Published by Zachary Toliver.

Our furry roommates depend on us. But who really runs the show? Do we wear the pants, or do they? Here’s evidence that our animal companions may actually be the boss of us.

1. Our time is their time.

Ricky, a rescued cat available for adoption

“You’re cool with this, right? Good.”

To our animal companions, every day is a workday for us, and we’re always on call. From sunup to sundown, they are up watching what we do and expecting us to perform our duties in a timely manner, which also means …

2. They know when we show up late.

If we’re behind schedule on feeding, holding up bedtime, or late for a walk, we’re sure to receive a poor performance appraisal from our animal companions.

3. They get the best spots in the house.

two dogs lying on a bed

“You know, human, the couch is always a great option for you.”

Being the boss comes with perks, like getting the lion’s share of the bed, while we make do with a little sliver on the edge. Hopefully, there’s enough blanket to go around.

4. Their birthdays are a bigger deal to us than our own.

The boss’s birthday is a great day to score some vegan brownie points.

5. We work for their attention.


“Are you new?” “You’ve lived with me here since you were a kitten.” “Oh, well, keep at it.”

It’s always nice to hear positive feedback from the boss or an animal companion for a job well done. But sometimes, we just don’t seem to rate.

6. We have to clean up their messes.

Exploding Pillows

“I’m sure there was a good reason for this.”

In the workplace, sometimes we have to fix mistakes that aren’t ours. With our animal companions, we always do.

7. You have to watch what you say around them.

“I swear—I said, ‘work,’ not ‘walk’!”

Work etiquette includes policy on what we are permitted to say, especially around higher-ups. Folks with animal companions know to use terms like “walk,” “treat,” “bath,” or “bedtime” with extreme caution.

8. When they’re happy, we’re happy.


When the boss is happy, the workday goes by smoothly and everyone seems cheerier.

9. They’re wonderful role models.

dog high

“You’re doing great work, human. High five.”

We can learn a lot from a great boss. The same goes for our animal companions. They teach us about unconditional love, living in the moment, and having fun in the simplest of ways. Maybe if we slowed down, took a few extra naps, and chased laser pointers with no objective goal like they do, we’d all be a bit more content.

Looking for a cool, new gig with great perks and a wonderful boss? Go meet your new “boss” at your local animal shelter today!

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