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Alicia Silverstone Makes UCLA Fall in Love

Written by Michelle Kretzer | November 22, 2011

“What I really want to share with people is the possibility of them having the most healthy and abundant joy they could ever imagine,” Alicia Silverstone told UCLA’s Daily Bruin newspaper, before she spoke to hundreds of students on campus last night at an event hosted by UCLA’s Bruins for Animals and peta2.

Alicia shared with students how changing her eating habits changed her life. “Being vegan truly is the secret to my life’s joy and peace,” she said. Afterward, she answered questions and signed dozens of copies of her bestselling book, The Kind Diet.

While some of the students likely came just to see the lovely Alicia, her message and the “Glass Walls” video that peta2 staffers screened left quite an impression. peta2 staff were bombarded with questions from people interested in learning how to change their eating habits to improve their health, protect the environment, and prevent cruelty to animals.

The vegetarian/vegan starter kits that flew off the tables and Native Foods Café‘s vegan Thanksgiving feast that they sampled got them off to a great start.