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Fur in 60 Seconds

If you have friends or family members who still think that fur is fashionable, here’s an easy way to help them rethink their caveperson clothing. Challenge them to get a firsthand look at the barbaric fur industry by watching PETA’s brand-new “Fur in 60 Seconds” video—if they dare.

There is no kind way to rip the skin off animals’ backs. Rabbits, foxes, and other animals on fur farms are crammed into barren metal cages, and many go insane from the extreme confinement. Animals caught in steel-jaw traps can languish for days, with the trap cutting down to their bones. In China, raccoon dogs are beaten with steel pipes and left to die slowly. Even Fido and Fluffy aren’t safe: Dogs and cats are often skinned alive for their fur, which is then often falsely labeled as fur from other species.

We think that once fur-wearers see just what animals go through in the fur trade, they’ll be swapping their fur collars and coats for warm, stylish, animal-friendly synthetics.

Fashion should be fun, not fatal. Please share our “Fur in 60 Seconds” video with your friends and family by posting it to Facebook and other sites—and be sure to wear only vegan clothing.