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Five Ways to Take Action Against Down

Are you fed up with the cruelty of the down industry but don’t know what to do about it? Take these five quick actions to spread the word about why and how to live down-free!

1.      Sign the Pledge to Be Down-Free

The cruelty behind every down industry product is chilling. By signing the pledge—and encouraging your friends and family to do so as well—you’ll be sending a powerful message to the cruel down industry.

 2.      Spread the Word on Facebook!

Check out our new “Down Hurts” banner Facebook cover photo. What will you do on Facebook to let all your friends know that down hurts ducks and geese?

 3.      Share Alicia Silverstone’s Exposé on Down

First, watch the video:

Then share on FacebookTwitterGoogle+, or any other social-networking site!

 4.      Tell Everyone About Down-Free Products

Products that don’t contain down are cheaper and more comfortable, and they can actually be washed (imagine that). Check out PETA’s resources and tell your friends and family about down-free beddingcoats, and even ski gear!

 5.      Take a Picture!

Make like Casey, Eric, and Virginia and print out our new sign that proves you don’t need down to keep warm. Then upload your down-free photos using the form below and share them on the Web! Print your sign now.

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