Go Fake for the Bears’ Sake: Simon Pegg Stars in New PETA U.K. Campaign

After fending off zombies, outsmarting spies, and traveling through space on screen, actor, writer, and comedian Simon Pegg has a powerful new mission with PETA U.K.

© Rankin
Updates on the Situation for Animals in Ukraine

Amid the attacks in Ukraine, PETA is urging governments to simplify entry requirements for animals into the U.K. and EU.

Progress in Ending Speciesism in Spain: Animal Companions Now Legally Family Members

Spain has passed a new law recognizing dogs, cats, and other animal companions as living, feeling beings instead of objects. See how this win will protect their rights as members of the family.

Addio, Fur Factory Farms! Italian Senate Votes to Stop Stealing Animals’ Skin

When in Rome … ban fur factory farming! PETA entities have campaigned for the Italian government to stop the skinning of sensitive minks for fur, and it has voted to do just that.

© iStock.com/JZHunt
Victory for Rabbits! Armani Bans Angora After Talks With PETA U.K.

The Armani Group has listened to compassionate consumers who refuse to buy clothes made of fur ripped out of rabbits as they scream in pain. See why PETA is calling on all designers to follow suit.

Will Pope Francis Go Vegan to Protect the Planet?

Read about PETA U.K.’s call for Pope Francis to set an example for the more than 1 billion Catholics around the world—as well as countless others who look to His Holiness for leadership.

Can You Get a COVID-19 Vaccine if You’re Vegan? PETA U.K. Breaks It Down

As long as tests on animals are a legal requirement, refusing to get the vaccine on ethical grounds won’t help them. So how can you take action?

Club Med Makes Clean Getaway From ABUSEment Parks

After working with PETA France, Club Med is joining a growing list of companies adopting stronger animal welfare policies by refusing to promote marine parks, bullfights, elephant rides, tiger-cub encounters, and more.

The Running of the Bulls Is Canceled Again! Take Up One of PETA U.K.’s New Traditions

The Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain, has been canceled for the second year in a row, and PETA U.K.’s got the lowdown on ways to celebrate without harming animals this year and beyond.

© iStock.com/alberto clemares expósito
Alan Cumming to COP26: Tackle Climate Change With Your Menu—Go Vegan!

Serving meat at the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) would be like serving beer at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Join Alan Cumming and other PETA supporters in calling on COP26 to go vegan.

© Mike Ruiz
Historic Progress! 300 Million Animals to Benefit From Plans to Ban Cages in the EU

This could be the end of the “cage age” for over 300 million animals, and although raising and killing animals for food is always inhumane, this is a step in the right direction! See how PETA affiliates helped set these plans in motion.

Pope Urged to Spread Vegan Message as Easter Billboards Rise in Rome

As some families plan to eat lamb or ham this Easter Sunday, PETA U.K. is reminding everyone that there are no exceptions to the commandment “Thou shalt not kill.”

Nearly 900 Sea-Stranded Calves Sail to Their Deaths—Here’s What You Can Do

One second of this claustrophobic, filthy nightmare is a second too many for any of us, and the remaining 864 calves, just 7 to 8 months old, have been living like this since mid-December.

© PETA/Karremann
Still Using Animals for Tests: EU’s Bans on Cosmetics Testing Need a Makeover

This year marks the eighth anniversary of the EU’s precedent-setting bans on cosmetics tests on animals and the sale of animal-tested cosmetics. So, why are animals still being used for new tests?

Victory! Fortnum & Mason Bans Foie Gras After 10-Year Campaign

Excellent news for ducks and geese! PETA U.K. celebrates as the iconic British grocer bans “torture in a tin.” Here are the top moments from its decade-long push.

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