Top 10 Ways to Impress Your Vegan Boyfriend/Girlfriend

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Well hello there, ladies and gents!Awww! Aren’t you sweet tryin’ to give your love something special? Well, if you’ve been stressed about how to get the attention of the cute veg girl at your job or just need some fresh ideas for the hot vegan you’ve already scored, look no further!From ritzy getaways to love on the cheap, there’s something for everyone in here. I’ve compiled this list by scouring the Earth (well, the Web) and interviewing countless awesome vegan couples. As you can imagine, there’s no shortage of those around this here campfire. Let’s get this party started!NUMBER 10!This one’s for the big spenders. Take that dime piece of yours (that’s slang for calling them a “10”) to a vegan bed and breakfast in the country of their choosing. NUMBER 9!Switch out the household cleaning products in your house with cruelty-free options. So selfless. So precious. Big brownie points coming your way!NUMBER 8!Have a picnic! Cook for them—the most important ingredient is love. It doesn’t matter if it’s lopsided and slightly burnt—you made it, and that means the world to your loved one. Of course, if you’re quite adventurous, you may peruse for amazing recipes at the click of a mouse.NUMBER 7!Have a vegan potluck/dinner party. Encourage your new flame by gathering his or her friends around in yummy support. Whether or not your friends are veg yet, it’s an awesome opportunity to put animal rights into focus in a positive way while creating a supportive environment for veggieness to flourish. And of course, there’s the free food factor 🙂NUMBER 6!Feeling a little more frisky? You can give a box o’ cruelty-free love containing vegan chocolate syrup, vegan whipped cream, vegan high heels, and edible undies. NUMBER 5!Cruelty-free makeup is always a good choice! You may peruse this classy site for options. Though I would strongly recommend a gift certificate, as trying to guess at a thing like foundation shade can get messy.NUMBER 4!Take her on a shopping spree! I mean, really. This is easy-peasy. 🙂 <– get at that. Buy her flowers, chocolates, clothes … the options are endless!NUMBER 3!Take him on a shopping spree! Get that man a snazzy leather-free wallet. If that’s a little too pricey, you can try one made of duct tape. You can also go classic with a nice pair of kicks or a belt.NUMBER 2!Volunteer at an animal sanctuary together. Oh my word! Can you hear my heart pitter-patter? My personal favorite is The Elephant Sanctuary. It’s probably the greatest thing I can think of. If you have no idea of the torturous conditions from which some of these magnificent creatures are rescued, look here and then here. Now that you are rightfully enraged, go here. (You see?! The greatest thing EVER!) As you sop away the tears—or simmer down your desire to tase a circus “trainer”—consider a peaceful getaway to Tennessee.NUMBER 1!GO VEGAN! Oh, come on, now. Like you didn’t see this one coming! Honestly, you adore the one you’re with, and since they’re with you, it clearly proves their discriminating taste. So why not explore what else touches their heart? Even Oprah’s trying veganism out for a whole 21 days. Surely you could give it a little go? Well, there you have it—the latest installment of ways to wow your vegan honey. I hope you are inspired to great feats of animal-friendly love.–MissyPosted by Missy Lane, Public Information Specialist

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