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Anjelica Huston Talks About Travis

Written by PETA | February 25, 2009

After hearing about the death of Travis, the captive chimpanzee who was shot after mauling a woman in Connecticut, Oscar winner Anjelica Huston—who has long been an advocate for the compassionate treatment of great apes—issued the following statement:

I was saddened to hear about the incident involving the chimpanzee, Travis, and my heart goes out to the woman who is now lying in a hospital bed as a result of this horrific attack. Recently, I narrated a video for PETA about the abuse that chimpanzees and other great apes endure when they are ripped away from their mothers when only days old to be used in commercials (as Travis was) and movies. Although I was sick when I heard about this most recent incident, I wasn’t surprised. I sincerely hope that this tragedy will make people realize that great apes should never be kept as pets or exploited for films, television, or advertising. Their lives are miserable from the day that they are taken from their mothers: They endure abusive training—usually beatings—until they are cast off to roadside zoos or meet a violent end, as Travis did in this tragic case.

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You can help prevent future tragedies like this one by urging Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell to ban the private ownership of chimpanzees.

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • Carla Gray says:

    I am just so broken hearted over the animal “Travis” loosing his life. Of course the lady that was attacked I hope she makes a full recovery. The woman that owned Travis should be brought to justice. She should not of kept the animal captive and expect him to hop to it all his life. He is a wild animal…regardless of the training. Just so sad.

  • Saucy says:

    Thanks Angelica for your courage in standing up to those heartless morons of show business. With all the unemployed actors out there they got to go and take a ape out of the jungle and beat it into “the life”. Talk about a “hard rode to hoe”. I wish there were more people like you who understood the power and influence that you have within the American culture and beyond. Thanks again God Bless

  • susannah says:

    No wild animal should EVER be kept as a pet. It’s not good for them and it’s not good for the people who live with them. Socalled “exotic” pets nearly always end up being put down or given to zoos because they “revert.” Uh no. They don’t revert they were never domesticated in the first place. The best thing to do with a wild animal is leave it alone to lives its life.

  • Tamra says:

    Animals should not be used for entertainment!!! Also Khloe was on a Peta billboard. What happens to these animals that are rented when they can not rent them out? The animals are thrown to the way side. These animals need to be with other animals their own kind so they can live a happy life. It is just SAD!!!

  • Shari says:

    It’s a tragedy what has happen. Everyone has lost thing in all of this. Isn’t strange how this happens at about the time a primate legislation act was being voted on. I didn’t wish for Travis to die but maybe his death was the “message” that made a difference in the world. A very hard price to pay of coursefor what a human did to him. My prayers go out to the women who was badly injured to live and recover and have a hopefully painless life if that’s possible.

  • erica says:

    Wooow they poor chimp shouldn’t be locked up in a house wearing clothes and taking xanax and wine!!this woman she be charged with somethingshe clearly has sumthing wrong with her.poor travis had to die cuz of her ignorance he should not had been out of his natural habitat to be with some nut job.way to go lady cuz of your ignorance your friend is on the brink of death with no face.

  • Rex's Mom says:

    I thought Kim Kardashian was a friend of PETA’s. I just read an article in the paper where she apologized for posting on her web site that said “We got a monkey!” Apparently unaware that a chimp is an ape. “Her name is Suzy she is 3 years old and she is a handful!” Kim apologized for posting this right after that woman was attacked by Travis the chimp for bad timing. Kim said she and her sisters rented Suzy for only a week as a prank on their mother. Some prank! How stupid can they be? Who rents chimps out anyway? They should be made to go out of business! There was a picture too showing one sister holding the chimp who seemed to be smiling but I am sure she is miserable! Poor Travis had to lose his life because of human stupidity!

  • keith says:

    This ” Lady” is a wonderful advocate for all creatures. What a pity more of her ‘ ilk’ do not follow her example.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    It must be noted that in some instances zoos and wildlife sanctuaries are the last safe havens for many primate species. Majestic mountain gorillas bonobos orangutans and other primates are being massacred in their native homelands by poachers and savage bushmeat profiteers.