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San Diego Rallies Against SeaWorld Abuse

Written by Michelle Kretzer | October 5, 2012

The grisly photos of Nakai, an orca imprisoned at SeaWorld who has a dinner plate–size gaping wound on his lower mandible that he likely sustained when another orca attacked him, have sparked nationwide outrage.

As PETA alleged in its complaint to government regulators, SeaWorld confined Nakai to a small tank with other orcas with whom he was not compatible, in clear violation of the Animal Welfare Act, and then tried to cover up its orca abuse following the attack by claiming that Nakai injured himself on the side of the pool. A huge, impassioned crowd gathered outside SeaWorld San Diego, where Nakai is kept, to let residents know to steer clear of the marine-mammal prison


If the response they got is any indication, the protesters were preaching to the choir. People who were stopped at red lights waved and cheered their support and took leaflets with them. And there were so many honks from the passing cars that advocates who were giving interviews to the throngs of reporters had to keep starting over.

People all across the country are telling SeaWorld to get out of the cruelty business. Urge The Blackstone Group, which owns SeaWorld, to retire its marine mammals to sanctuaries.

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  • Sandy Warmbreath says:

    I dont even see how this great creature can survive,you can see structures of his throat through that gaping wound. Sea World is once again culpable in massive malpractice. What can they have planned now for this poor creature who clearly wont be one of their pretty performers again, will they wait until the hubub dies down and then kill him? What a loss! What crass money hungry insensitivity! Shut em down and free Willy, all the Willy’s