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Adolescents Die at SeaWorld

Written by Michelle Kretzer | July 29, 2013

Did you think we were talking about human children? What if we had been?

Obviously, no one would support an industry that tore children away from their mothers, confined them to cramped cages, forced them to perform confusing tricks, and sentenced them to die in just a few short years.

So how could anyone support SeaWorld?

Please share this image on Facebook and urge everyone you know to visit instead of visiting SeaWorld.

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  • lovebug07 says:

    why isnt it illegal to capture these animals & keep them as entertainment if its only cutting their life span?i would rather watch them on tv then

  • Annapolis says:

    Pl stop this cruelty. People making money in the name of entertainment causing suffering to these orcas.

  • Eszter Ohanovits says:

    Horrible and scary to read. I don’t understand people! How can they do like this without shame? Wish i could understand…