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Another Orca Dies at SeaWorld

Written by PETA | September 8, 2010
eschipul / CC by 2.0

The death toll continues to rise at SeaWorld with the passing of a 12-year-old orca named Sumar at the theme-park chain’s San Diego location. Sumar died far short of the expected 50-to-60 year lifespan of orcas who roam the vast oceans, his rightful home.

Whatever caused Sumar’s death (and let’s hope that there will be no cover-up this time), circling a tiny concrete tank at a theme park and deprived of all that is natural and enjoyable, was never a life at all. Instead of profiting from their domination, PETA calls on SeaWorld to release these animals to coastal sanctuaries.

Please contact Blackstone Group (which owns SeaWorld) and insist that it begin the rehabilitation process right away.

Also, be sure to visit the True Friends Memorial site set up in memory of Sumar.

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • trisha Prout says:

    I have since a young age felt an overwhelming emotion for animals especially ones that are meant to be free in the ocean and swim for miles and miles on a daily basis. I have watched programmes on the tv about the conservation work Seaworld does for sealife. So when I went to visit Florida from England in 2001 I was open minded about visiting Seaworld. I was then horrified to watch these magnificent Orca’s be subjected to 6 to 7 shows A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK. They had 5 of them in these tiny encloseurs. I own horses and wouldn’t subject my domesticated horse to such conditions or shows. I then witnessed Dolphins in tiny holdings and what upset me the most was the poor Polar bear who never gets to sea daylight, it rocked from side to side in its depressive mad state. I was disgusted by the whole experience and would never tell anyone to go there. They should be ashamed of themselves!!!!!

  • catherine melvin says:

    Why can’t people see that places like Seaworld should be closed!

  • Chris Dickie says:

    Places like SeaWorld just exploite this animals by profitting from their captivity & keeping them in such small tanks with not enough environmental stimulation. Making them do tricks for people who are unaware of what conditions these animals much life in. If places like Sea World want to keep animals like orcas & dolphins, they need ALOT more room (dolphins can swim up to 40 miles in 1 hr) & they should be educating people on whales & dolphins. My parents took me to see the whales when I was a child & thats how I became an activist, because my parents got me interested in the animals & taught me right & wrong!! THINGS MUST CHANGE FOR THE FUTURE.

  • Morgaine Wakelin says:

    i suspect the only way Seaworld is going to stop its cruelty is if enough people boycott it. Money talks

  • Leanne McIvor says:

    Anybody that has ever gone and supported SeaWorld has Sumar’s blood on their hands! Shame on people to use animals for entertainment! One day it will be banned!