David she was so honored that a little goat’s throat was slashed in her honor by Davids father. And those that practice Kabbalah are suppose to respect animals but that horrible person just keeps wearing her furs just like Demi Moore. She is suppose to respect Kabbalah not trash it. She is garbage plain and simple. And I don’t give a shit what she feeds her kids. But I do hope that all of her children will be safe. PEACE!!!!!

  • miss kitty says:

    ummmm I’m not a fan of Madonna but I think she’s already a vegan. ?

  • Ana says:

    Madonna putana