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Upon arrival at a new destination, there are always a few pressing questions: What will we do there? Is it safe? How will the weather be? And most important of all: Where can I get some great vegan food?

Mexico City has several enticing answers—all of which allow you to indulge in some of the country’s most delicious delicacies while avoiding cruelty to animals.

Take a look at some of the best options the city has to offer:

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Los Loosers

 Incredible, innovative vegan food delivered to your door (or hotel lobby) by men and women on bikes?! Written up by the likes of the LA Times, this legit bicycle delivery service is exploring what’s possible with vegan food. Baked goods are stellar. Fusion takes on traditional Mexican dishes are as delicious as they are unique. And don’t even get us started on their wide array of amazing burgers. OK, maybe just this one (a favorite)—the Oaxacan–style mole burger. Apparently anything really is possible in El Capital.
Delivery throughout Mexico City

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Por Siempre Vegano

Mexico City is known around the world for its street food, and at the top of your list of places to eat should be Por Siempre Vegano (Forever Vegan). Located in the super-trendy Colonia Roma neighborhood, this taqueria (taco stand) is renowned for its wide selection of no fewer than seven vegan meats. You MUST try the al pastor and soy chorizo! Plus, you can eat well for under MXN$50, and they’re open ’til midnight every night of the week.
On the Corner of Calle Manzanillo and Calle Chiapas, Colonia Roma Norte

Cate de Mi Corazón

Whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you can’t go wrong at Cate de Mi Corazón, located in La Condesa. Nearly every item on the menu has a vegan version. Highlights include the Superfood Ceviche with pineapple and quinoa, the chilaquiles vegano, and for dessert the Romance de Verano (Summer Romance)—made of caramelized mango, tapioca, almond milk, strawberries, and chocolate-hazelnut cream. As if it could get any better, the restaurant also offers an excellent beer and mescal menu.
Eje 3 Sur (Avenida Baja California) 295, Condesa 06100 Ciudad de Mexico, D.F.

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Capricho Helado

Mexico City doesn’t get too hot no matter what time of year it is, but who says it has to be hot to enjoy ice cream? No one, that’s who—especially when there’s all vegan ice cream parlor, Capricho Helado. Known for decadent flavors such as Mexican chocolate and coffee as well as the refreshing, like mescal and guanabana, as much as they are for their dog–friendly patio, this is THE ice cream place to visit while strolling the green streets of La Condesa.
Calle Fernando Montes de Oca 64, Condesa 06140 Ciudad de Mexico, D.F.

Pápalo y Papalotl

The staff at Pápalo y Papalotl prove how easy it is to combine Mexican culinary heritage with healthy meals free of any animal–derived products. And trust us, they deliver. Also located in the leafy and hip La Condesa neighborhood, this is a cute breakfast and brunch spot where you cannot skip the must–have tamales.
Calle Juan de la Barrera 74, Condesa 06100 Ciudad de Mexico, D.F.

Los Antojos del Alma

Los Antojos del Alma is new on the restaurant scene, but it’s already making a splash. That’s no surprise given the menu, which features cauliflower buffalo wings, three different types of gazpacho, the taquitos pastor (tortillas stuffed with grilled spiced tempeh, rolled, and deep fried), and a raw ceviche made of cauliflower, cucumber, avocado, and tomato. Grab a late lunch here, then stroll the lovely parks, gardens, and boutiques of La Condesa.
Avenida Michoacan 121, Cuauhtémoc 06140 Ciudad de Mexico, D.F.

Panadería Rosetta

Conchas and bollos are undeniably Mexican specialties, and you can get vegan versions of both at this storied panadería, or bakery. Though not exclusively vegan, this place has a wide selection of cruelty–free cakes, breads, rolls, baguettes, and more. Come early, before the epic lines form.
Calle Colima 179, Colonia Roma, Ciudad de Mexico, D.F.

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Pan Comido

With a menu that changes every few weeks, you can always expect something yummy, cruelty–free, and new at this sleek yet cozy hotspot. And with dishes bearing names like Grace Jones and Enrique Iglesias, you can expect exciting menu options. Though the restaurant isn’t entirely vegan (it is entirely vegetarian), there’s a cute vegan bakery right next door that has delicious gluten-free cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and more.
Calle Tonalá 99, Colonia Roma, Ciudad de Mexico, D.F.

La Maison Organique

A slice of L.A. in Mexico City. Part artisanal market, part juice bar, part herbalist, part café, this place has it all. And all of it’s vegan! If you’re spending more than a few nights in El Capital, it’s definitely worth popping in here for some snacks, groceries, and other delicacies to have on hand back in your hotel room or apartment.
Parque Espana 21, Colonia Condesa, Ciudad de Mexico, D.F.

Origenes Organicos

A popular local chain of organic markets, Origenes Organicos offers a huge selection of vegetarian, vegan, and raw grocery items, including candies, cacao, juices, supplements, fresh fruits and vegetables, and baked goods. The Polanco and Condesa locations also have attached restaurants that offer vegan versions of their most popular dishes. Vegan crêpes, anyone?
Multiple Locations

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This all-vegan torteria proudly proclaims that its tortas, Mexican-style sandwiches, are made with love. We’re inclined to believe it since the street cart is covered with adorable cat stickers and the tortas are filled with delectable vegan meats like spicy soyita pibil and Milonesa. Even better, a very filling torta will only set you back MXN$35.
Located near Metro Insurgentes

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