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Only Assholes Wear Fur

Written by PETA | February 7, 2007

A friend of mine who worked on the Marc Bouwer/PETA show on Friday is still in New York for the rest of Fashion Week. Last night, she went to some trés chic afterparty at the Roseland Ballroom where she reported that what stood out even more than the coked-out models were “the frumpy fur-wearers who looked out of place amidst New York’s trendiest fashionistas, who were by and large fur-free.”

Apparently these “asshole” stickers have become the must-have accessory of the season for anyone stupid enough to still wear fur. She says they’ve been showing up on every fur coat she sees …Asshole Sticker.JPG



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  • Carly Fraser says:

    Fur makes you look like Cruela Deville, mean and an animal murderer.

  • emilia says:

    Where can I get them from?I wanna buy them so I can stick them onto idiots that still wear fur!

  • danielle says:

    i need to know where to get those stickers because all my friends in my class do not aprove of my beliefs tords animals and how there not put on this earth for food or coats or testing or anything bad animals diserve to live P.S. PETA RULES

  • pam says:

    Fur is for cavemen. While it is becoming difficult to tell the difference between real and fake fur you can tell the difference if you take a really close look. I know of someone who recently went out and bought an angora fur coat shame on them. The next day a good friend of mine bought a fake angora fur coat. The fake one looked better.

  • CAROLINE says:

    Can all these devils stop selling buying fur for God’s sake…please… dont they know how stupid and mean they look! I wonder how these primitive callous hearted bastards sleep at night.

  • Dean says:

    When are they going to realise how stupid they look? Fur clothes remind me of something out of the dark ages. I not only find anyone who wears fur an offensive vile piece of crap but when I see them looking so stupid it angers me more to think that they not only pay the murderers to do their dirty work they walk around in those “clothes” looking even more ugly than their mind frame is. Stickers are not enough for these murderer supporters but seeing as we can’t take the fur off their backs and slap some sense into their material minds then I’m all for it.

  • Kelly says:

    please do tell me where to buy these!!!

  • Taylor says:

    To Kelley Personally I think it’s easy to tell real fur from fake. Maybe that is just me though. BUT I want those stickers.

  • jeff goodway says:

    please know that according to ecorazzi website the upcoming fashion seasons shall be sporting much fur. so you have to get prepared for many stickers! i really hope that many fashion models will have the courage to turn against fur and refuse to wear it on the runway if they got a conscience! i fully support the thoughts of johnny! down with the fur industry!!!

  • Laura says:

    where do i get those stickers? thats so AWESOME!

  • johnny freeman says:

    this is a great idea but i think today everybody is very well informed about the criminal practices in fur industry so the word asshole is too nice! if one knows the hell these poor animals have to go through and he still approves fur he is not an asshole but an inhumane rascal and this human being does not deserve life because he or she is not good for anything but to destroy other living beings existence! they have just one thing for to give horrible fear and pain and a cruel death. if somebody thinks that it is normal to keep an animal all his lifetime in a small cage where it can’t even rest and move with temperatures 20 and more and after this short miserable life skin it still alive such a person does not deserve a place on earth nor any god watching on him but he should really go to hell and stay there for all eternity even he or she pretends to do charitable works or what so ever! really i can’t understand how a human being can make business with such a shameful attitude just to get money out of tortured bodies this is not human or if this is really human this is not my planet!!!

  • jess says:

    That’s cool and all just one question how the heck do you know if it’s real vs. faux? I personally can’t tell the difference sometimes. So what if you are tagging someone as an asshole and they are in fact not? Who’s the asshole then?

  • Kelley Montgomery says:

    Where can we get these stickers? I get bored having fur hags get mad when I hand them business cards. These are much better!