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The following has been documented at Lagoon Amusement Park:

•    Lions forced to lie on concrete (an unnatural, uncomfortable substance)
•    Cruelty to animals (In one incident, a bear sustained second-degree facial burns after an irate train conductor purposely shot hot steam from the locomotive into the bear’s face.)
•    Inadequate veterinary care (In one case, a buffalo cow with a rubber band embedded around a toe had to be euthanized after a surgical procedure to remove the rubber band resulted in infection when the animal did not receive adequate follow-up care.)
•    Animals kept in small, inadequately sized enclosures (Some animals, such as the elk, can’t even lie down or turn around.)
•    Little protection against cruelty (Park patrons can easily target the animals with rocks, and items made from plastics and other materials that could be lethal to the animals if ingested can also easily end up in the enclosures.)
•    Excessively soiled bedding in the enclosures of baby animals
•    Starving elk
•    Animals fed moldy hay (Moldy hay, in some cases, can kill animals.)
•    Unexplained deaths
•    Deaths from the improper use of tranquilizers (In one case, a deer had to be euthanized after a tranquilizer dart shattered the animal’s leg bone.)
•    Animals not given potable water
•    Adequate drainage not provided in enclosures (In one case, bison were forced to walk through 5 inches of fecal muck in order to get to the feeder.)
•    Unsanitary needles used for injections