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Rick Perry Offends Animals Too

Written by PETA | October 4, 2011
Gage Skidmore | CC by 2.0

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is taking heat today after The Washington Post published the racial slur that was once painted in large letters on a rock at the gated entrance to his family’s secluded hunting camp.

There has been some debate over when exactly the offensive name was removed from the rock, but left out of the debate so far is whether the activities that continue to take place at the camp are offensive, no matter what it is called. Considering that the governor lists on his website that one of his goals is “encouraging stronger families and healthier citizens,” perhaps he should consider that hunting disrupts and destroys animals’ families and that it’s not so great at promoting the health of hunters who fall out of tree stands or accidentally shoot each other in the leg, not that we’re crying much over that aspect.   

While someone has given the offensive gate marker a much-needed coat of paint, there’s no hiding the fact that Perry and his hunting buddies have blood on their hands.


Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • CoryG says:

    Really K? Trust me if Texas could we would leave. Why not look at all the issues the North has and you will see that Texas is acctually one of the better places to live. Its PETA people like you that make me and thousands of others think you are all nut jobs. I agree with PETA on a few subjects but then there are other subjects I feel they do not give all the facts and go alittle crazy on.

  • Tony says:

    Now Ks why would you say something like that. Do you know how bad you are making yourself look? You’r ignorance is just making animal rights activists look stupid. Get rid of the south? Who are you to judge me because i eat meat and im from the south. Who am i to judge you for not eating meat and being from the north. You think that only southerners beat animals? Are you really that dumb, animal cruelty happens all over the place. True the south may have more sports hunting then places up north. But it is just ignorant to say that if you get rid of the south you will get rid of animal suffering.

  • I Love Peta says:

    This article is so great. The truth is here on PETA. I recently stopped shopping at Wal-Mart. Missouri is loaded with Walmart stores selling deer baiting corn, hunting tree chairs, bow guns, arrows, deer cane, and one Walmart store here went so far as to display a suspend arrow in the air on strings flying to kill a baby deer manikin made of plastic, and this was all displayed above all the camouflage hunting clothing with bow guns and chairs. All I could do is get sick, and stop shopping at Walmart.

  • ks says:

    This is why I hate Texas if we got rid if the south I bet we could get rid of animal suffering someday