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Ag Minister Resigns in Wake of Investigation

Written by PETA | December 20, 2010

This is a first: An investigation by a PETA affiliate has actually brought down a government official! The Lower Saxony minister of agriculture, Astrid Grotelüschen, has resigned after a PETA Germany investigation revealed filthy, abusive conditions on poultry farms in Mecklenburg–West Pomerania —farms that are in a business relationship with Grotelüschen’s husband.

PETA Germany investigators observed that thousands of chickens and turkeys were crammed into feces-filled sheds, forced to breathe the putrid stench of excrement day in and day out. They saw birds with gaping wounds and other painful injuries. One bird was lying on his back with his legs flailing around, dying slowly and in agony. Outside the shed, there were three trash cans full of young birds who had perished in the abysmal conditions at the farm.


As agriculture minister, Grotelüschen was supposed to set the animal welfare standards for the region, yet this “fox” couldn’t even be relied upon to guard the “henhouse” that was virtually in her own backyard. Citing this egregious conflict of interest, PETA Germany called for Grotelüschen to resign, and, surprisingly, she had the good grace to do so.

PETA Germany is now calling on the government to stop subsidizing intensive poultry farming, citing the cruel conditions that are standard industry practice.

Written by Alisa Mullins

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