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Animals Held for Decades in Testing Facility

Written by PETA | March 8, 2011

In India, animals who are used for experiments are generally supposed to be imprisoned and tested on for just three years before they are sent to a sanctuary. But at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences’ (AIIMS) Central Animal Facility, some animals have languished in tiny, filthy wire cages for up to 10 years or even, as in one case, nearly 20 years. A recent investigation showed that animals at AIIMS suffer from infectious skin diseases, wounds, and other health problems and that some are left without adequate medical treatment. In PETA India’s video footage, AIIMS’ employees can also be seen abusing and harassing animals beyond the torture that they already suffer because of their imprisonment.

The stress and frustration of the lengthy confinement has taken a toll on the animals’ psychological health as well, and some of them spin in endless circles in their cages, a sign of insanity caused by intense confinement and abuse.

Will you take a moment to tell the director of AIIMS to let at least the animals who have suffered in the lab the longest retire to a sanctuary? Also ask that AIIMS switch to modern non-animal testing methods.

PETA India asks AIIMS to stop torturing its animal prisoners and let them retire to a sanctuary.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Ethical One says:

    Animal testing is extremely INEFFECTIVE. We will always be the guinea pigs. Animal and human system are different. Like why chocolate can kill a dog or cat while chocolate is good for us? Why some toxic plants are healthy for birds and animal while they can make us gravely sick even kill us?. I made a section that exposes the fraudulent of animal testing. descriptions (his page will explain about the ineffectiveness of animal testing.)

  • dave says:

    peta is right to stop animal testing that way we wont have cures for things like the flu chicken pox polio smallpox cholera mumps yellow fever it is a terrible thing to save human lives at the cost of animals what are humans thinking to wont help children survive instead of animals it is a shame

  • barbie1637 says:

    I never understood why they tested on animals anyway ..They are not the same as us..That is why all these drugs that was passed by the fda are now causing all kind of bad side effects,they tested them on animals..It would be better to test on murderers,rapist and child molesters..They deserve it,these poor animals don’t..

  • terri says:

    PETA keep up the good work and don’t give up. God bless you

  • Ryan says:

    These facility’s are hell to the delicate creatures. I would volunteer for free to help these animals, but sadly I can’t. I long for the day when they can be in their NATURAL habitat NOT zoos, circuses, pets, etc. Our technology is fine the way it is. If we do want to research things use simulations, and models. Not our furry friends. Sadly I’m not sure if this day shall come. I do hope so. Good luck PETA! I support you guys 100%.

  • diana says:

    I cant even watch this…I dont need to…you know whats going on. I dont understand how these employees do not get into any trouble????? How in god’s name can they harass and be mean to these poor helpless animals…these people are monsters that work in these labs and hurt these animals..they need to be brought up on charges. I dont get it…we have the proof on video but yet the labs stay open??? whats going on??? why arent they shut down immediately..i would rather see these animals put to sleep humanely then be kept at these labs…please people speak up!!!

  • ocean17 says:

    that is totally barbaric and cruel. another step backwards into the stone ages. unbelievable.

  • sheila says:

    please keep up the pressure PETA you are always in my prayers and hugs –we love you no matter who the haters are or what they say — LOVE YOU GUYS

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